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The World Bank admitted Wednesday that it failed to collect sufficient information about resettlement and compensation efforts for almost two decades' worth of projects. As infrastructure projects gain steam at the bank, are enough safeguards in place?

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  • Plug-nepal-laptop-youtwill

    #YouthWill Embrace Learning

    Online education is not the answer to the developing world's education challenges. Before technology empowers the poor and marginalized, three things need to happen, writes Ravi Kumar, a Nepalese citizen who leads digital strategy at the World Bank Group's governance global practice.

  • Soccer-saved-me-fp

    #YouthWill Embrace Learning

    "In many ways, soccer saved my life and molded me into the man I am today," writes Michael Tetteh, a native Ghanian and former Seattle Sounder, on how soccer kept him in school and focused on his future.

  • Malaria-resistance-innov8aid2


    As drug-resistant malaria parasites near India’s doorstep, we should keep in mind that the only only acceptable long-term goal is eradication of the disease, notes Ashley Birkett, director of the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative in this exclusive commentary.

  • Chimamanda-adichie-fp


    Inspiring change — whether in thinking or behavior — takes more than appealing to someone's intellect, notes Women Deliver CEO Katja Iversen in this exclusive commentary.

  • 7824234632_bb19166c91_z

    #YouthWill Embrace Learning

    The use of smart phones is growing, also in the developing world. Here are some mobile applications that can boost learning especially among the young.

  • Nigel-chapman-ebola-fp

    Ebola crisis and response

    Plan International CEO Nigel Chapman, who has just returned from visiting Ebola hot spots in Guinea and Sierra Leone, reveals why working with Sierra Leone's secret societies could be the hidden weapon in combating Ebola.

  • Bill-easterly-fp

    Post-2015 development agenda

    Is the post-2015 agenda a pivotal moment for global development planning, or another instance of disengaged rhetoric? We asked eminent economist Bill Easterly for a reality check.

  • Paradis-fp

    Canadian aid

    Canada's foreign aid chief was in Washington Friday to listen, learn and leverage his political clout to advance Canadian business interests with the World Bank. Which corporate leaders were part of his delegation?

  • Rupert-scofield-fp


    Traditional microfinance organizations are taking new measures to remain relevant for the world's poor. In a conversation with Devex, Rupert Scofield, president and chief executive officer of FINCA International, shares his views on what lies ahead for an industry in flux.

  • West-africa-map-fp

    Health systems strengthening

    Health systems in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia were vastly underprepared for the Ebola pandemic, but Save the Children says 28 countries would fare worse if a comparable health crisis breaks out — something global health experts fear could happen sooner rather than later.

  • Sa-flag-fp

    Emerging donors

    Despite continuing to receive large sums of foreign aid, South Africa is increasingly being regarded as an emerging donor. But should it? Devex spoke to an expert based in Johannesburg.

  • Blue-helmets-fp

    Human rights

    March 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the Zeid report, which set out a comprehensive strategy to eradicate sexual exploitation and abuse by U.N. peacekeeping personnel. How has the United Nations fared in implementing the report's recommendations? We take a closer look.

  • Australia-china-fp

    The future of multilateralism in Asia

    AIIB has been holding dialogues to address the concerns most holdouts to the China-led bank have, and extended the deadline to give them more time to sign up with founding member privileges, Devex has learned.

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