Devex Video Interviewing

Online Video Interview Platform for International Development Recruiters

Devex is using its expertise as the leading provider of recruiting services to the international development community to be the exclusive provider of Video Interviewing technology from HireVue to donor agencies, development consulting firms, NGOs, and other development organizations.

Organizations currently using this Video Interviewing technology include African Development Bank (AfDB) and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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Core Benefits to International Development Recruiters
  • Spend less time coordinating interview schedules with hiring managers in different time zones around the world – now they can review candidate video interviews and provide feedback at a time that’s convenient for them
  • Reduce travel costs required to meet candidates in person - more effective than a phone call, you get to see the candidate on video
  • Compare and contrast candidate responses on video side-by-side – make more objective hiring decisions
  • Store recordings of your candidate video interviews in a secure place – useful for reporting and note-taking requirements
How Devex Video Interviewing Works

Devex Video Interviewing lets you perform virtual, live and panel (video conference) interviews with candidates for staff, project and proposal positions. Setting up a video interview only takes a few minutes and is done by webcam. If a candidate doesn’t have a webcam, we have one shipped to them and call them to help set it up.

Devex Video Interview Sample

Devex Video Interview Sample

Virtual video interviews allow employers to see how a candidate responds to key questions without having to sit in on the interview. Candidates simply visit a secure website where they record their answers to pre-formatted questions you provide them in advance. Once the virtual interview is complete, you are notified by email so you and your team can log in and evaluate the candidate’s responses.

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