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Following rumors of a €400 million ($552.5 million) funding shortfall, will the European Parliament’s decision to grant extra funding for the European Commission’s most urgent humanitarian aid needs relieve the tension felt by NGOs? We find out.

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  • 0421-malaria-day-events-preview

    This week in global cooperation

    What's happening this week in international development? Some highlights include World Earth Day, World Malaria Day and the Africa Clean Energy Summit in Nigeria. Check our our preview for more noteworthy events.

  • 0421-christian-aid-butterfly-effect

    Contributor: Simone di Vicenz

    Quite often, international development programs have unintended consequences for the communities they want to help. How can we prevent this? A guest commentary by an expert from Christian Aid.

  • Afghanistan-local-solutions

    Local solutions

    A new report by a government watchdog raises fundamental questions about the U.S. Agency for International Development's "local solutions" agenda. It finds the agency struggling to build evidence that funding institutions in the developing world is more effective than partnering with international consultants and NGOs instead. A Devex analysis.

  • 0421-extreme-poor-special-report-devinsider

    Beyond the Numbers

    Much of the world's extreme poor — or those who subsist on less than $1.25 a day — live in five countries. But according to the World Bank, effective poverty reduction involves going beyond these five countries to target smaller countries with much higher percentages of poor populations.

  • Mla-devex-career-web

    Devex Partnerships & Career Forum in Manila

    If you're a job seeker, a recruiter, a fundraiser or business development specialist with business in Asia-Pacific, join us at first Devex Partnerships & Career Forum in Manila this June.

  • Ingadam


    In the lush southwest corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo, a massive dam project on one of Africa's largest rivers has created a twisted tale of political maneuvering and heated debates on the tradeoffs of economic development that has tripped up foreign aid leaders in Washington as they decide whether to support a project that is hailed as a solution to Africa's "energy poverty."

  • 13761333644_2429e54a3e_b


    Last week's World Bank spring meetings made it clear: President Jim Kim will continue his ambitious reform plans. Here’s what Devex readers said about it.

  • Innov8aid-apr16


    Here's a different kind of grant program for social entrepreneurs: Your idea may win, but that doesn't mean you'll be the one turning it into reality. A winning formula?

  • Israel-startup-development

    Contributors: Daniel Ben Yehuda and Danielle Abraham

    Through its entrepreneurial spirit and startup success, Israel wants to become a source of innovative solutions for the developing world. The organizers of a recent conference for social entrepreneurs explain why in this guest commentary.

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