Tracking business leads in international development can be a complex task. This is because many opportunities require years of lead-time before procurement and tend to be complex and varied (and therefore difficult to fit into a single tracking system). As a result, many firms stick to old-fashioned but proven approaches such as managing leads with spreadsheets or emails. Others are more ambitious and invest in costly custom or off-the-shelf IT solutions. Unfortunately, neither approach is ideal and both entail substantial costs (in missed opportunities or technology costs, respectively).

But there is another choice. Devex provides a tracking tool for international development business opportunities. Called DevelopmentTrack™, this tool was built specifically for international development. Like all development-friendly solutions, this tool is less expensive than off-the-shelf software, easy-to-use, requires no installation or special software, and is fully hosted and supported. What makes it particularly unique is that it is not just an IT system: instead, this online tool comes packed with the real-time data from Devex’s business opportunities database.

Companies using DevelopmentTrack™ can now read about an opportunity (as written by our research team) and add their own private comments, contact information, and attachments. Only their colleagues with appropriate passwords can see this private information. In addition, companies can add their own opportunities to the tool and track them just as they would a procurement or project that had been entered by Devex’s researchers.

The result is a simple yet extremely effective tool for tracking business opportunities in international development. The tool uses your company logo and colors and can be customized to your precise needs. It includes folders for organizing opportunities, saved searches for regularly looking for the same types of business leads, and templated emails that you can send out to your entire team when a lead is worth pursuing. All of this is online and accessible from any computer.

To schedule an in-person demonstration or to simply learn more about DevelopmentTrack™, contact us at or call our Washington, DC headquarters at +1(202)249-9222.