4 habits of successful independent consultants

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Good consultants must stay one step ahead of client expectations — even when clients don’t seem entirely sure what they want. Here are four habits successful consultants use to build and maintain clear, long-lasting client relationships.

Consultants share their secrets: How to find clients

Striking out as an independent consultant requires constant planning and networking. Find out how one experienced consultant frames conversations that eventually lead to contracts.

How to consult your way into the World Bank

Close to a quarter of the World Bank’s 16,000-strong workforce is comprised of consultants. In this video interview, Roberto Amorosino, the bank's senior recruitment manager, explains the current breakdown of these contracts — and how to get one.

Plan for success: How to establish yourself as an independent consultant

The project-based nature of development work and the frequent need for specific, short-term technical expertise make this sector ripe for a thriving consultant base. If you’re considering leaving a steady paycheck for the life of a consultant, here are four tips both recruiters and seasoned consultants advise.

Consultants: You aren't submitting your CV to a black hole

In the world of consulting, it’s all about who you know and who’s recommending the work you’re doing. In this video, RTI Global Health Recruiter Kate Wood offers tips for consultants to get noticed.

6 steps to break into global development consulting

A knack for bringing a new perspective to an assignment can serve as an “in” even for those without prior development experience. Still, succeeding in the competitive environment of consulting requires drive and persistence. Here are six steps to get started.

5 tips for working in Myanmar

Myanmar, a country in transition, can be an unfamiliar environment to navigate for aid workers and consultants. Cesar Umali Jr., who was part of the first World Bank project in Myanmar in 25 years, shared a few takeaways from his experience working in development's new frontier.

More expert implementers needed to improve DfID's anti-corruption efforts

The Independent Commission for Aid Impact unveiled this week a new report that slammed DfID for weak understanding of corruption and lack of a systematic approach to tackling it. We discussed the findings with a commissioner at the U.K. aid watchdog.

Multilateral headquarters differ on employee taxation

An ongoing dispute between the Philippine government tax agency and local staff working at ADB has raised questions about tax rules of multilateral development institutions. Devex examines the legal underpinning for taxation and the policy differences between a few leading multilateral donor agencies.