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Kate is our resident expert on what it takes to advance your career in global development. She works closely with recruiters at top development organizations and has first-hand insight into the latest hiring trends in international development. Tune in to the Career Matters Blog each week as she shares her insider perspective.

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  • EuropeAid hiring slows down

    Posted by Elena L. Pasquini on 02 April 2012


    No good news for development professionals eager to work for the European Union. The global financial crisis appears to have forced EuropeAid to rethink its hiring plans.   The EU’s aid agency is in the process of cutting overall staff and will only do little hiring in the near future, an official told Devex.   The cuts could affect not only permanent positions, but also contract agents, which are hired for terms of up to three years. The EU’s austerity policy means ...

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  • The dreaded 2-page CV, for seasoned aid workers

    Posted by Ioulia Fenton on 20 March 2012


    As a senior development professional, you may have an edge when pursuing a coveted consulting or staff position. But what if you’re being asked to submit a two-page resume?   How do you condense your wealth of experiences and skills into a shorter CV that truly speaks to the job you are applying for?   Here are a few tips drawn from my work as a professional CV writer for the Devex CV Writing Service, which helps professionals regardless of their level of skill and ex...

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  • How to prepare for a chat with an aid recruiter

    Posted by Kate Warren on 12 March 2012


    I’ve seen it many times: A job seeker approaches a recruiter and asks, “So, what does your organization do?” This type of question is often met with a brochure or a suggestion to visit the organization’s website. The job seeker is dismissed - and their job search continues.   As we gear up for the Fourth Annual Devex International Development Career Fair in Washington, the first bit of advice I often give to participants is to do your research in advance of the ...

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  • Early bird gets the worm

    Posted by Kate Warren on 05 March 2012


    You see a new job posting on devex.com. It sounds like the perfect fit: great organization, interesting job description, your skills and qualifications match perfectly.   The deadline is in a month.   So you have the next four weeks to prepare your best application, right? Not if you don’t want to risk missing out on this opportunity! With the exception of some employers that I will get into later, the rule of thumb is the sooner you can submit an application, the better. ...

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  • Jobs in EU’s external cooperation

    Posted by Ingrid Ahlgren on 07 December 2010


      Having humanitarian aid or international development expertise can go a long way for Europeans seeking a career in the European Union. Specific EU bodies that welcome these individuals include the European Commission’s humanitarian aid and civil protection (ECHO) and external relations (DG RELEX) departments.   Both departments offer a range of opportunities besides full-time staff positions. ECHO may recruit experts, while DG RELEX has a program for junior experts. &nbs...

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