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The global development event of the yearJune 14, 2016 | Washington D.C.
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A new era

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Global development has inexorably changed. It is a new industry, rich with possibility and opportunity. On June 14 at Devex World, we're bringing this idea of a new era in global development into physical manifestation. Devex President and Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar looks at why Devex World will be "the global development event of the year."

A new moment for global health

Big shifts are taking place in the international development landscape that will impact future global health efforts. Path President and CEO Steve Davis talks about these changes in an exclusive video interview.

How storytelling creates collaboration and why philanthropy needs to be democratized

Ahead of Devex World on June 14, senior officials from Global Impact sat down with Devex President and Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar to discuss issues including philanthropy and new financing models, and explain how storytelling can push cross-sector collaboration in post-disaster situations.

David Nabarro: 'Every country is a developing country'

David Nabarro, the United Nations special adviser on the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and climate, has a big job — to help turn bold commitments into real action during a make-or-break year for development cooperation.

Pfizer thinks ahead to a world with Global Goals

Corporate investment in some of the world's toughest health challenges extends beyond grants and donations. How can successful PPPs be forged in a complex, global yet local world? Darren Back, senior director of social investments and corporate affairs at Pfizer, shares insight in this exclusive Q&A ahead of Devex World.

Connecting traditional banking to small farmers: Innovate for impact

Thomson Reuters’ Bankable Farmer project aims to connect the farming sector and the traditional banking sector to create a business opportunity for both. Ahead of Devex World, Saidah Nash Carter, project leader at Thomson Reuters, discusses her experience of building the project, how it has evolved, and the importance of partnerships for innovation.

Devex World: The dawn of a new era

On Tuesday, Devex brought together unlikely allies in the global development community for conversations designed to converge, exchange and inspire.

Tableau Software: How to harness the power of data through data storytelling

In the wake of Devex World, Tableau Software's Director of Product Marketing Ben Jones shares his insights on the power of data storytelling and how it can help maximize the impact of development organizations.

Ben Rhodes on the future of US development policy

Ben Rhodes, one of President Obama's most influential foreign policy advisors, spoke with Devex Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar about managing instability, finding good ideas, and the weight development carries in U.S. foreign policy decisions.

When Tarry met Valley — 5 takeaways from Devex World

Devex World 2016 was billed as "the global development event of the year" and the agenda, venue and attendees spoke to Devex's ambitious design. Alene McMahon, president and CEO of Crown Agents USA, weighs in with five insights from the conference and implications for the future.

'The Innovation Effect': 5 reasons it matters

How will we break the cycle of poverty, empower women and girls, and give families the means to prosper? Innovation.

How Pfizer went back to the drawing board

How do you solve health problems for people around the world, whether or not there’s a market for it today? Pfizer Vice President of Corporate Responsibility Caroline Roan tells Devex President and Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar about what the company is doing to help achieve 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Q&A: Innovation in integration for health gains

Following the Pfizer Foundation’s funding recommitment in May to an integrated approach to immunization and family planning services, Caroline Roan, the foundation's president, sits down with Devex to explain why the approach is innovative, the gains so far, and how they're not only improving health, but gender parity too.

Q&A: Afghanistan's first lady Rula Ghani wants to build local institutions, not fundraising campaigns

First lady of Afghanistan Rula Ghani has no qualms about criticizing the international organizations that operate in Afghanistan. She wants them to learn more about a country that is trying to reclaim its history and traditions before it can move into the future.

Tedros talks Ebola, neglected CAR

In his latest trip to Africa, WHO's director-general underscored efforts underway to contain the Ebola outbreak in DRC, but also the international community's neglect of neighboring CAR.

At Devex World, development leaders begin to embrace what they don't know

Data and technology have opened unprecedented possibilities for development organizations to understand and connect with the people they serve. At Devex World, organizations at the cutting edge of a shift from "beneficiaries" to "consumers" see promise in a future where they — finally — don't have all the answers.

Q&A: From politicization to action in education

When it comes to education, the debate between for-profit and state-only approaches to ensuring education for all often hits a wall. How can the narrative go beyond politicization to action? Ahead of Devex World next week, on June 12, Devex London-based reporter Sophie Edwards discusses.

New tools and approaches promise a big change to the aid industry

Where is the aid industry headed? How are revolutions in real-time data, financial inclusion, and results-based finance reshaping the way development professionals work? On June 12 in Washington, D.C., Devex World will bring together leaders at the forefront of transformation — who may not be regulars on the development conference circuit, but who might ultimately redefine the industry, writes Raj Kumar, Devex's president and editor-in-chief.

Q&A: Striking a balance between patients and profit

In the past few years, there has been a significant injection of business engagement in the global development sector. At Devex World on June 12 in Washington, D.C., Devex's Senior Reporter Jenny Lei Ravelo will check in on the progress made so far. Ahead of the event, Ravelo outlines key issues and questions she'll pose to business and global health luminaries.

Q&A: Harnessing innovation and bringing it to scale

Ahead of Devex World on June 12, our East Africa Correspondent Sara Jerving highlights the main issues and key questions aid professionals want answered when it comes to innovating at scale.

Aid sector sees a tough year ahead, after navigating choppy waters of 2017

The development sector has coped with the multiple shocks of 2017 and emerged from a year of uncertainty in better shape than many expected. But as Trump, Brexit, and multiple humanitarian crises still play out across the industry, Devex Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar details the challenges — and opportunities — that lie ahead in 2018.

The latest from Devex World, the global development event of the year. Breaking down barriers between sectors and embracing new technologies, Devex World explores the future of global development from a completely new perspective.