The Future of Education: It's coming, but will it get here fast enough?

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By Raj Kumar

As the world's economy embraces new technologies, the global education sector badly needs to transform itself to meet fresh challenges. So far it has lagged behind, but there are signs that it's catching up — and funding is following. Devex Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar sends this dispatch from the Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai on the radically shifting education landscape.

Getting partnerships right: Tips from DFAT's Business Partnerships Platform

Partnerships are at the core of Australia’s aid program, with the Business Partnerships Platform a key example of how the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade aims to encourage diversity in partners and ideas in overseas development. But what makes a good partnership? And what breaks a partnership? Devex talks to Julie Mundy, partnerships advisor with the BPP and director of training for the Partnership Brokers Association, for her advice.

ILO strike disrupts board session, tobacco decision delayed again

Two-thirds of International Labour Organization staff are striking in protest over the governing body's decision to implement controversial salary cuts. The disruption led the board to postpone a much-anticipated vote on the organization's ties with the tobacco industry, with some advocates suggesting the situation had been used as an excuse to "kick the can down the road."

Global bodies urge Asia-Pacific's citizens to demand cleaner air

Underneath a sky obscured in recent months by thick haze, residents and media of Bangkok are sounding the alarm on the effects of ongoing pollution. This unrest is welcome, according to Helena Molin Valdes, head of the Paris-based Climate and Clean Air Coalition.

Transition deal soothes aid group fears of 'cliff-edge' Brexit

Leaders from the European Union and United Kingdom have agreed a Brexit transition deal that will see the status quo on aid cooperation extend until at least December 2020.

Q&A: What does 2018 hold for the fight against TB?

Ahead of World Tuberculosis Day on Saturday, Devex speaks to Lucica Ditiu, executive director of the Stop TB Partnership, as she gears up for what could be a breakthrough year on one of the world's deadliest diseases.

STOP — Bloomberg's response to tobacco industry tactics

Michael Bloomberg announced a new initiative aimed at combatting the tobacco industry's "dirty" tactics undermining health. But will that be enough? Devex spoke to Kelly Henning, the foundation's public health program lead.

Record-high food insecurity trends set to worsen in 2018

Ongoing conflict and environmental shocks have pushed 124 million people to live in food insecurity crises, according to the Food Security Information Network. Humanitarian groups are struggling to respond to the situation, but also trying to meld emergency actions together with longer term development goals.

African entrepreneurs discuss the promise and pitfalls of ed tech

Ed tech remains a thorny issue within the education sector, but for some it offers one of the best ways for developing countries to tackle the learning crisis. Devex spoke to entrepreneurs, investors, and experts to find out how Africa's burgeoning ed tech scene is evolving, and what barriers ventures encounter.

'In Haiti, no one is surprised by the Oxfam scandal'

Few countries have as complicated a relationship with international aid organizations as Haiti. Now, locals say it is time to show more solidarity if trust is to be regained.