Collier: Despite progress, 'profound change' still needed at IFC

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By Sophie Edwards

New leadership at the International Finance Corporation is transforming the institution -- but a "profound change" is needed if it is to become a "public development agency whose interest is to develop the country, not to make money," according development heavyweight Paul Collier.

Gordon Brown: Global education is 'the civil rights struggle of our time'

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown outlines plans for a new financial facility to leverage money for education in the world's poorest countries and address a crisis which he describes as the "civil rights struggle of our time."

Disaster prep and safety nets: How to #BuildResilience in our cities

How can the development community take resilience from buzzword to action? Devex hosted an expert Tweet Chat to find out on the sidelines of this year's World Bank Spring Meetings.

Q&A: IFRC VP on how to prepare for cyclical disasters

IFRC Vice President Abbas Gullet talks to Devex about using information and technology to help empower first responders in emergency and disaster situations.

How to tell your organization's story in the age of Trump

Devex spoke with James Helm, partner at Portland Communications and former spokesperson for the United Kingdom's Department for International Development, about how to craft a compelling communications strategy, at a time when views of global development cooperation are changing.

New dangers in Yemen food crisis with use of landmines, port bombing fears

Already "on the brink of famine," the United Nations and Human Rights Watch warned on Thursday that Yemen's food security crisis is being exacerbated by the use of unauthorized landmines and the bombing fears of a port responsible for 80 percent of the country's food imports.

Investments in health and education of adolescents can bring huge returns

Investing in programs to improve the well-being and health of adolescents could bring a tenfold economic benefit to countries experiencing a demographic shift toward an increasingly youthful population, a new report by The Lancet has found. Development experts and donors gathered at the World Bank to discuss the findings.

Could global trade rules on e-commerce do more harm than good?

E-commerce represents a huge economic opportunity and the U.N. is pushing for developing countries to improve their capacities. But as experts gather in Geneva, developing countries themselves are divided about whether the drive for global trade rules could cause more harm than good.

Q&A: SystemOne CEO on data solutions improving health care in developing countries

Software and services for SystemOne are increasingly being used in developing countries to improve the ability to diagnose, respond to and monitor diseases including Ebola and Zika. Chris Macek, CEO of SystemOne, discussed with Devex their journey and the road ahead for improved diagnostics in developing countries.

10 startup initiatives that are rethinking global education

At last month's Global Skills and Education Forum in Dubai, Devex invited 10 organizations to make their pitches to a panel of experts about why their big idea matters — and deserves the funding to get off the ground.