Future of Health Partnerships

This focus area, powered by MSD for Mothers, explores private sector solutions and collaborations for tackling global health challenges.

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Ghana PPP pilots breakthrough insecticide to fight mosquito resistance

DevexQ&A: How is Ghana engaging corporations in malaria control?

Dwindling donor funds has Ghana turning to public-private partnerships to help fight malaria. Devex sits down with Keziah Malm, manager of the country's National Malaria Control Programme, to find out how they are engaging corporate Ghana in malaria control.

DevexThe birthing mat that helps save women's lives

The Q-Mat indicates when a woman is experiencing dangerous levels of postpartum hemorrhage and needs to be immediately treated. But one of the main challenges to the innovation's effectiveness is the lack of expertise in treating PPH at many small facilities.

DevexOpinion: 4 sustainable solutions to save millions of mothers and children

Despite success in reducing mortality rates, the world’s most vulnerable, hard-to-reach women and children continue to face great barriers to accessing basic health services. Kris Perry, Save the Children Action Network president, and Vanessa Kerry, Seed Global Health co-founder and CEO weigh in.

DevexQ&A: Bangladesh cholera expert on how to train personnel worldwide

Cholera may be easily prevented and treated, says Azharul Islam Khan, the chief physician at the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh, but it's a matter of "timely science," the doctor and cholera trainer explains.

DevexGates Foundation and USAID team up to bring design to health

Over the weekend, at the annual Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado, representatives of the two organizations launched a set of resources to help more global health practitioners to build their programs around the wants and needs of end users.

DevexTackling the hidden cause of maternal mortality in Nigeria

Life-saving health interventions to improve maternal mortality rates across Africa could find themselves undermined by poor-quality oxytocin, a medicine administered during childbirth to stop maternal hemorrhage. Reporting from Nigeria, Devex explores the solutions to ensuring this critical medicine remains in optimal condition from manufacturer to mother.

DevexWorld Health Assembly kicks off with focus on health workers, universal coverage

The 71st World Health Assembly kicked off Monday with the Ebola outbreak in DRC and universal health coverage in the spotlight — but it was a call to better support interns at the U.N. health agency that drew the loudest applause during the opening speeches in Geneva.

DevexOpinion: Strong pharmaceutical systems are crucial to attaining UHC

WHO recently called on countries to make commitments to universal health coverage at the upcoming World Health Assembly. Unless these include efforts to strengthen pharmaceutical systems, communities will continue to struggle with inadequate health services and rising health costs.

DevexUNICEF: Babies from high-income countries 5 times less likely to be breastfed

The organization points to a lack of support for mothers as one issue preventing women from successfully breastfeeding their babies.

DevexOpinion: Clean water is health

Basic sanitation, water, and hygiene must no longer be overlooked at health centers where there absence is leading to preventable deaths, argues Toyin Ojora Saraki, the founder and president of the Wellbeing Foundation Africa.

DevexNew UN guidance aims to boost exclusive breastfeeding worldwide

Better data monitoring and country ownership over exclusive breastfeeding plans are key to making the practice more widespread, the United Nations Children's Fund and World Health Organization say.

DevexOpinion: Countries need to build National Health Equity Strategies. Here's how.

One concrete step that could serve as a foundation for comprehensive action towards health equity would be for countries to develop and implement National Health Equity Strategies, grounded in human rights and its command of non-discrimination. What might these strategies look like?

DevexOpinion: Governments must fund global health security commitments

Palladium Manager Dulce Pedroso describes the outsized importance — and economic impact — of financing global health security efforts.

DevexOpinion: Only 1 percent of Nigerians have health insurance. Here's how to change that.

Unless the government -- and the international community -- work toward universal health coverage, poverty will remain constant in Nigeria writes Ifeanyi Nsofor, director of policy and advocacy for Nigeria Health Watch.

DevexOpinion: Universal health coverage is out of reach unless we eliminate discrimination

UNDP Director of HIV, Health and Development Mandeep Dhaliwal explores three pathways to eliminating discrimination as the world works toward universal health coverage.

DevexGlobal nursing movement launches

With few incentives in the face of a demanding workload, nursing and midwife shortages are likely to pose a challenge and place constraints in global efforts to reach universal health coverage.

DevexThis new effort aims to scale up maternal and newborn health innovations

The United States Agency for International Development's Saving Lives at Birth is launching what it describes as a next generation acceleration model, with Duke University and VentureWell leading a renewed effort to support innovations in this sector.

DevexOpinion: The health financing transition plays a crucial role in meeting UHC

World Bank Consultant Oleg Kucheryavenko outlines the key concerns — and the path forward — for low- and low-middle-income countries making the health financing transition as they work towards universal health coverage.

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