Researching global development graduate programs? Ask these 8 questions

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By Kate Warren

Pursuing a graduate degree may be one of the biggest investments you make — both in time and money — in pursuit of your dream job. Here are eight questions you should ask when trying to choose the right graduate program for your global development career.

7 global development career paths for MPH graduates

A master's in public health provides a well-rounded education in areas like health policy, social and behavioral sciences, epidemiology and biostatistics. When combined with an international concentration, it's great preparation for a global health career. Here are seven different career paths to consider.

3 skills master's in public policy graduates bring to global development

Global leaders like United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and former head of the World Bank Robert Zoellik hold a master's in public administration and a master's in public policy, respectively. Here are three key skills MPA and MPP graduates bring to global development jobs.

#GradWeek: Answers to recent graduates’ 8 most common questions

As graduation quickly approaches for university students around the globe, many aspiring global development professionals are asking themselves: What’s next? Here are eight of the most common questions we hear from soon-to-be grads, along with our answers.

Graduating soon? 6 things you should do right now

May graduation marks the newest group of individuals looking to launch or further their careers in international development. In between studying for finals, defending a thesis and sending out commencement invitations, here are six things soon-to-be grads should do right now.

A master's in international development: Still necessary?

As specialized university programs pop up for internationally minded professionals, a degree in international development has become just one of many academic paths to a high-level job in development cooperation.

8 things to consider before pursuing a graduate degree

The field of global development places a high value on education and credentials. But pursuing an advanced degree is expensive and time-consuming, so it's one of the bigger decisions you will make in your career. Here are 8 things you should consider before diving back into the books.

Why global development professionals, recruiters are on the MBA bandwagon

Recruiters polled in the recent “Devex Career Trends in 2015” survey identified a Master of Business Administration as the second most in-demand degree, right after a master's in international development. So what do MBA graduates offer global development?

What does a master's in tri-sector collaboration look like?

There is a heavy focus on tri-sector collaboration — or bringing together business, government and civil society actors — to solve development dilemmas, but little on how to prepare people for that kind of dialogue. Ann Florini, professor of public policy at Singapore Management University, explains why it's time to change that.

6 questions to ask yourself before studying a foreign language

What if you don’t speak a second (or third) language? Is it necessary to learn one if you want to pursue a career in global development? Here are six questions to ask yourself before attempting to learn another language.

Don't have that master's? How strict foreign aid recruiters really are on academic requirements

Can strong professional experience compensate for the lack of an academic degree — or vice versa? We asked a group of top recruiters in global development.

Foreign language skills in international development: What’s in demand

Foreign language skills can give you an edge as you’re applying for international development jobs or consulting gigs, and they may even affect your pay. Here’s a look at some of the most sought-after languages.

3 degrees to prepare you for a transition into global development

International organizations are increasingly looking for job applicants with specific skill sets, giving job seekers with specialized degrees a competitive edge in the hiring process. To meet this demand, Georgetown University has developed three graduate degree programs for professionals aspiring to enter the global development landscape: Emergency and Disaster Management, Urban and Regional Planning, and Global Strategic Communications.

New pathway to a master's degree is good news for global development professionals

A master’s degree can be out of reach for many global development professionals, yet it is increasingly a requirement for most jobs. Many top institutions are looking to democratize higher education through a MicroMasters model, offering new pathways for professionals to obtain the qualification necessary to further their career and build capacity across the sector.

Fighting slavery through statistics: 5 promising methods to estimate prevalence

Measuring prevalence in modern slavery is a divisive effort in the anti-trafficking field that is fraught with obstacles from methodological challenges to collaboration among stakeholders. Obtaining an accurate measurement of slavery in the United States is critical as it sets an important precedent for other populous and diverse developed countries around the world, and for funding priorities domestically.

Make your mark: Choosing the right global development graduate program

When it comes to jobs in global development, an advanced degree is no longer just a bonus — in most cases it is a requirement. In this exclusive careers webinar, Alan Robbins, partner and head of global partnerships with Devex, talks us through a study of the top 10 degrees for careers in global development, to help you better understand your higher education options.

Every $1 of UK aid increases UK exports by $0.22, study finds

A new report from the Overseas Development Institute finds that United Kingdom development aid has a positive impact on exports and job creation back home, supporting claims that it can work in the national interest.

Graduating soon? 6 things you should do now to get your job search off to a great start

Wth graduation just around the corner, have you thought about your next steps? Here are six things you can do now to help get your job search off to a great start.

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