Forty years of progressive professional work in over 20 countries with 10 major donor agencies including the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and the MCC, in the capacity of team leader or/and senior specialist. An excellent cross-cultural issues, a fine track-record covering all safeguard aspects for major donor agencies and an exceptional understanding and work ethics on poverty, community governance, gender mainstreaming, monitoring & evaluation, impact assessment, rural development and community-based resource management. Excellent writing skills with over 150 published materials. activities of professional associations include the Past General Secretary, Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science and membership in several other Associations. Delivered already over 30 training sessions on key-subjects mentioned above and dozens of workshop presentations.



    • Job opportunities
    • Consulting assignments
    • Track projects & tenders
    • Professional networking

    • Extension & Education, Master's Degree, University of Peradeniya , Sri Lanka , March 2013 - March 2014
    • Enterprise development, entreprenurial leadership, small-scale income generation, enterprises for groups, commercial enterprises, Secondary, Asian Centre for Entreprenurial Development , India , July 2004 - August 2004
    • Agricultural Economics (MSc) and Sociology (Ph D), Doctoral Degree, Peradeniya & Jayewardenapura , Sri Lanka , February 1991 - June 1995

    • The Tree Council, Auckland
    • Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science
    • International Association for Impact Assessment, USA
    • International Public Participation Association
    • Development Executive Group

Experience Summary

  • Skills, Background, and Experience

      Monitoring and evalation, baseline study, social impact assessments, participatory methods, social development including social impacts assessment, resettlement, community-based resource (trees and forestry, water, watershed) management; program/project design, implementation, baseline survey, logframe and monitoring/evaluation. Over 30 years of professional practice at senior level in 20 countries with multiple donor agencies. Written over 11 M&E manuals for projects and governments and provided leadership to over 10 baseline studies, of which main technical adviser for two studies.  

  • Areas of Expertise :

      Natural resources, irrigation and water resources, water supply and sanitation, social infrastructure (roads and highways, water and sanitation, urban services, housing, airports, border control points, flood and erosion control, rapid transit) services, community forestry, agricultural development, user / farmers' organisations, land use planning, tree crops, desertification control, energy, minerals and hydrocarbons, organic agriculture, policy and strategy planning and, poverty reduction. 

  • Responsibilities :

    • Write proposals/grant requests
    • Provide technical advice on projects
    • Conduct research
    • Manage projects in the field
    • Manage projects from the home office
  • Opportunities I Might Consider :

    • Field assignment
    • Long-term consulting assignment
    • Short-term contract assignment

Employment Summary

  • March 2011 - Present Senior Social Development, Safeguards (social & environment) & Impact Assessment Specialist, Self-employed

    Render advise, due diligence and implementation support for all safeguards requirements in respect of a range of sectors such as power sector (Vietnam. Pakistan, PNG), ports development (PNG), roads and highways (Vietnam, Sri Lanka, PNG, China), airports (Sri Lanka), agriculture developmet including irrigation (Sri Lanka, Sudan), water supply and sanitation (Timor, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam), rural infrastructure (Pakistan), border control (China, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kergyz), flood control and sea erosion prevention (Afghanistan, India), urban infrastructure includes metro-politan areas (China, Vietnam).

  • January 2012 - January 2015 Social safeguards, Multiple agencies

    Social safeguards assessment (due diligence review, resettlement framework, resettlement plans, resettlement and livelihoods monitoring, setting up grievance redress mechanisms, public consultation) in 12 countries, baseline surveys (8 countries this period), M&E frameworks (3 countries)

  • December 2010 - December 2011 Land Acquisition & Resettlement, GHK Ltd

    Assist, advise and facilitate the process of land acquisition and implementation support for the urban infrastructure services in Pakistan

  • July 2010 - July 2010 Resettlement & Social Development Specialist, Agriteam Canada

    Re-location and resettlement planning including social assessment in Customs Project, Kandahar, Afghanistan

Supporting Documents

  • shifting cultiation in Chn State, Myanmar
    Nearly 6,000 have read and liked this article. Over 2,000 are talking about it. Visit the link below to locate the article published in B2B magazine.×tart=0&tm=AQCRV2rrppy3nRmW (File size: 43290KB)
  • Micro-finance for the poor
    This note describes methods that have been implemented to assist poor people with micro-finance. Web link to the article is here (File size: 31640KB)
  • Socio-economic Study in NCD, Papua New Guinea
    This note summarizes some recent socio-economic information on the capital city of Papua New Guinea (File size: 532678KB)
  • Participatory Planning for Sustainability: Emerging issues from field practice
    In this article, Anura focuses on some emerging issues on participatory appraisal technique being applied by development practitioners. It is important that trained professionals should be involved in the application of the technique with modifications as dictated by field circumstances. It is possible that a non-participatory specialist may go wrong in the application of this technique and that the technique should not be blamed in doing so. (File size: 1372393KB)
  • Community Participation Matrix for Road Works
    This note presents a matrix that can guide the commuity development practitioner to identify different methods to secure participation of community members for various phases of road work Click link below: (File size: 436736KB)
  • Sustaining Framers' Organisations
    In this article written by Anura, emphasis is made on the importance of farmers' organisations in development. Key-issues that need be tackled in sustaining efforst of FOs are discussed. (File size: 103424KB)
  • Interview by Development Review
    An interview of Anura by Asia Development Review. The importance of professional education (Uni Degree) is highlighted (File size: 337333KB)

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Anura Widana, Ph D
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