Future of Health Partnerships

This focus area, powered by MSD for Mothers, explores private sector solutions and collaborations for tackling global health challenges.

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Can PPPs help ensure vaccine supplies for future global epidemics?

Q&A: How to leapfrog progress in primary health care

Can progress in primary health care be "leapfrogged"? PSI's President and CEO Karl Hofmann explains what technology is already allowing for that, and what lessons can be learned from the private sector.

Ripple Effect: The expansive impact of NCDs

While combating noncommunicable diseases is a global task, regional contexts cause unique challenges. In this visual series, we explore a few of these challenges through the stories of health care workers and individuals living with NCDs in three different countries.

Opinion: Unlocking the potential of African food businesses to tackle malnutrition

The African continent is home to the youngest population in the world, leading to a growing African consumer market that looks for healthier food options. This represents a great opportunity in emerging markets to create a sustainable value chain working with local agrifood SMEs. GAIN and DSM explain the need to improve the flow of finance to expand SME efforts.

Opinion: We won't beat malaria unless we rethink our financing mechanisms

During the World Economic Forum on ASEAN, Global Fund Senior Advisor Christoph Benn weighs in on the promise of blended finance and private sector engagement in the fight against malaria.

Triple threat of stunting, anemia, and obesity poses looming crisis, health experts warn

Jessica Fanzo, senior nutrition officer at the Food and Agriculture Organization, discusses with Devex the findings of the "2018 Global Nutrition Report" and the challenges ahead, calling for disruptive and urgent action.

Q&A: How Gates' Strategic Investment Fund gets companies to take on global health

The head of the Gates Foundation's Strategy Investment Fund — until Wednesday, called the Program Related-Investments team — spoke with Devex about how impact investing can advance global health outcomes.

Alternative malnutrition treatments hold promise for millions of children

In a bid to increase the uptake of ready-to-use therapeutic food for severe acute malnutrition, some experts are turning to their backyards for new affordable solutions.

Doing it for the kids: Engaging youth to help lift burden of NCDs

Many of the risky behaviors leading to noncommunicable diseases later in life begin during childhood or adolescence. Targeting youth is therefore critical to reducing the growing NCD burden worldwide. In advance of International Youth Day, Devex looks at some of the interventions that work, and big challenges that still remain.

South Africa strikes deal on new TB drug as WHO revisits guidance

The World Health Organization could soon start promoting an innovative tuberculosis drug, bedaquiline, which is now more affordable after South Africa brokered a deal with a pharmaceutical company to slash the price by half.

Video: Meeting the SDGs for maternal and child health

In order to eradicate preventable maternal deaths, the private sector and the development community need to come together and develop a relationship of mutual trust, MSD for Mothers' Mary-Ann Etiebet told us at Devex World.

GFF report shows promising maternal and child health results

The first Global Financing Facility annual report details gains by Tanzania, DRC, and Cameroon, including that Tanzania has increased its number of high-performing health facilities to 22 percent from 1 percent.

A look at the Global Financing Facility's goals, strategies, and learnings

The facility launched in 2015 to mobilize public and private capital to support women's, children's, and adolescents' health. Since then, it has been experimenting with a number of financing models and helping countries develop investment cases for investing in health. Here's what you need to know about GFF.

In South Africa, ATM pharmacies help fill a massive shortfall

South Africa needs about 12,000 pharmacists to fulfill the international standard of 50 pharmacists per 100,000 people, but the government has struggled to attract the necessary numbers. To combat long waiting times for patients, the country is now trialing a new type of pharmacy.

How gut health might advance global health

The Gates Foundation led the latest round of investment for Evolve, a privately held microbiome company, because of the connection they see between the microbiome and severe acute malnutrition.

Considering development impact bonds? Read this.

Several development impact bonds have launched in the past year, and interest in the new financing mechanism is picking up. Here's what you should think about if your organization is evaluating whether a DIB is right for you.

The birthing mat that helps save women's lives

The Q-Mat indicates when a woman is experiencing dangerous levels of postpartum hemorrhage and needs to be immediately treated. But one of the main challenges to the innovation's effectiveness is the lack of expertise in treating PPH at many small facilities.

How Nigeria partners with tech companies to outwit drug counterfeiters

Mobile authentication has curtailed fake antibiotics, antimalarials, and diabetes medications, Nigeria's drug agency says.

Q&A: How is Ghana engaging corporations in malaria control?

Dwindling donor funds has Ghana turning to public-private partnerships to help fight malaria. Devex sits down with Keziah Malm, manager of the country's National Malaria Control Programme, to find out how they are engaging corporate Ghana in malaria control.

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