Business Transforming Development

This focus area covers the role and impact of the private sector in global development. From small social enterprises, to multinational corporations, the private sector is playing a role in development – through new business models, new ways of funding and innovation.

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What development knowledge do private contractors need to win contracts?

Will Africa's disaster risk financing see private sector boost?

Down the road, African nations could see disaster insurance premium relief in the form of private sector involvement, thanks to an unexpected interaction at the African Development Bank meetings in Busan, South Korea.

Questions raised over private sector accountability on safeguarding

As sexual misconduct allegations continue to plague the aid sector, the U.K.'s private sector contractors suggest they have been excluded from many of the conversations around safeguarding.

The energy sector is changing, but is ADB’s energy department?

Those present at the Asian Development Bank’s 51st Annual Meeting say the institution’s near 10-year-old energy policy no longer speaks to today’s energy requirements. But ADB is determined to be at the forefront, said Yongping Zhai, chief of the bank’s energy sector group.

Short-term private investment impacts sustainable development, UN report finds

Most private sector investment in developing countries is too short term to be relied on as a primary source of funding, especially for key infrastructure projects, according to a new United Nations report on financing for development. The report instead recommends a multifaceted approach to sustainable investment, including blended finance.

NGOs doing business with ADB: Opportunities and challenges

NGOs often have a general lack of awareness and information when it comes to Asian Development Bank processes and ways of working. Here's how to tap into the bank's vast pool of opportunities.

USAID's business forecast: Insights from the second quarter of 2018 release

The second quarter business forecast conference call and question and answer session, released by the United States Agency for International Development on March 29, provides new insight into how the organization is responding to budget insecurity and engaging the private sector in program delivery. Here, Devex brings you information on how business forecasts have changed since 2015 through our analysis and interactive visualization.

Takeaways from the AfDB Business Opportunities Seminar

The two-day African Development Bank Business Opportunity Seminar offered interested contract bidders a chance to meet with AfDB sectoral representatives and learn about the bank's priorities and opportunities for private sector involvement.

Webinar: USAID's private sector approach to humanitarian response

Doug Stropes, deputy division director in USAID's Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, shares how the U.S. government's leading humanitarian office is thinking about private sector engagement.

Africa's leading private sector investment conference kicks off in Abidjan

The sixth edition of the Africa CEO Forum launched in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, on Monday, where investors, heads of state, government officials, and development experts gathered under the theme "African champions: It's transformation time." There, they are pushing for investments and learning the conditions needed to attract outside funding, and how to benefit from digital advancements and new technologies.

Top 2017 DFID private sector implementers

Using U.K. Department for International Development disbursements data for 2017, Devex determined which private sector implementers of DFID-funded programs received the most funding from the department in 2017. We take a close look at the top 10 of that list, including descriptions of the sectors and locations of DFID-funded programs.

Private sector 'not exempt' in wake of Oxfam sex abuse, says Penny Mordaunt

Penny Mordaunt said "all DFID partners," including humanitarian organizations, nonprofits, and private contractors will be subject to a slew of demands from DFID, after Oxfam steps back from funding following revelations about employees' misconduct in post-earthquake Haiti.

Opinion: The private sector has a role to play in Latin America's development. Here's how.

Governance LatAm's Gabriel Cecchini gives three strategies for businesses looking to engage with Latin American governments.

In Myanmar, private sector under pressure to stand with Rohingya

Multinational corporations such as Unilever and Nestlé have built their businesses alongside promises of progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals. So what happens when human rights abuses take place in a country where they’ve invested millions?

OCHA's Lowcock seeks private and public partners in Davos

UN humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock wants governments and businesses both on board to help meet the world's multitude of humanitarian needs. Ahead of a trip to Somalia and Ethiopia, Lowcock spoke to Devex about how humanitarian response can work with longer term development goals and how OCHA will work as a coordinator for the U.N. system.

Mark Green at Davos to 'tap into the creativity' of the private sector

USAID Administrator Mark Green is in Davos this week to make good on his goal to better engage the private sector in development work. But the business-focused strategy won't have much of an impact on the agency's funding moving forward, he tells Devex in an interview.

DRC health minister: Alignment, focus on results, and private sector are critical

The Democratic Republic of Congo has a long way to go to providing universal health care, with limited access to basic services and poor health care outcomes, and the country's minister of health Dr. Oly Ilunga Kalenga is quick to acknowledge it. In an interview with Devex, he shares what he thinks the key roadblocks are and what's needed to build a stronger health care system.

Davos agenda should include climate, youth, private sector engagement, AGRA chief says

Here's what should be on the agriculture agenda at Davos: Climate, youth unemployment, private sector engagement, and greater accountability, Agnes Kalibata, the president of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, tells Devex.

Opinion: How public-private partnerships can unlock billions for health financing

Two World Economic Forum experts explore how public-private partnerships have saved millions of lives, facilitated access to care, and unlocked innovation.