Global development recruiters share their top CV advice

By Kelli Rogers

Take time to craft your CV — down to the font choice. With record numbers of applicants seeking jobs in the development field, preparing an effective resume is essential. Devex asked recruiters what their one key piece of advice was when it comes to getting a CV right.

Cover letters: How to avoid the mistake that could offend your potential employer

If a CV is your opening statement, a cover letter is your closing argument. Make sure you aren't making this common mistake when writing a cover letter for global development positions.

Filling the gap: How to build your resume while unemployed

It can take months for a recent graduate or a professional in transition to find work in development. So what's the best way to spend your time — and build your resume — while you look for the perfect position?

Consultants: You aren't submitting your CV to a black hole

In the world of consulting, it’s all about who you know and who’s recommending the work you’re doing. In this video, RTI Global Health Recruiter Kate Wood offers tips for consultants to get noticed.

Get the interview: How to use your CV as a marketing tool

Your CV remains the first tool to land an interview, so avoid clichés whenever possible. Veteran recruiter Reginald Wilson presented this and other CV tips for development professionals at the 6th Annual Devex Career Forum in Washington, D.C.

Why (and when) to market your knowledge transfer skills

Find out what types of experiences Jon Herstein, international human resources operations director at RTI, recommends to include in your resume, and what he has to say about how RTI is adjusting salary and benefits to embrace a global marketplace of talent.

How to be a CV showoff without overwhelming a recruiter

How do you show your depth of experience in a traditional CV format without overwhelming a recruiter? Devex's Kate Warren explains.

How to put 'passion in a resume'

What advice does Pamela O'Connor have for job seekers in international development? Watch this exclusive video interview with Catholic Relief Services&' executive vice president of human resources.

How to ask for and learn from a CV critique

There are many reasons why you may not land a job you’ve applied for — and it’s easy for job seekers to draw the wrong conclusions. The solution is simple, though, according to a senior HR business partner with RTI: Ask.

The truth about cover letters

Cover letters: Sure, they're important, but how crucial are they really to landing a job in international development? Kate Warren, Devex director of global recruitment services, explains.

Top resume mistakes local professionals make

Want to stand out as a local applicant? International development recruiters share the most common resume mistakes they see on resumes and provide advice on what to include to effectively sell yourself on paper.

The dreaded 2-page CV, for seasoned aid workers

As a senior development professional, you may have an edge when pursuing a coveted consulting or staff position. But what if you’re being asked to submit a two-page resume?

CV writing for foreign aid consultants: Your FAQs

Top recruiters answer some of your burning questions on how to write a strong resume as an international development consultant.

How to showcase your skills-based volunteer experience

Make sure to highlight the initiative you took and provide relative data points of how you made an impact. These are just a few of the tips Mark Horozowski, co-founder of MovingWorlds, offers about how to make your volunteer experience jump out to a recruiter from your CV or online profile.

Jumpstart your job search with a winning CV

Devex CV writing expert Tom LeaMond is back by popular demand in this webinar to help you create the stand-out CV to jumpstart your job search. Career Account members can watch the full recording here.

Opinion: A CEO's advice for building a global NGO

Outgoing VisionFund International CEO Scott Brown gives his advice for growing a global organization.

Advice from The Gambia on staying flexible when conflict looms

When violence threatened last month, aid professionals and consular staff in The Gambia put their training into practice, and learned a few lessons along the way.

Advice from peers: Skills for successful leaders

While there is some natural overlap between leadership and management roles, they contribute in different ways to the success of an organization. Here we look at the skills for successful leaders, according to global development professionals.

Advice from peers: How to succeed in your first management position

Your first experience in a management position can be both exciting and daunting as you learn on the job what it means to oversee people, programs and budgets. We spoke to global development professionals in mid-level and senior level positions to hear their advice for surviving and succeeding your first management position.

As ADB expands operations, prospective partners step up their interest

Devex attended the most recent ADB Business Opportunities Fair. Here are some of the business development insights and tips we learned as the bank prepares its new framework strategy to respond to evolving development challenges in the Asia-Pacific region.

Writing a proposal? Here's a checklist to guide you

Small errors can derail even the most convincing project proposals. Two business development managers spoke to Devex about the due diligence that can help transform a submission into a winning bid.