Ebola: An HR, recruitment 'worst case scenario'

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By Kelli Rogers

They may not be on the ground fighting Ebola, but they’re working just as hard to find those who will. As hiring demands to contain the epidemic soar, recruiters are working overtime to keep up, identify the right talent and deploy specialists despite the huge risks and logistical chaos in West Africa.

A new approach to fighting Ebola's stigma

In the battle against Ebola in West Africa, a small bed in a temporary clinic can make a world of difference to a patient cast out of his/her community due to fear of contagion. Check out this project implemented by World Hope International in Sierra Leone.

How the EU is working together with partners to fight Ebola

The European Union has long understood how health partnerships are always more valuable than the sum of its parts. In this exclusive #HealthyMeans commentary, European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica reviews how the EU is working with its partner countries and organizations to combat Ebola in West Africa.

UN, World Bank to international community: Plan beyond Ebola

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and World Bank President Jim Kim made separate appeals to the international community Friday to begin planning recovery efforts in Ebola-affected countries in West Africa. It's not too soon, both insisted, even if we're still fighting the disease.

Partnerships for Ebola: Pharma industry’s $351M push to stop the outbreak

Billed as the world’s biggest public-private partnership in the life sciences, a multibillion-euro fund called the Innovative Medicines Initiative aims to mobilize additional stakeholders and funding to help in the complex fight against Ebola.

EU Ebola czar prepares action plan after West Africa trip

More medical staff, focused communication strategies and differentiated approaches in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia are the priorities of the European Union's action plan to respond to Ebola, EU humanitarian aid chief Christos Stylianides told MEPs after his visit to West Africa.

Peter Piot's 4 tips to fight Ebola

Dr. Peter Piot helped to discover the Ebola virus almost four decades ago. Here's his advice on what the international community must do now to contain the current outbreak. An exclusive interview as part of #HealthyMeans.