EU seeks experts in at least 3 new focus areas

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Do development organizations still have the right expertise to cope with modern-day threats? A series of recent crises have created demand at the European Commission for some new, original global development vacancies and skill sets. Which ones? Devex takes a closer look.

How to get a job with Europeaid

Watch an exclusive presentation by Emmanouil-Georgios Papaioannou, EuropeAid's top human resource official, on how to find work with one of the world's most generous funders of international development projects.

EuropeAid Framework Contracts: What you need to know

The European Commission created the Framework Contract instrument as a way to simplify procurement for short-term technical assistance contracts. Whether you are a major development consulting firm or a freelance consultant, here is what you need to know about this procurement process.

Health experts top list of preferred new recruits at Crown Agents

The ongoing Ebola epidemic in West Africa has been a wake-up call to the need for strengthened health systems in the developing world. It’s not surprising, then, that one of the United Kingdom’s largest development consultancies is on the lookout for talent in the global health sector.

Successful consulting with EuropeAid

What's the inside scoop on how to win a consulting assignment with EuropeAid — and how to avoid bureaucratic hurdles and other pitfalls once on the job? Check out this insightful recording of our career webinar featuring seasoned experts from TACU.

The European Year for Development

With each month of the European Year for Development set to focus on a specific subtopic, Devex takes a closer look at the 12 development themes that are slated to be at the heart of European debate and decision-making in 2015.

What eurozone crisis? – EuropeAid consulting trends and pay rates

How will ongoing monetary problems in the eurozone affect technical assistance – and, in particular, EuropeAid’s need for international development consultants? We asked the experts.

Perks of working at EuropeAid: Travel and relocation allowances

Working for EuropeAid presents opportunities to travel but may also mean moving the whole family overseas. Here’s what the European Commission offers to employees that need to travel, change residence or report overseas.

How to network Brussels’ foreign aid community

Here’s how to navigate Brussels, whether you’re looking for a job or are in town on a business trip.

EU staff reform at a crossroads

EuropeAid staff and others working in international development will see changes to their compensation if EU staff reforms take effect in January as planned. Here’s what’s in store.