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Devex has been featured and its staff quoted in several publications including The Washington Post, Financial Times, Foreign Policy, Crain’s New York and The Straits Times.

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    • The World's Top 40 Development Innovators: Local, Tech Savvy May be Key to Improving Aid
      18 April 2011

      Today we get a little evidence on what is working from the perspective of the people on the ground, involved day-to-day in fighting poverty around the world. Devex, the professional network of over 500,000 international development and aid workers asked members to vote for the Devex Top 40 Development Innovators who are doing the best job at taking on our planet's more pressing needs.

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    • A Conversation with Raj Kumar, Co-Founder and President of Devex
      14 January 2011

      If you work in the field of international development, chances are you have heard of Devex. What I bet you didn’t know is that it is a social enterprise – this was news to me as well.

      Raj Kumar, founder and President, evolved from political consultant to entrepreneur when he identified a gap in the development market. In 2000, Kumar launched Devex as a student project at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. Today, Devex has become the largest provider of business intelligence and recruitment services to the development community – serving a majority of the world’s leading donor agencies, companies, NGOs and development professionals.

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    • An assessment of the European Union's new service
      18 October 2010

      Almeida’s words obliquely addressed critics’ concerns about the EU’s readiness to operate a new diplomatic structure - and a big one at that. As a branch of the Brussels-based European Commission, the EEAS will comprise approximately 8,000 diplomats dispersed among the agency’s 136 foreign embassies. On budget, the latest estimates from the Devex newswire put the EEAS’ funds at $620 million.

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    • Working in the International Public Sector: Stereotypes are Out of Date
      09 December 2009

      “Jobs in this sector have had a bad rap in the past,” says Raj Kumar, president and co-founder of Devex, a Washington DC-based organisation that provides online recruiting services to the development community. “But these institutions have modernised to a large degree, so some of the stereotypes are now out of date.”

    • Enterprise Introduces a Whiff of Revolution
      27 May 2009

      “There is a danger that all innovation in the field is coming from outside the traditional donor agencies,” says Raj Kumar, president of Devex, a recruitment and business information service for the international development community.

    • International Public Sector Recruitment 2008 - Riding a Wave of Goodwill
      01 May 2008

      “Many public sector agencies still think of recruitment for full-time internal staff with the idea that they’ll be there for 20-30 years,” says Raj Kumar, president and co-founder of the Devex, a Washington DC-based group that provides online recruiting to the development community.

    • Giving in the Internet Age
      10 December 2007

      Devex – which now serves more than 100,000 people, including executive members that include large NGOs such as the American Red Cross, World Vision, Catholic Relief Services and Care – allows those working in the development sector to search for appropriate candidates for positions they are seeking to fill.

    • Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy Case Study: Devex
      05 July 2007

      Today, Devex is one of the leading hubs of information for the development sector, serving more than 100,000 people in the industry, including 200 executive members such as the American Red Cross, World Vision, Catholic Relief Services and Care.

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    • Jobs Without Borders
      21 September 2009

      Devex is an online clearinghouse for job listings, career advice and news related to international development. The Washington, D.C. company--think LinkedIn meets Bloomberg Markets--is riding the surge in Obama-inspired idealism, a high U.S. unemployment rate and expanding global aid budgets that include $20 billion from the U.S. Agency for International Development.

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    • The Biggest Job Opportunities might be in the Poorest Countries
      10 July 2009

      Thinking about making a big career change? Willing to consider moving to a distant land? If so, take a look at, the LinkedIn of the foreign aid and development community. Devex is part social network (it now has about 125,000 members, up from 80,000 a year ago) and part job board. Nonprofits like Save the Children, the United Nations and the Gates Foundation use the site to recruit senior-level executive talent. So do companies like Booz Allen Hamilton, Microsoft and PricewaterhouseCoopers, as well as more than 250 other global organizations looking for Yanks who want to export their expertise to developing countries.

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    • Devex: An Enterprising Middleman Links Up Donors with Foreign Aid Projects
      07 November 2008

      Think Devex has made an impact on the humanitarian relief scene? Consider the organization’s nickname: The Google of Foreign Aid. Like Google, this social enterprise was started by two young students at a top university. From a humble dorm-room project, it has grown to a 70-person worldwide clearinghouse for development project information, with offices in Tokyo, Manila, Barcelona and Washington, DC.

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    • Net Effect: Development 2.0
      15 October 2008

      Earlier this year, Raj Kumar, president and cofounder of the Washington-based Devex, launched a social networking tool designed to connect development professionals and the firms that require their expertise. The site,, was inspired by Web 2.0 companies such as Facebook and LinkedIn. But whereas Facebook junkies list their favorite bands and upload photographs of friends, Devex’s nearly 90,000 global users boast about their project management skills and their latest professional certifications.

  • The Washington Post
    • Too Educated for Entry Level?
      25 May 2008

      I can say there is some real truth to having a master’s or above hurting you in the job search - but only if you have less than three to five years’ experience," said Kate Warren, a recruiter in the international development industry.

    • Aid Goes Online: The Development World Awaits Its Bloomberg
      03 September 2007

      Now comes Kumar's Web site, which creates a clearinghouse for information on 30,000 development projects. With that much business in one place, suppliers congregate like bees, especially since the site is searchable. By typing in a key word, a water-engineering firm can find 1,675 water-engineering opportunities. Suddenly, buyers of water-engineering services have multiple suppliers to choose from. Costs fall by perhaps one-fifth, judging by experiments in competitive procurement in Brazil and the Philippines.

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    • Le Web 2.0 Optimise l’aide Humanitaire
      02 May 2008 propose de faciliter la collaboration entre les acteurs du développement international en mettant à leur disposition un réseau communautaire en ligne.

  • Devex was formerly known as and The Development Executive Group.