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By Catherine Cheney

Jacquelline Fuller, president of, speaks the languages of both Silicon Valley and global development. She talks to Devex about making the most of your expertise to have greater impact.

Strategic Advisory Council

Power with Purpose: How to foster female leadership in the development sector

Devex President Raj Kumar and McKinsey associate partner Tracy Nowski discuss how to foster female leadership in the nonprofit sector.

Webinar: Building a career in smart cities

Developing smart cities is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and creating safe, inclusive, resilient and sustainable spaces for urban communities. In this Devex webinar, we hear from Illac Diaz, the social entreprenuer behind the MyShelter Foundation and Liter of Light project, who is working to bring smart and sustainble solutions to urban communities.

Opinion: How digital financial services can boost government accountability

Digital financial services offer a powerful and transparent way to track government benefits and tax payments. Dan Radcliffe, deputy director for the Gates Foundation's Financial Services for the Poor initiative, explains.

What can the sharing economy bring to emerging markets?

Sharing economy adviser April Rinne says that the concept emphasizes access to resources over ownership of them and talks to Devex about the benefits of the "sharing city."

H&M wants to pay its garment workers digitally — here's why

The fashion retailer has announced plans to digitize payments along its supply chain following a new report revealing time and cost savings for factories in Bangladesh that switched to e-payments.

The CGI annual meeting is no more. Can anyone fill the gap?

Once considered a seminal forum for thought-leadership and fundraising, the CGI annual meeting is no more. Where can development experts turn instead?

Mobile World Congress highlights importance of connectivity for meeting SDGs

This event has evolved from an industry event for telecom companies to a massive technology conference, as well as a priority event for individuals working at the intersection of emerging technology and global development.

Opinion: Partnerships and the power of relationships

Partnership is essential to global development, but the importance of the relationships involved can often be overlooked. Dave Prescott, senior advisor for The Partnering Initiative, explains the chemistry of partnership ahead of Global Partnerships Week.

Opinion: A US agenda for global financial inclusion

For the first time in history, achieving financial inclusion is possible. Elisabeth Rhyne, managing director of the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, puts forth an agenda for how the United States could take the lead.

Facebook, Google, NGOs: Collaborators on the connectivity challenge

As the drive to close the digital divide turns some of the world's biggest technology competitors into collaborators, what can the global development community contribute to the effort?

Opinion: PPPs lead to dangerous debts for developing countries — it's time for the World Bank to act

The popularity of public-private partnerships is on the rise, but some organizations see a dark underbelly of harmful debt accruing in the name of anti-poverty projects. Eurodad's María José Romero and Mathieu Vervynckt explain the World Bank's role.

3 takeaways from Georgetown University's Africa Business Conference

A lack of access to capital stands as a major roadblock for project implementation or expansion in developing countries. During the Georgetown University Africa Business Conference held this month, experts shared their views on the future of finance, managing currency risks, and public-private partnerships.

Opinion: How transparency can lead to peace

In Colombia, the implementation of a new peace deal and the SDGs present a unique opportunity to eradicate corruption. Maria Paula Correa, senior director of strategic engagement for Concordia, explains how the country could leverage public-private partnerships to reject the corruption that has pervaded its past.

Opinion: Yes, the private sector is good for development. The question is how.

Jorge Moreira da Silva, director of the OECD Development Co-operation Directorate, explains how development doesn't just benefit from the private sector — it requires its investment.

Derisking is causing significant banking problems for two-thirds of US nonprofits

A new report by the Charity & Security Network sheds light on the scale of the problem that derisking has created for U.S. NGOs operating abroad. Two-thirds say they have experienced banking problems, in some cases leading to lifesaving programs being canceled.

What bean to bar strategies improve the lives of cocoa farmers?

Devex speaks to a range of experts about efforts from the chocolate industry to raise the bar for cocoa farmers.

New International Finance Corp. report benchmarks emerging minigrid sector

In a report published Monday, the International Finance Corp. looks at the minigrid sector to assess the state of the industry, identify key trends and barriers, and suggest possible solutions to help the sector scale and access finance. Here are the highlights.

In delivery drones, scrappy can beat costly

Field tests of drones in the Amazon Rainforest hold important lessons for anyone considering use cases for unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, for humanitarian aid, development or environmental conservation.

Opinion: Embracing blockchain solutions to fight global poverty

In August 2016, the World Economic Forum released a report calling blockchain technology a "mega-trend" that will shape society in the next decade. But what is blockchain, what does it do, and what are the potential benefits? Jane Thomason, Abt Associates Australia CEO, offers a few examples of blockchain's potential to provide scalable solutions.

Opinion: Leveraging ESG is good for business and for health

Impact investing isn't just good PR — it's good for business, and with the right metrics, it could lead to major gains in global public health. Akash Goel explores the potential of the nascent but growing field of environmental, social and governance investing.


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