Researching global development graduate programs? Ask these 8 questions

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By Kate Warren

Pursuing a graduate degree may be one of the biggest investments you make — both in time and money — in pursuit of your dream job. Here are eight questions you should ask when trying to choose the right graduate program for your global development career.

7 global development career paths for MPH graduates

A master's in public health provides a well-rounded education in areas like health policy, social and behavioral sciences, epidemiology and biostatistics. When combined with an international concentration, it's great preparation for a global health career. Here are seven different career paths to consider.

3 skills master's in public policy graduates bring to global development

Global leaders like United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and former head of the World Bank Robert Zoellik hold a master's in public administration and a master's in public policy, respectively. Here are three key skills MPA and MPP graduates bring to global development jobs.

#GradWeek: Answers to recent graduates’ 8 most common questions

As graduation quickly approaches for university students around the globe, many aspiring global development professionals are asking themselves: What’s next? Here are eight of the most common questions we hear from soon-to-be grads, along with our answers.

Graduating soon? 6 things you should do right now

May graduation marks the newest group of individuals looking to launch or further their careers in international development. In between studying for finals, defending a thesis and sending out commencement invitations, here are six things soon-to-be grads should do right now.

A master's in international development: Still necessary?

As specialized university programs pop up for internationally minded professionals, a degree in international development has become just one of many academic paths to a high-level job in development cooperation.

8 things to consider before pursuing a graduate degree

The field of global development places a high value on education and credentials. But pursuing an advanced degree is expensive and time-consuming, so it's one of the bigger decisions you will make in your career. Here are 8 things you should consider before diving back into the books.

Why global development professionals, recruiters are on the MBA bandwagon

Recruiters polled in the recent “Devex Career Trends in 2015” survey identified a Master of Business Administration as the second most in-demand degree, right after a master's in international development. So what do MBA graduates offer global development?

What does a master's in tri-sector collaboration look like?

There is a heavy focus on tri-sector collaboration — or bringing together business, government and civil society actors — to solve development dilemmas, but little on how to prepare people for that kind of dialogue. Ann Florini, professor of public policy at Singapore Management University, explains why it's time to change that.

6 questions to ask yourself before studying a foreign language

What if you don’t speak a second (or third) language? Is it necessary to learn one if you want to pursue a career in global development? Here are six questions to ask yourself before attempting to learn another language.

Don't have that master's? How strict foreign aid recruiters really are on academic requirements

Can strong professional experience compensate for the lack of an academic degree — or vice versa? We asked a group of top recruiters in global development.

Foreign language skills in international development: What’s in demand

Foreign language skills can give you an edge as you’re applying for international development jobs or consulting gigs, and they may even affect your pay. Here’s a look at some of the most sought-after languages.

Is a master's degree in international affairs for you?

The broad nature of a master's in international relations or affairs makes it a popular choice for professionals who want to have the flexibility to pursue different career paths within global development. To help you decide if it's right for you, Devex spoke to professionals with this degree to find out what they thought of their education and how it prepared them for this career.

Is a master's degree in international development for you?

A master's in international development provides a broad view of the issues and players impacting the sector, providing a number of career paths. To help you decide if it's right for you, Devex spoke to professionals with this degree to find out what they thought of their education and how it prepared them for their careers.

Is a master's degree in public health for you?

A Master's in Public Health is the go-to degree for anyone interested in pursuing a global health career. Earlier this year, Devex asked development professionals for their thoughts on their education and all of the respondents who held an MPH said their degree was worth the investment in time and money. Here is what else they had to say about the MPH.

Advice from alumni: How a dual degree balanced the theoretical with the practical

Sarah Schwepcke knew that a master's degree was necessary to succeed in the competitive global development job market. Now country manager for GIZ and supporting their projects in Tunisia, Schwepcke tells us how her postgraduate studies in international affairs and business helped build the theoretical knowledge and practical skills she uses on the job every day.

Advice from alumni: How studying policy led to a dynamic, flexible career

Berry Tushabe completed the two-year master's in international development policy at Duke University. Tushabe, who now works in UNIDO based in her native Rwanda, reflects on how her graduate experience helped broaden career opportunities across the global development sector.

Opinion: The future of global development: 5 trends graduate students should know

What graduates need to know now, and in the next 15 years, if they want to work in global development is not the same as in the past. Claire Somerville, executive director of gender studies at the Graduate Institution of International and Development Studies in Geneva, shares five key trends graduate students should know to prepare for their careers tomorrow.

Is an MPP or MPA for you?

A Master of Public Policy and a Master of Public Administration equip graduates with the tools and skills to tackle complex situations and create solutions for real-world problems. Many programs even specialize in international development. We talked to graduates with either degree to hear how they feel about their education and subsequent careers.

Ultra-poor graduation model results show more than just cash is needed

Results from an independent evaluation by Innovations for Poverty Action of Village Enterprise's ultra-poor graduation model show that cash transfers should be coupled with training, mentoring, and access to financial services.

Webinar: The Grad School Week Primer

As part of Devex's third annual Grad School Week, this webinar brings together admissions experts from some of the top universities to share their tips for application success to help you navigate the world of graduate studies.