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Opinion: Wanted — a new mindset for CEOs

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By Frederic Sicre

With the release this week of the Business and Sustainable Development Commission report, Fred Sicre, a managing director at The Abraaj Group, offers recommendations on three key areas that private sector engagement is required in order to push the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Strategic Advisory Council

Opinion: What to do with a successful partnership? End it

In 2011 Devex and the U.S. Agency for International Development partnered to form Devex Impact, an initiative designed to foster a community of practice around the growing role of business in global development. Now as that partnership ends and Devex Impact is integrated into Devex, here's a look at some of the lessons learned and how the intersection of business and development has evolved in the past five years.

Pharmaceutical companies launch new initiative to tackle NCDs

On Wednesday, a group of 22 pharmaceutical companies announced a new initiative aimed at tackling noncommunicable diseases and better assessing their individual, and collective, work to enable access to care in developing countries.

Business leaders call for new socially focused business model that embraces SDGs

In an environment where trust in CEOs is dropping, distrust in business is growing and the markets with the greatest future opportunities are in emerging economies, a group of business and civil society leaders are calling for bold action to disrupt the way business operates and replace it with a new socially focused business model.

In historic move, UN grants International Chamber of Commerce observer status

In late December, after years of trying, the International Chamber of Commerce was granted observer status at the United Nations. Here's a look at the process that signals the growing acknowledgment of the need for private sector engagement to tackle the world's greatest challenges.

How the US State Department engages the private sector in refugee crisis response

The United States government made both quiet and public pushes to engage the private sector in refugee crisis response in 2016. Devex recently sat down with the special representative for commercial and business affairs at U.S. Department of State to discuss how he's made the case for companies to engage on refugee issues and what’s ahead as the administration changes.

What donors, recipients and businesses want from aid for trade

Aid for trade programs account for a rising share of development budgets. Devex takes a behind-the-scenes look at what donors, the private sector, and developing countries want to get out of these programs — and where better coordination is needed.

How a commercial carpet giant built an inclusive business in its supply chain

The U.S. Department of State presented commercial carpet company Interface with a Corporate Excellence Award on Thursday. Devex spoke with Interface's chief sustainability officer to learn more about Interface's journey and what other companies looking to build inclusive businesses or improve supply chain sustainability should keep in mind.

New CRS deal marks first foray into impact investment

Catholic Relief Services announced on Monday it's first impact investment, the latest signal in the trend of international NGOs considering investments to generate both measurable impact and a financial return.

How International RiverFoundation uses awards to foster development partnerships

Winners of an annual prize in water management are encouraged to share their knowledge with developing countries through Twinning programs.

Top Devex Impact stories of 2016

It has been a year marked by the formal launch of the Sustainable Development Goals, humanitarian crises, and political change. But, in all of that, the role of business in addressing development challenges, from agriculture to humanitarian aid, and from health to climate, has continued to grow and gain recognition. Here’s a look at some of the top Devex Impact articles from the past year.

Technoserve CEO on lessons for supply chain partnerships

Devex spoke with William Warshauer, president and CEO of Technoserve, about Project Nurture, a partnership linking local fruit producers in Kenya to multinational juice giant Coca-Cola Co. In our video interview, he shares lessons learned for how to tackle supply chain challenges in a sustainable way.

Inside Australia's new international trade certification program for professionals

Devex goes behind the scenes of a new program to help traders — particularly small and medium-sized enterprises — build the skills and expertise they need to navigate global exchange.

7 good news takeaways on future of aid for trade

Despite global rhetoric against trade, Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade hosted representatives from 19 countries on Dec. 13-14 to think big about how developing countries can benefit from global exchange. As the exclusive media representative to the conference, Devex has the key takeaways.

4 growth trends in impact investing

At the annual Global Impact Investing Network Forum in Amsterdam, the Sustainable Development Goals emerged as a guiding framework.

Leading by example in disability-inclusive development

Disability is highly correlated with poverty in developing countries, but NGOs and aid organizations themselves may need to look close to home to help: by hiring more people with disabilities across organizational roles.

Ed tech that's working in the poorest countries

Technology and education is a hot topic in the development sector. To find out what works and what doesn’t in the world's poorest communities, Devex spoke with World Bank's education and technology expert Michael Trucano.

Former BP CEO on the business case for fighting climate change

Lord John Browne was the first CEO of an oil and gas company to acknowledge climate change and his industry's role in combating it. Devex sat down with Browne to discuss business leadership on environmental and social issues, and where progress lags behind.

5 takeaways from Australia's returned volunteer conference

Australia's 64-year history of volunteering has built a wealth of knowledge, experience and innovation. Now for the first time, an annual conference aims to draw out that wisdom — and inspiration.

Companies failing to delink supply chains from deforestation harm balance sheets, environment

Companies continue to rely on commodities linked to deforestation and this could cost them billions of dollars as well as cause harm to the environment and forest populations, according to two new reports.

A rundown of November reports on business, SDGs and investing

It’s not always easy to keep up to date on the latest reports, white papers and research, so Devex Impact has taken a look at a host of reports released in November. Here’s the rundown.


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