Business Transforming Development

This focus area covers the role and impact of the private sector in global development. From small social enterprises, to multinational corporations, the private sector is playing a role in development – through new business models, new ways of funding and innovation.

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Q&A: Global business and the rise of Mexico

Domestic resources for development a 'highly neglected' action area, experts say

The focus on helping countries raise more funds and effectively manage them, borne from the Forum on Financing for Development in 2015, has been eclipsed by a focus on private capital and private business, according to some development experts.

Maternal health: The next frontier for private sector engagement

The private sector plays a critical role in women’s reproductive and maternal health. But achieving SDG targets will require engaging the full spectrum of private sector expertise. How? Devex takes a deeper look.

The Fourth Sector Group wants to transform the future of business

The world needs more for-benefit enterprises — companies that balance social and environmental priorities with financial objectives, according to Heerad Sabeti, CEO at the Fourth Sector Group.

USAID business forecast: Q3 2019

This quarter has seen a rise in the year-on-year value of the forecast opportunities after a downward trend since the beginning of 2018. Devex analyzes the new data.

Opinion: Using the power of the private sector to deliver on gender equality

Following last month’s Women Deliver conference, Merck for Mothers' Mary-Ann Etiebet and Merck Canada's Anna Van Acker share their vision for advancing the private sector’s commitment to ensuring gender equality is the norm.

Q&A: Engaging the private sector on health security

Ryan Morhard, project lead for global health security with the World Economic Forum, talks about the need for greater cooperation between the private and public sectors in global health security.

USAID's private sector engagement policy takes shape

Late last year, USAID launched a new private sector engagement policy. Here's a look at what the agency's done so far as it works to implement it.

Human rights education for business: Serving the demand

In Australia, the impact of the recently introduced Modern Slavery Act has seen demand grow from the private sector for training and support.

A look at UNDP's private sector strategy

UNDP is adapting its approach to engaging and working with the private sector. The agency has a new strategy and an administrator who believes engagement with businesses of all sizes has to be part of its future.

Q&A: Aspen Medical's role in humanitarian health

As a private company working in humanitarian health, Aspen Medical continually faces questions on its role in putting the health care needs ahead of its business. But it doesn't shy away from its for-profit model.

Opinion: A fresh take on the global health financing gap

Private money is flowing into the health sector — but it’s perhaps not happening in the way that the global health community might assume.

World Bank's David Malpass talks 'decentralization' and private investment

The World Bank chief has outlined a growing country focus and called on countries to make structural reforms and to create the building blocks for successful private sectors.

Q&A: Gillian Triggs and her role in speaking up for human rights

Former President of the Australian Human Rights Commission Gillian Triggs explains the evolving role of the private sector in discussions on human rights.

Purpose before profit: Some progress, gaps remain

As the private sector still struggles to balance profits and sustainability, the Global Compact Network Australia conference will highlight how corporates can transition to a rights-based approach that puts purpose over profit.

Global education community clashes over GPE private sector strategy specifics

The Global Partnership for Education is moving closer to approving a private sector strategy that precludes financing for-profit education providers. But education advocates are calling for tighter definitions and greater transparency.

USAID business forecast: Q2 2019

In our updated tableau interactive, Devex looks into the U.S. Agency for International Development's business forecast data for the second quarter of 2019.

Opinion: The private sector should invest in women farmers to fight global hunger

Michelle Nunn, CARE CEO, and Jon Banner, PepsiCo Foundation executive vice president of communications, explain how supporting women farmers is a powerful tool in the fight against global hunger.

Q&A: An Australian High Commission view on private partnerships

Before the third round of the Business Partnerships Platform is announced by DFAT, here is some important information for applicants of future funding rounds.