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Kate is our resident expert on what it takes to advance your career in global development. She works closely with recruiters at top development organizations and has first-hand insight into the latest hiring trends in international development. Tune in to the Career Matters Blog each week as she shares her insider perspective.

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  • Fit for development: Tips for career switchers

    Posted by Kate Warren on 30 April 2013


      I am constantly amazed at how many professionals are looking to move into a career in international development. This is great news for development as the talent pool widens and fresh ideas and approaches are introduced.   Last week, several of you tweeted me questions @DevexCareers about how to transition from other fields to a global development career. Here are a few of the questions and my advice.   @KFHereandNow asks: As a Marketing professional for 15 years, how ca...

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  • Tattoos and aid work: Wearing your heart on your sleeve

    Posted by Kate Warren on 23 April 2013


    A favorite part of my job as the director of global recruitment services at Devex is using my recruitment experience to help our members navigate their careers. International development is an exciting industry to work in, with many rewards and benefits. But it is also challenging work.   The many intricacies unique to this industry can make professionals at all levels of their career — from entry-level job seekers to seasoned consultants — have questions on how t...

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  • Career-matters_dg_03262013_400x300

    Last Friday (March 22), nearly 450 jobseekers joined with more than 50 hiring organizations for our Fifth Annual International Development Career Fair in Washington, D.C. While the news has been filled with talks of sequester, unemployment rates and diminishing foreign aid funding, the mood was nothing but optimistic as hundreds of professionals and recruiters came together to discuss career prospects across the industry.   To start the day, recruiters from the 50-plus hiring organizat...

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  • You had me at 'Hello': How to introduce yourself at a networking event

    Posted by Shana Montesol Johnson on 19 March 2013


    “It’s great to meet you,” says the stranger at a networking event, smiling broadly as she shakes your hand. “Tell me about what you do.”   Uh oh. Now what?   Do you: a) Launch into a five-minute monologue in which you rattle off your entire CV in reverse chronological order? b) Mumble something vague and self-effacing, check your watch, and flee to the drinks table? c) Smile back at your new contact and share your one-sentence networking intro...

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  • Want to be a global health fellow?

    Posted by Ivy Mungcal on 04 December 2012


    Here’s an exciting opportunity for recent graduates and young professionals who want to promote global health equity: A U.S.-based nonprofit has just opened applications for 2013-2014 fellowships in the field.   The Global Health Corps offers 13-monthlong fellowships with health care organizations and government agencies in the United States and various countries in sub-Saharan Africa. GHC’s expanding list of partners includes the Clinton Health Access Initia...

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