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"Hunger is not just the result of poverty, it's also a cause," says Hunter Biden, chairman of the board for World Food Program USA, in this exclusive commentary for Devex.

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  • Live-below-the-line


    For five days this spring, thousands of people commit to eat and drink using the same amount of money that 1.2 billion around globe survive on every day. For New Yorkers joining the Live Below the Line challenge, here are some food options.

  • 0424-preston-oped-2

    Contributor: Preston S. Pattie

    As the private sector becomes increasingly engaged in development, what about implementing a strategy that uses the market to empower the poor? An agricultural specialist shares with us his experience helping transform Bolivian subsistence farmers into formal value chain suppliers.

  • Justin-vero

    3 Questions for...

    Live Below the Line will give people a taste of empathy with a third of the world's population surviving on $1.50 per day, the founder of The Global One Foundation tells Devex.

  • 0423-afdb-climate-2

    News: Climate change

    The African Development Bank has a new climate trust fund. How is it different from other similar financing instruments, and how does it plan to avoid duplicating efforts in the sector? We find out from the fund's task manager.

  • How_empathy_makes_women_great_social_entrepreneurs_community_builders_

    #SheBuilds Communities: Noreen Marian Bautista

    What special qualities do women generally have — and men often lack — that help them set up successful social enterprises? A guest commentary by Noreen Marian Bautista from the Philippine Institute for Social Enterprise and Development.

  • 0423-john-kerry-qddr

    US aid reform

    The U.S. government's second Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review will focus on a small number of concrete proposals that will help modernize foreign relations and serve as a "blueprint for America's success in the world," Secretary of State John Kerry said in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

  • 0422-brian-atwood

    Exclusive interview: Brian Atwood

    What does former USAID Administrator Brian Atwood think of the new Global Development Lab and what advice does he have for the current U.S. aid chief? A Devex exclusive.

  • Adb-strategy-2020

    News: Asian Development Bank

    The Asian Development Bank officially released the midterm review of its "Strategy 2020." An expert weighs in on how this realigned "relevance, responsiveness and effectiveness" plan can boost the bank’s role in the region’s development progress.

  • 0421-christian-aid-butterfly-effect

    Contributor: Simone di Vicenz

    Quite often, international development programs have unintended consequences for the communities they want to help. How can we prevent this? A guest commentary by an expert from Christian Aid.

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