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Kate is our resident expert on what it takes to advance your career in global development. She works closely with recruiters at top development organizations and has first-hand insight into the latest hiring trends in international development. Tune in to the Career Matters Blog each week as she shares her insider perspective.

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  • How to turn that volunteer gig into a paying job

    Posted by Kate Warren on 26 August 2013


      In a Google+ Hangout I hosted last week on transitioning to a career in international development, I talked about the benefits of volunteering to kickstart a degree in international development. Since most jobs require previous — often overseas — experience, sometimes the only way to get that experience is to do it as a volunteer.   There are many volunteer programs that do not require previous experience and will give you training on the ground and skills...

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  • When you don't want to trade your career for a wedding ring

    Posted by Kate Warren on 19 August 2013


      In a recent blog post discussing the gender gap within international development organizations, I attributed one of the challenges to gender equality — particularly at the leadership level — to the issue of “trailing spouses.” For many professionals, a career in international development means a series of overseas postings. For their spouses, that often means following along and trying to stay employed.   I recently met an international develop...

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  • Devex international development career fair 'goes local'

    Posted by Kate Warren on 07 August 2013


    While job boards, online communities and social media make it easier than ever for job seekers to connect with potential employers, there is nothing that can replace meeting someone face to face.   It is during these more personal interactions we are able to show who we are behind the CV or job description, make connections with real people and build relationships that, if fostered, can help create that network of professionals everyone says you must have to advance your career.  ...

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  • 9 networking tips for field-based global development professionals

    Posted by Shana Montesol Johnson on 23 July 2013


    We’ve all heard how important networking is to the success of our career. But how can you network if you’re based in the field, far away from key decision-makers or unable to attend organized networking events like this week’s 12th Annual Devex DC Summer Happy Hour?   Here are nine tips for those of you who are based in the field, or residing far from where your contacts (actual or desired) are located:   1. Reframe how you define networking   Some peopl...

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  • A mid-summer's job search

    Posted by Kate Warren on 09 July 2013


    For those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is well underway. In Washington, where I reside, this means days are so humid that going outside can feel like stepping into one big steam shower. It also means lighter traffic, empty restaurants and plentiful parking.   As the “out of office” email responses start flying in, it becomes increasingly obvious that the working world is on vacation. Especially in more vacation-leave generous places like Europe, some offices vir...

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