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The gospel according to Mark Dybul, the man working to end three plagues

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By Michael Igoe

For two decades Mark Dybul has been at the center of a transformation in how the world fights infectious disease. As he steps away from the Global Fund, Dybul still believes people can triumph over the three plagues of AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

A peek into Bloomberg's new public health initiative

The Partnership for Healthy Cities was launched as part of Michael Bloomberg's appointment as World Health Organization global ambassador for noncommunicable diseases. But it has much to reveal about how Bloomberg's foundation works in the area of public health.

Q&A: How the African Access Initiative plans to mitigate Africa's cancer burden

The newly-launched African Access Initiative hopes to bring affordable cancer treatment and advanced cancer research and technology to sub-Saharan Africa. Four countries selected for the first phase of this initiative will benefit from partnerships with oncology companies to expand in-country capacity to treat cancer and reduce cancer deaths.

What to know about WHO's newly launched courses on outbreaks, emergencies

The courses are free, and could be helpful not just to frontline responders, but also public health professionals, policymakers and donors.

Opinion: Invest in midwives to improve global health

A midwife with the right skills and training can provide 87 percent of the health care needed during pregnancy and following birth. Ahead of the International Confederation of Midwives' 31st triennial congress, former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete and Wellbeing Foundation Africa's Founder-President Toyin Saraki explain.

Data details attacks on health care in Syria, in hope of change

Health organizations working in Syria have tried a new methodology to collect data on attacks against health care in the country, hoping it would help put a halt to the violence. But even with rigorously verified information, attacks continue unabated.

'Global gag rule' hampers reproductive health actors in rural Colombia

Due to noncompliance with the "global gag rule," family planning NGO Profamilia is no longer eligible for $1.2 million in U.S. Agency for International Development funding for its sexual and reproductive health program focused on conflict-affected populations throughout war-torn Colombia. Now, program advisers in the field hustle to accomplish what they can by December.

DevExplains: How WHO's incident management system works

How does the World Health Organization run during emergencies and outbreaks? Devex spoke with Wynne Boelt, communications officer for WHO's Health Emergencies Programme, to learn more about the aid agency's incident management system.

Polio: Closing in on zero

Polio is close to becoming the second human disease to be eradicated worldwide. Devex reports from this week's Drop to Zero event on the final stages of the fight.

As polio approaches elimination, transition poses risk

Polio is on the brink of eradication, but efforts to fight the disease are closely linked to, and often even the basis for, many countries' preventative health systems. What happens if and when polio, and the donor funds it garners, are history?

WHO AFRO reforms: A conversation with Dr. Matshidiso Moeti

The first woman regional director for the World Health Organization in Africa made revisions to the office’s structure and way of working. Devex spoke with Moeti to take stock of the reforms and discuss how prepared her office is for future emergencies.

Q&A: Jeff Sachs on anti-poverty financing — a failure of moral imagination and will?

The landscape of financing for development is changing. So how can we achieve the Sustainable Development Goals within this new context of commitment and funding — in the era of Brexit and the “America First” agenda? Devex sat down with economist Jeff Sachs for his take.

Europe alone cannot plug the family planning funding gap — Sweden's Modéer

Ulrika Modéer, Sweden’s state secretary for international development, said it will take more than actions by the Nordic countries and the European Union to make up for America’s cessation of family planning funding in the wake of the reimposition of the "global gag rule."

Global gag rule expected to hit safe abortion, contraceptive use in Nigeria

Cuts in United States funding stand to jeopardize recent gains in maternal health in Africa's most populous country, Marie Stopes International Nigeria's country head tells Devex.

Opinion: Sex is fun. Family planning messaging should be too.

Once barred from making safe family planning decisions for herself, DKT Mexico Director Ana Karina De la Vega Millor has spent her adult life crusading for the cause. Here's what she learned from a highly successful contraception campaign.

New WHO chief Tedros says 'no more excuses' on delivering universal health coverage

The newly appointed director-general of the World Health Organization tells a European aid summit there can be "no more excuses" from countries that have yet to implement universal health coverage.

Ukraine's fight against TB is at risk from USAID cuts

A U.S. Agency for International Development-funded digital health program has helped Ukraine tackle its drug-resistant TB epidemic — but proposed aid cuts are jeopardizing the country's progress against the disease, experts warn.

In Colombia, 'global gag rule' punishes conflict-affected populations

Colombia is a prime example of the 'global gag rule’s' punishing grip on integrated programs that have nothing to do with abortion. In villages still reeling from 50 years of war, the shuttering of Profamilia’s U.S. Agency for International Development-funded program and the reproductive health care and community therapy it provides is a blow to a slow healing process.

Opinion: Innovative financing methods driving better health care for all

Providing universal health coverage for all is one of the targets within the Sustainable Development Goals. It is extremely ambitious and, to achieve it, new and innovative forms of financing will be needed. Philips’ Jan-Willem Scheijgrond and Omar Campos discuss the steps both public and private sector actors need to take to push this target forward.

Opinion: Is the future of global health safe with Dr. Tedros?

UNICEF's Global Chief of Public Advocacy Claudia Gonzalez Romo explains why the world needs to embrace the new WHO Director General — and how Dr. Tedros can chart people-centered path forward.

Global health experts call on Trump to protect the Fogarty Center from elimination

The $70 million a year Fogarty International Center, which finances biomedical research and training in developing countries, is to be scrapped, according to the latest budget proposal from the Trump administration. Health experts have defended the center, saying it is vital to protecting people at home and abroad from the growing threat of epidemics such as Zika and Ebola.

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