Focus On: Land Matters

Development actors bet on political power shift to save Cambodia's forgotten forest

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By Kelli Rogers

What happens when a matter of international concern finds itself governed at the most local of levels? Development actors in Cambodia believe a recent government decree will mean the difference for safeguarding Prey Lang, one of the country's most resource rich and threatened forests.

CNFA's model of supporting agribusinesses gains government attention

Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture, CNFA, recently marked a decade of working on agricultural development in Georgia, largely through supporting agribusinesses as a vehicle for improved rural employment and income generation. Devex spoke with Bauka Namicheishvili, chief of party of the REAP program, to learn more about the model.

Opinion: Can the livestock sector find the elusive 'win-win' on drug resistance?

The overuse and misuse of antibiotics in animals, especially livestock, has become a driving force for global health concerns by accelerating the resistance of disease-causing bacteria that also infect people. Delia Grace from International Livestock Research Institute explains why it's crucial to recognize regional variations in antibiotic use in animal health.

Vietnam's slow emergency: 4 lessons learned from drought response

El Niño has subsided and Vietnam is slowly recovering from a devastating drought. But development professionals are still working out how the lower-middle-income country can improve links between humanitarian aid and development assistance, why local politics are crucial in future climate change response, and what role rice will play in the Vietnam of tomorrow.

Prioritizing horticulture in the SDGs: Why it matters

Agriculturalists may be responsible for feeding the world, but do horticulturalists have a larger role to play in the success of the Sustainable Development Goals? Devex speaks with horticulture experts on why their industry matters to more than just food-related outcomes in the SDGs.

Degrees that plant the seed for a career in agriculture

How do you break into agriculture work in development? Chuck Chopak, vice president of technical services at DAI and Anne Mbaabu, head of markets and harvest management for the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, share their own experiences.

Does Australia hold the key to food security?

Australia became the focal point of food security with International Genebank Managers Annual General Meeting recently held in Horsham, Victoria. Among the discussions was crop wild relatives and Australia's rich diversity in wild seeds — and it has the potential to create crops that withstand the harshest of conditions.

Who owns this land? A question that matters for climate change and COP22

Land rights is among the issues that played out last week at the Columbia International Investment Conference in New York, ahead of COP22.

5 bold initiatives in flood resilience

As extreme weather events become more commonplace, policymakers and development professionals are taking increasingly bold steps to build resilience in areas at risk of flooding. Devex takes a look at some of the most innovative interventions.

Lessons learned at Habitat III

Habitat III now over, national delegates and members of the development community now head home to implement the New Urban Agenda in their local context. Devex takes a look at some of the key issues that emerged at Habitat III that will inform those plans.

Opinion: A commitment to strengthening Niger's agriculture sector

The Millennium Challenge Corp. recently signed a $437 million grant agreement with Niger to invest in their agricultural sector. MCC CEO Dana Hyde and ONE Campaign co-founder Jamie Drummond break down the focus and goal of the compact, and how its success will be measured.

How universities are sowing the seeds to Feed the Future

Feed the Future Innovation Labs across the United States draw on the expertise of U.S. universities and partner institutions in developing countries to advance the U.S. global food security agenda. Here's a look at the five labs at the University of California, Davis, and how collaboration is key to the agenda.

How satellites and insurance are securing livestock in East Africa

For his work utilizing satellite technology to bring livestock insurance to herders and livestock in East Africa, Andrew Mude was presented with the 2016 Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research. Devex sat down with him to talk about technology, insurance and his passion for helping secure the livelihoods of rural farmers in the region.

Land value finance proposed as a way to pay for urban development

Financial products that are underwritten by rising land values can be innovative and useful ways for cities to finance urban development. They are generating a lot of buzz at the Habitat III conference in Quito this week. Devex takes a look at what some of these products are and the constraints to how they can be applied.

Niger's President Issoufou on the 'long road' to an MCC compact

The Millennium Challenge Corp. and the government of Niger are embarking on a $437 million plan to boost the country's food security, agricultural production and market access. Devex spoke with Niger's president and the MCC chief during New York Global Dev Week.

Video: Tasting the first specialty coffee from Myanmar

Oct. 1 is International Coffee Day. Devex takes a look at one of the newest specialty coffee varieties to hit the U.S. market and the economic opportunities it affords smallholder coffee farmers in Myanmar.

Will big agriculture mergers impact smallholder farmers?

A tsunami-sized wave of corporate megamergers sweeping the agrochemical industry has the potential to reshape the landscape of global farming and food production. Devex explores how the megamergers of Dow Chemicals and Dupont, Bayer and Monsanto, and Syngenta and China National Chemical Corp. affect the incomes and livelihoods of farmers in the "global south".

Why African agriculture still depends on the 'middle man' — or woman

The "middle man role" of rural agro-vets, also known throughout sub-Saharan Africa as agro-dealers, isn't one to cut out — and not only because they're a means of delivering new technologies to farmers. Seed and other input suppliers are increasingly relying on rural agro-dealers to sell their stock.

Land reform for the modern era

What we can learn from land reform programs in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan during the 20th century, and how can that help reframe the development community's perception of land reform? Landesa CEO Chris Jochnick and journalist Joe Studwell explain how land reform can address structural and fundamental problems with a democratic, market-friendly approach.

Peace paves the way for environmental gains in Colombia

The environment stands to benefit enormously from a peace deal to end Colombia's half-century old conflict. The country's immense biodiversity offers opportunities for post-conflict development, social integration, and economic growth. Arnold Peral, director of UNDP in Colombia, offers insight into what's next for Colombia.

Alibaba's blockchain embrace: A watershed moment for financial transparency?

China's giant e-commerce platform Alibaba recently announced that it will use blockchain technology to boost transparency in the country's philanthropy sector. Will the endorsement from one of the world's fastest-growing companies be enough to mainstream blockchain as a tool for open governance and development?