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In the latest in our series on top donor agency partners, Devex ranks DFAT Australia's top private contractors. We found that 11 of the top 15 private contractors are based in Australia, proof positive of the competitive advantage they hold in the Australian aid industry despite Canberra's long-standing untied aid policy.

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  • Fp-path-forward-radical-rethink

    Foreign aid effectiveness: A radical rethink (7/7)

    We, in the international development community, may be doing well by doing good, but we’d be doing better by putting ourselves out of business, writes Diana Ohlbaum in the final part of our series "Foreign aid effectiveness: A radical rethink."

  • Mimica-eu-ngo-fp

    EU aid

    Development NGOs in the EU’s newest member states feel penalized by the cumbersome procedures necessary to gain access to awareness-raising funds from the European Commission, Devex has learned.

  • Child-health-ethiopia-fp

    Global health

    Curbing the spread of diseases such as AIDS and malaria represents a major global development success. But emerging evidence shows such single-disease fascination is holding back progress in other areas. An exclusive commentary by FHI 360 CEO Patrick Fine and MDG Health Alliance Vice Chair Leith Greenslade.

  • 2262015-innov8aid


    In many developing countries, the poor depend heavily on private providers for their primary care, prompting practitioners to explore market-based solutions to improve it. Here are some of the challenges innovators have faced and how to deal with them.

  • Text-msg-fp


    Is it possible to run low-cost, innovative and resilient schemes in low-resource environments? A text messaging project in Sierra Leone proves yes, it is. Kathryn Irwin, who manages the SMS Voices project for Christian Aid, gives the inside track in this exclusive commentary.

  • Lrw-indonesia-agriculture-fp

    Food security

    Lutheran World Relief names the countries and regions at risk of food crises in 2015. To prevent such crises, it's critical to establish safety net systems, strengthen local economies and respond earlier through early warnings of future disasters, argued LWR chief Daniel Speckhard in this exclusive commentary.

  • Country-ownership-fp

    Foreign aid effectiveness: A radical rethink (6/7)

    Ultimately, foreign aid donors like the U.S. government have to stop issuing contracts — completely! writes Diana Ohlbaum in part six of the thought-provoking Devex series "Foreign aid effectiveness: A radical rethink."

  • Sheikha-lubna-greening-fp

    Emerging donors

    How should the UAE deliver its ever-expanding development assistance program? We spoke with Sheikha Lubna al-Qasimi, minister of UAE's Ministry of International Cooperation and Development, to find out.

  • Dc-night-fp

    Starting an NGO

    Are you thinking about starting an NGO but hesitating on where to establish it? Devex reached out to various NGO founders to know about the opportunities and challenges associated with their choice of location, and some of the fundamentals you need to consider when deciding on where to set up shop.

  • Fp-myth-busting-african-agriculture

    Agriculture in Africa

    African women provide much less of the agricultural labor than long assumed, writes Emily Alpert. An exclusive preview of thought-provoking new research that may surprise you.

  • Acre-fund-usaid-fp

    David Hong on agricultural development

    Rajiv Shah championed Feed the Future, which has successfully positioned smallholder farmers and agricultural development front and center in the fight against poverty. But will the next administrator be a champion for smallholder farmers? An exclusive commentary from One Acre Fund's David Hong.

  • Spanish-flag-fp

    Spanish aid

    Spain's voluntary contributions to multilateral initiatives have dropped significantly since 2012, mainly as a result of austerity measures implemented that year. Could upcoming elections usher in not just a new administration, but also a change in development policy?

  • Gender-mainstreaming-fp

    Gender mainstreaming

    Development organizations often face myriad challenges in running gender programs, often from the local communities they are trying to serve. How can they deal with these obstacles? We asked an expert to find out.

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