Opinion: Lifting the next billion out of poverty

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By Carrie Hessler-Radelet

Nearly one billion people have lifted themselves out of extreme poverty since the Cold War. Project Concern International President and CEO Carrie Hessler-Radelet charts a path for the next billion.

In uncertain times, a clearer World Bank strategy emerges

The World Bank is undergoing a transformation from traditional project lender to modern financial catalyzer, working to incentivize private investors to pitch in the trillions of dollars needed for global development. While questions still remain, the shift in thinking and operation could position the institution for a new era of relevance.

Opinion: 3 tips for coping with aid's budget crisis

Budget tightening means finding new ways to do business. United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and U.N. Development Programme Asia-Pacific Director Haoliang Xu gives three tips for rethinking your agency's model.

Opinion: What I learned about filmmaking during an epidemic

While filming a documentary about the threat of epidemics, filmmaker and professorJanet Tobias and her team found themselves in the middle of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia, Influenza outbreak in Asia, and the Zika outbreak in the U.S. Along the way, she developed some guidelines about what it meant to film during an epidemic.

Opinion: Making it possible for refugee health workers to answer their calling

For thousands of physicians, medical credentials have been replaced by a new label: Refugee. Seed Global Health CEO Vanessa Kerry explains how we can overcome the problems that are preventing trained health workers from being fully utilized as clinicians and educators in the health workforce.

Opinion: Resilience — from buzzword to action

The global community has rallied around the importance of building resilience. But given the greater specialization of sectors, are we able to find the right combination of complementary initiatives that will make us — humanity — more resilient? Ahead of the 2017 World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings, Caroline Heider, director-general of the Independent Evaluation Group, gives us the inside track.

Opinion: A progress report on the UN feminist agenda

100 days into U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres' term, Lyric Thompson, the director of policy and advocacy at the International Center for Research on Women, provides a report card on his progress in making a more feminist United Nations.

Opinion: The power of local capacity building

When we build local skills, development organizations can create the platform for lasting, sustainable change. Neil Ghosh, executive vice president at Global Fund for Children, offers lessons for how and why to incorporate grassroots organizations into programming.

Opinion: The new Latin American reality

Regional integration, gender equality and trade were among the key topics discussed at the Inter-American Development Bank's annual meetings in Paraguay. IDB Executive Vice President Julie Katzman explains.

Opinion: Global challenges, local solutions — The new international role of cities

Cities can — and must — play a leading role in solving the complex problems of our time. The Mayor of Montreal and President of Metropolis Denis Coderre discusses how city-managed initiatives foster the development of pluralistic societies, and offers advice to local governments on maintaining the core values that facilitate living together.