Ebola in DRC: One year into the outbreak

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Today marks one year since WHO declared an Ebola outbreak in the North Kivu province. Devex speaks to humanitarian actors about the response and how it has impacted realities on the ground.

Ebola survivors may be at increased risk of death, study suggests

In Guinea, a monitoring program found 59 Ebola survivors died after hospital discharge — the majority seem to have suffered renal failure.

DRC struggles with deadly measles outbreak amid ongoing Ebola crisis

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is struggling with one of the world's largest measles outbreaks this year, complicating the Ebola response.

UNAIDS' new leader, rescissions, and breakthroughs for Ebola and TB: This week in development

Winnie Byanyima is selected as the next UNAIDS executive director, and new treatments for Ebola and drug-resistant TB provide breakthroughs.

Q&A: Rwanda prepares for the risk of Ebola

With the third case of Ebola confirmed in the Congolese city of Goma, across the border in Rwanda's Rubavu District, we ask Dyrckx Dushime of the Rwanda Red Cross about how the country is preparing.

WHO calls for return to basics to fight DRC Ebola crisis

More traditional health crisis response work is needed to get all at-risk people tested and infected people treated swiftly, WHO experts said during a U.N. press briefing on Thursday.

Ebola funding increases as crisis worsens

As donors come under pressure to up their commitments, the World Bank, European Union, and USAID have committed to additional funding to the Ebola crisis days after the outbreak in DRC was declared a global public health emergency.

US Senators search for ways to aid Ebola response in latest hearing

"Give us a quick shopping list of how we can help you," Sen. Lindsey Graham told U.S. administration officials at a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee hearing that touched on funding, leadership, and security concerns hampering the Ebola response.

DRC health minister quits as new president takes over Ebola response

DRC's health minister resigned Monday, raising concerns about the management of the Ebola response and the use of an experimental vaccine.

Q&A: How the Ebola declaration could threaten food security in DRC

WHO's decision to declare the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a public health emergency could help raise extra funds for the crisis — but it also comes with risks.

Breaking: WHO declares global public health emergency in DRC Ebola outbreak

Recent events, from the spread of the disease in Goma to the murder of two Ebola health workers, led experts to recommend WHO declare the outbreak a global health emergency, one year into the DRC Ebola outbreak.

UK steps up funding for Ebola response, tells other donors situation is 'on a knife-edge'

It was not designed as a pledging event, but response actors were hoping the high-level meeting would lead donors to step up their financial support for the Ebola fight in DRC.

Q&A: Ebola has reached Goma — what does it mean for the response?

With a confirmed case of Ebola in a major urban center, Devex speaks with Dr. Emanuele Capobianco, global director of health and care at IFRC, about the significance of the case.

Ebola responders call for a 'reset' in the response. What does that mean?

The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is nearly a year old, claiming more than 1,600 lives. We look at aid agencies' calls for a "reset" in the response.

Pregnant women in DRC finally receive Ebola vaccine

Ebola has a fatality rate of up to 93% for pregnant women but approval processes mean it has taken 10 months for the life-saving vaccine to reach them.

US looks to 'reset leadership and coordination' as Ebola outbreak worsens

Now the U.N. has appointed a coordinator for the Ebola response, the U.S. government hopes to see a new strategic plan.

Conference call: Inside the Ebola response

Ebola has crossed the border into Uganda. Devex Managing Editor Deborah Charles speaks to Augustin Augier, director-general of ALIMA, and Jenny Lei Ravelo, global health journalist, on how organizations are responding to the latest outbreak.

USAID chief: Key to containing Ebola is transparency

After visiting the Ebola response in DRC, USAID Administrator Mark Green said the key to containing the virus is for humanitarian responders to increase the transparency of their operations.

CDC director expects to run out of Ebola vaccine

Regulatory delays have stalled production of the Ebola virus vaccine, just as health responders seek to broaden their vaccination campaign to reach more people and prevent the outbreak from crossing borders.

The challenges facing MSF in supporting DRC Ebola response

Speaking with Devex, Dr. Joanne Liu, international president of MSF, says communities in DRC have been left behind, creating failure in the Ebola response — and blames a growing security mindset where countries only choose to assist when they feel threatened.

'Chanjo'? Ebola warnings puzzle communities in Goma

A new report helps draw attention to what may have been a neglected part of the Ebola response in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country with over 200 spoken languages.

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