Future of Health Partnerships

This focus area, powered by MSD for Mothers, explores private sector solutions and collaborations for tackling global health challenges.

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Polio endgame strategy includes tech, new vaccines

New coalition harnesses 'radical collaboration' for community health

As countries work to make community health workers frontline in their health systems, a new effort is underway to standardize best practices — and ensure that what has been proven to work is put into policy.

72nd World Health Assembly: Here's what you need to know

The annual event tackles a range of global health issues. Here's what Devex will be keeping a close eye on in Geneva.

A proposed novel approach to TB drug financing

The proposal aims to unlock private sector investment for shorter, better tuberculosis treatment regimen.

Paul Allen Foundation: It's up to all of us to stop the Ebola crisis in DRC

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is calling on government and private funders to support response efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The foundation previously announced new grants worth $2.4 million, bringing its total commitments to the current crisis to $4 million.

Opinion: It’s time for African leaders to invest in surgery

There are four critical barriers to surgery for people living in low- and middle-income countries: capacity, timeliness, safety, and affordability. Two health care professionals from Cameroon share how to overcome them.

Opinion: 10 signs we’re winning the fight against pneumococcal disease

Dr. Maria Deloria Knoll celebrates a decade of progress toward ensuring global access to pneumococcal conjugate vaccines in low-income countries.

Q&A: Changing attitudes for global health progress

The global health sector is not being forward-thinking enough about how it views health systems according to the U.N.'s Siddharth Chatterjee. He explains how to overcome "hurdles of the mind" for increased progress in health.

USAID's TB strategy as seen from Kyrgyzstan

Programs in Kyrgyzstan using new drugs to fight drug-resistant tuberculosis are showing signs of progress, part of USAID's global strategy to build local capacity and work toward a simpler, oral treatment.

Will new TB treatments reach those who need them most?

Pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline is pursuing a new four-month treatment for tuberculosis but insists it will need support from governments and funding agencies to reach patients in lower-income countries.

Opinion: New approaches needed for new health threats

WHO director-general and Swedish minister for international development cooperation explore how new partnerships and institutional reforms can fight inequality and advance health outcomes.

Opinion: Mobilizing effective communications for global mental health

In order to achieve significant progress in mental health care, a renewed effort is needed to redefine how it is perceived. Here are four areas where effective communications will help.

Building tuberculosis awareness in low-risk countries

Despite the international focus on tuberculosis, there still remains an important challenge — more funding to deliver programs and research to eliminate the disease by 2030.

A global hub for antimicrobial resistance is taking shape

Germany is funding a research center to coordinate efforts to fight antimicrobial resistance. Here's what it's doing first.

What next in the fight against Lassa fever?

Fifty years after it was first identified, outbreaks of the Ebola-like disease in West Africa are only getting worse.

Opinion: Remittances could be a gamechanger in the quest for UHC. Here's how.

Remittances account for three times the global total of foreign aid. Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor, CEO of health consultancy group EpiAFRIC, explains how remittances from the African diaspora could unlock the financing needed to achieve UHC.

Achieving UHC in Africa requires support for most vulnerable, experts say

Affordable, quality primary health services for hard-to-reach populations often living below the poverty line is critical to achieving universal health coverage in Africa, yet experts warn the road to UHC for each country will be unique.

Opinion: Business as usual won't work for maternal and child health

We are armed with the knowledge to end preventable deaths among all women, children, and adolescents; why are we still seeing distressingly high mortality rates among these populations?

Global fund for hepatitis prepares for rollout

The first call for proposals for the Fund for Elimination of Viral Hepatitis, or EndHep2030, the world's only corpus dedicated to the elimination of viral hepatitis, is expected to take place in April.