Business Transforming Development

This focus area covers the role and impact of the private sector in global development. From small social enterprises, to multinational corporations, the private sector is playing a role in development – through new business models, new ways of funding and innovation.

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CDC seeks sustainable investment in private health care

Opinion: Achieving UHC in Africa requires focus and collaboration from the private sector

Experts outline where — and how — the private sector can contribute to achieving universal health coverage.

Q&A: McKinsey Africa chairman on how to conduct business in Africa

Devex sits down with Acha Leke, McKinsey’s Africa chairman and co-author of "Africa’s Business Revolution: How to Succeed in the World’s Next Big Growth Market," to learn his top tips on how to conduct business in Africa.

Stalled climate talks, Trump's new Africa strategy, and the Global Migration Compact: This week in development

As COP24 climate negotiations come to a close, observers remain skeptical that negotiators will resolve disagreements in time to produce an agreed rulebook before Friday night. Meanwhile, the U.S. announces "Prosper Africa" and a new USAID private sector engagement policy, while OECD-DAC members fail to reach a consensus on private sector instruments.

OECD-DAC members unable to reach a consensus on private sector instruments

After years of talks, members of the OECD Development Assistance Committee are still unable to finalize comprehensive reporting rules for spending aid money through private sector instruments.

USAID launches new private sector engagement policy

In a policy released Wednesday, USAID said it is committing to transforming the way it works to focus more on the private sector and finding more market-based approaches to development challenges.

USAID business forecast: Q1 of 2019

The U.S. Agency for International Development's business forecast call for Q1 of 2019 has been released, and Devex has the updated data and insights to help business partners prepare for 2019.

EU resolution on private schools reignites the battle for global education

A European Parliament resolution against spending aid on commercial schools in lower-income countries taps into a long-running feud over the role of the private sector in global education.

USAID, Corteva sign memorandum as part of private sector engagement strategy

USAID and Corteva Agriscience have signed a five-year partnership for Africa, which includes efforts targeted at Fall armyworm, and is a part of the agency's private sector engagement strategy.

How to build your expertise: Private sector development

Devex highlights some of the skills critical to building your expertise in private sector development, according to global development professionals in the field.

Opinion: How public-private partnerships can tackle global health challenges

Public-private partnerships are crucial for tackling global health challenges. By following basic principles, the private sector can help ensure the long-term success of partnerships. Abbott’s Damian Halloran explains.

World Benchmarking Alliance aims to push businesses to do good through new ranking system

The World Benchmarking Alliance, launched Monday, aims to develop a set of standards it will use to measure a company's impact on the SDGs, creating a new accountability tool for the private sector.

Ask Devex: Transitioning into and within the development sector

In this month's webinar, Devex's Executive Vice President Kate Warren weighs in on some of the most pressing questions for global development job seekers, including how to transition into development from the private sector, transitioning to and from being a development consultant, and how to tackle gaps in your CV.

In Bangkok, climate campaigners warn against the private sector 'silver bullet'

Insurance is often floated as the solution to the havoc climate change is wreaking in developing nations. A new report suggests it's another way for developed countries to buy their way out of climate change.

IFC mulls how to make the Pacific more viable for investment

Political barriers and the costs of doing business have long dissuaded private sector investment in the Pacific. But the International Finance Corporation has vowed a renewed focus on the region as part of its commitment to conduct 30 percent of work in fragile and conflict-affected countries.

A new roadmap for the private sector's fight against modern slavery

Many initiatives stress the moral imperative for corporations to take the lead in fighting this global crime. But Mekong Club's "Business Pledge against Modern Slavery" takes a supportive, practical approach, according to the Hong Kong-based antislavery NGO.

Q&A: Supporting Africa's entrepreneurs

From a village baker to a market creator, Jean-Philippe Stijns, senior economist at the European Investment Bank, tells Devex the development community must recognize all levels of entrepreneurship in sub-Saharan Africa, including the role entrepreneurs can play in economic transformation.

Business experience will be valuable for development professionals of the future

Devex takes a closer look at how private sector engagement and funding is impacting the global development sector. Changing approaches to development work will require professionals with both hands-on business and developing country experience.

Q&A: How the private sector can take WHO recommendations on NCDs forward

Following the release of a report from WHO’s Independent High-level Commission on NCDs, Novartis Social Business’ Harald Nusser explains how the private sector can take some of its key recommendations forward.