Over 23 years in post-conflict social reconstruction and transitional environments in SE Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, South Asia and Africa. 12 years as an Organizational and Professional Development Consultant: facilitation of strategic & other planning events, capacity building for international and national partner CSOs, field assessments, external evaluations for civil society, legal reform and anti-trafficking/refugee return & integration, women's & youth programs.

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    • Non-Profit Management (MBA Module), Master's Degree, Open University Business School , United Kingdom , October 1997 - July 1998
    • Applied Linguistics, Master's Degree, University of London, Birkbeck College , United Kingdom , October 1987 - July 1989
    • East European Studies, Bachelor's Degree, University of Sussex , United Kingdom , October 1969 - June 1974

    • Individual member, Development Executive Group

Experience Summary

  • Skills, Background, and Experience

      20 years professional experience in post-conflict and transitional environments in South East Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East. Since 2002 I have worked as an independent Organizational and Professional Development Consultant. Areas of expertise include: PROGRAM RESEARCH, DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT for major civil society programs, for example: field research and program design for IREX bids for USAID Cooperative Agreements for civil society programs in SEE and Eurasia; development of British Council's Outreach Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina; development of ABA ROLI's Institution Building Program in the Balkans and Middle East. EXTERNAL EVALUATION, including for example: external evaluation of OSCE Ombudsman Support Project in Macedonia; external evaluation of Danish Refugee Council's refugee return and reintegration programs in Kosovo (2006 and 2008) TRAINING ON ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ISSUES for international organizations and their local partners: governance, project cycle management, monitoring and evaluation, advocacy skills, human resources management sub-grant project design etc. CHANGE MANAGEMENT FACILITATION AND CONSULTATION for international organizations and their local partners: facilitated self-assessments, organizational development planning, strategic planning and advising on participatory change management processes. INTERACTIVE TRAINING AND GROUP FACILITATION SKILLS (TOT) for international and local staff including participatory and applied learning methodologies, activities, and using PowerPoint as an interactive tool (not as a presentation 'prop'). UK citizen with native-speaker languge. Currently based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but traveling extensively for consultancy assignments.

  • Areas of Expertise :

      Democracy & Governance, Education, Human Resources, Institutional Development, Facilitation of Strategic and other Planning Events, Project Management, Relief/Post-Conflict/Post-Disaster, Training, Administrative, Associations, Capacity Building, Curriculum Development, Education - Other, Higher Education, Human Resources - Other, Institutional Development - Other, Logistics, Municipal Reform, On-Site Training, Performance Measurement/Monitoring/Evalu, Policy, Politics/Political Participation, Project Design, Project Management - Other, Public Administration and Civil Service , Re-engineering/Change Management, Recruiting, Secondary Schooling, Senior Management, Train-the-Trainer, Training - Other, Central Asia, Eastern Africa, Eastern Europe, North Africa & Middle East, Western Europe, Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Hungary, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro, Russian Federation, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Yemen

  • Responsibilities :

    • Write proposals/grant requests
    • Provide technical advice on projects
    • Conduct research
  • Opportunities I Might Consider :

    • Field assignment
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Employment Summary

  • May 2010 - Present Organizational and Professional Development Consultant, Freelance

  • November 2011 - November 2011 short-term consultant, Sigrid Rausing Trust

    Faciliatation of programme review and re-structuring for staff at their London HQ.

  • March 2011 - April 2011 Consultant Trainer, International Exchange and

    Regional US DOS funded civil society program covering Tajikistan, Dari-speaking Afghanistan and Iran.  Training on principles and practice of Regional Network Development and Coalition Building for NGOs from Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.  Facilitation of Network/Coalition Development Strategic Planning.

  • January 2011 - January 2011 Consultant Facilitator, International Organization for Migration

    UN Youth Employability and Retention Program (YERP)in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lead facilitator of series of seminars on safe labor migration for employees of the state Centres of Employment. Included component on unsafe migration including trafficking.

  • April 2009 - April 2009 Consultant (short-term positions), Winrock International

    4 weeks consultancy for USAID-funded program ACTIONS FOR COMBATING TRAFFICKING-IN-PERSONS (ACT) Dhaka, Bangladesh. April 2009. Capacity building for Winrock International local staff and partner organizations: project cycle management, monitoring and evaluation, and training in applied learning methodologies (TOT).

  • May 2008 - June 2008 Expert (21 days), ECORYS for EC Delegation Malawi

    Developing Non-State Actors (NSA) training curriculum and training manuals with team of 4 other international experts. Organising curriculum/manual validation conference for 50 NSA representatives in Lilongwe.

  • September 2007 - June 2008 Consultant (short-term positions), International Development Law Organization

    2 recent assignments: Rome IDLO HQ. August 2008. Training and mentoring ILDO Afghan NGO partner the 'Legal Aid Organisation of Afghanistan' (board and staff) in governance, and facilitating an organisational self-assessment and development planning process.(5 days). IDLO Kabul, Afghanistan. September-October 2008. Institution Building for the Board and Executive Director of ILDO partner, the Independent National Legal Training Centre:Training in governance; Facilitation of Strategic Planning process and production of 3-year plan (2 weeks)

  • May 2004 - June 2007 Consultant (short-term positions), International Research and Exchange

    Numerous assignments over 2005-2007, for example: Zagreb May 2007: External facilitator for Civil Society Division Conference attended by IREX DC staff and American Chiefs of Party working in Europe and Eurasia. Training on leadership and human resources management as well as facilitating planning sessions. Yemen, April 2006 - Sept 2006: Capacity building consultant for Girls World Communication Center’s Leadership Program, including strategic planning and workshops on sustainability strategies, project cycle management, monitoring and evaluation, human resourses management, volunteerism etc Serbia October 2006 Field research, program design and grant writing for Tech-Age Girls Project for DOS/DRL Serbia and Washington DC: April 2006 Field research, program design and grant writing for USAID’s RFA for Civil Society Program Azerbaijan and Washington DC: May – June 2005: Field research, program design and grant writing for USAID’s RFA for Civil Society Program in Azerbaijan with focus on anti-corruption advocacy Bosnia and Herzegovina: March 05: preliminary research for civil society program in BiH Macedonia: Feb-March 2005: Field research, program development and proposal writing for USAID Civil Society Program in Macedonia. Kosovo and Washington DC: January 2005: Field research, program development and proposal writing for USAID RFA for Civil Society Program in Kosovo.

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