Candidate Sourcing

Devex offers a Candidate Sourcing service that provides shortlists of potential candidates for international development positions Unlike traditional executive search, this service is much less expensive and does not entail success fees for hiring candidates

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Devex Offers Two Levels of Candidate Sourcing Service
Standard Search

How It Works

Devex uses its broad network of professional contacts, a private database of 100,000+ professionals who have elected to make their information available exclusively to Devex, searches our database of 740,000 candidates, and advertises your position to search for candidates that meet your qualifications Within 2 weeks, we deliver a shortlist of 5-10 candidates who have confirmed their interest and availability

The Standard Search service includes discussions with potential candidates to determine their interest and availability For an extra fee, we also check references

Sample Shortlist Produced for a Devex Candidate Sourcing Client:

Sample Shortlist
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Other Candidate Sourcing Searches Have Included:

  • Chief of Party
  • Proposal Manager
  • HIV/AIDS Specialist
  • Water/Sanitation Engineer

What it costs: Standard Rate $4,979 · Devex members with business information or recruiting accounts Rate $2,489

Quick Search

Don’t have time to search the Devex candidate database yourself? We provide you with a longlist of candidates from our database in two business days

What it costs: $979

More About Devex Candidate Sourcing

We would like to thank those firms who have pointed out that traditional executive search doesn't typically make sense in the international development industry and have requested our assistance Aside from an occasional top job at major development consultancies and NGOs, the cost of executive search and the success-based nature of the fee structure doesn't usually fit with a market characterized by bids and lean budgets

We find ourselves in the unique position of knowing thousands of excellent candidates committed to a career in international development and hundreds of major firms and NGOs seeking just these kinds of candidates We hope that in providing this service we can both support your work and further our own goal of improving efficiency and effectiveness in our industry Matching the right professionals with the right positions is good for everyone, not least the developing world

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