How to build a ‘smart city’ in a fragile and conflict-affected context

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By Talia Smith

What are the challenges to sustainable urban growth in fragile urban environments? Adam Smith International's Talia Smith looks at how to address complex challenges such as climate change in conflict-affected city contexts, in this guest commentary.

Opinion: Addressing the double burden of work for rural women

Global conversations about women’s economic empowerment and unpaid care work exclude some of the women who need it most: rural women farmers. Jemimah Njuki at Canada’s International Development Research Centre offers practical tips to reverse the trend.

Opinion: In India, eliminating tuberculosis isn't just a health issue — it's an economic one

By some estimates, eliminating tuberculosis from the planet would return more than a trillion dollars to the global economy. On World Tuberculosis Day, McGill University's Dr. Madhukar Pai and World Bank Senior Economist Jorge Coarasa explore the Indian government's ambitious new plan to end the disease by 2025.

Fighting slavery through statistics: 5 promising methods to estimate prevalence

Measuring prevalence in modern slavery is a divisive effort in the anti-trafficking field that is fraught with obstacles from methodological challenges to collaboration among stakeholders. Obtaining an accurate measurement of slavery in the United States is critical as it sets an important precedent for other populous and diverse developed countries around the world, and for funding priorities domestically.

Opinion: Here's how to tackle root causes — not just symptoms — of gender inequality

In the gender space, trends such as the "business case for women" and renewed focus on women's economic empowerment programs are a positive step — but they risk overlooking existing inequalities. Tania Beard and Shruthi Jayaram of Dalberg Global Development Advisors outline five trends worth a closer look.

Opinion: The rich-country roadmap to halting deforestation, enabling development and meeting climate commitments

Forests are a powerful tool in the fight against climate change, and yet each year the world loses an Austria-sized chunk of tropical forest to consumer demand for products such as palm oil. Frances Seymour at the Center for Global Development explores four ways rich countries can help.

Opinion: Putting people first at the WHO — from ill health to public health emergencies

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is a special advisor to Ethiopia's prime minister. He's also running for the World Health Organization's top spot. Here is his platform.

Opinion: Need a reason to open up land rights data? Here are 10

Progressive governments are tapping into innovative technologies to document land rights. According Cadasta Foundation CEO Noel Taylor, it's time to make that data public.

Opinion: Separately, China and India are booming. Should they partner to tackle twin challenges?

For all their differences, China and India share a number of development priorities — and recent gains. Naina Lal Kidwai, chair of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry's Sustainability Council, explores opportunities for collaboration.

Trump's foreign aid budget: The response on Twitter

Reactions vary from concern to praise as experts determine what the budget proposal, if realized, could mean for U.S. efforts abroad and for those on the receiving end of foreign assistance.