After graduation

Your 1st job after grad school: What to ask of your employer and yourself

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By Scott Webb

Career coaches may dole out advice on how to get that first job, but how do you navigate the first few years after graduation, which tend to be critical to your professional development? Relief International Senior Program Officer Scott Webb guest blogs on the topic.

After graduation

10 unexpected places to find a development job

If you’re looking for work in international development, you don't have to move to Washington, New York or a dusty village in Africa. Try looking for a job in one of these less obvious locations.

Hiring trends

8 development jobs you may be overlooking

There’s more to international development than managing aid projects. Here are eight emerging areas of work you might not have thought of.

Career Matters

Doing and becoming: Focus on long-term benefits when evaluating job offers

Short-term positives might be getting in the way your long-term job fulfillment. Here are 5 questions you should consider or ask in an interview when evaluating a job change to avoid leaving one unhappy situation for another.

Career Advice: Moving overseas

On the move: What you need to know to protect yourself overseas

Frequently overlooked by development professionals preparing to move abroad is the financial protection crucial to a smooth transition overseas. Clements Worldwide details what you need to know to ensure you are protected wherever you go.

Career Matters

Should experienced career switchers start at entry level?

In our most recent “Ask Devex” webinar for members with a career account, we received several questions from mid-career professionals looking to change careers but not sure where to start. Here’s what I advised.

CV writing

How to ask for and learn from a CV critique

There are many reasons why you may not land a job you’ve applied for — and it’s easy for job seekers to draw the wrong conclusions. The solution is simple, though, according to a senior HR business partner with RTI: Ask.

Career Advice: DC Career Forum

Get the interview: How to use your CV as a marketing tool

Your CV remains the first tool to land an interview, so avoid clichés whenever possible. Veteran recruiter Reginald Wilson presented this and other CV tips for development professionals at the 6th Annual Devex Career Forum in Washington, D.C.

Soft skills

5 things you should know about soft skills for global development

Soft skills may be even more valuable than technical skills in the field, recruiters said at the 6th Annual Devex International Development Career Forum in Washington, D.C.