What you need to know: Careers in monitoring and evaluation

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By Nina Segal Kennedy

M&E professionals need to be able to view the overall landscape of a project, but also be able to dig down to the gritty details. Find out what the latest hiring trends are — and tips for how to land the job — in this in-demand sector.

Want to work in monitoring and evaluation? Start with these 5 skills

The field of monitoring and evaluation has taken off in international development, as investors and their implementing partners put an increasing premium on measuring the impact of their work. Here's how you can prepare yourself for a career in M&E.

Salary Spotlight: An M&E associate in Pakistan

Pakistan remains a top recipient of foreign aid, despite difficult working conditions in the South Asian country. Aid implementers are held to increasingly high standards, and monitoring and evaluation specialists are in high demand. Here’s what an M&E associate may earn.

2015: Where are the global development jobs?

Africa, Asia and….? In which sectors and regions are recruiters predicting the most hiring this year? Discover the answer to this question and more in the results of Devex's benchmark career trends survey.

5 development jobs to tackle with a journalism background

There is a vibrant role for those with a journalism background to play in international development, and it doesn't always mean reporting on the ground for a major news outlet. Here are 5 kinds of positions you can do with a journalism degree in global development.

How impact evaluations can have the biggest (positive) impact

Impact evaluations help multilateral development institutions gauge the effectiveness of their development programs, but the tool itself is far from perfect. We look into the issue ahead of a major conference hosted by the Asian Development Bank.

Innovation evaluation: Should development look to the private sector?

With no streamlined model or standardized measures for assessing the results of innovation, it might be time for the development sector to take a harder look at how corporations evaluate their initiatives.

Do your M&E systems stack up to disco-era standards?

When talking monitoring and evaluation, it's hard to ignore the fact that we've made little progress over the past 40 years. International Solutions Group's Michael Klein looks at how to better integrate the systems and processes into our organizations.

When aid goes digital: 4 factors to bear in mind

Traditional aid may no longer be the norm in countries where digital solutions can take their place. Devex takes a look at the future of cash-free assistance and key factors to bear in mind when rolling out digital humanitarian aid programs.

DfID's top private sector partners for 2015

As the Department for International Development gears up for the next chapter in providing development assistance, Devex ranks the 15 private sector organizations which received the most funding in 2015.

The technology sector could make or break disability inclusion

As Silicon Valley continues to emerge as a key partner to the global development community, there are calls for more private sector engagement on disability inclusion.

Election sees WHO's future role in question

Whoever wins among six candidates for the director-generalship of the World Health Organization will have a consequential impact on the future of agency and of global public health itself. Candidates are promising leadership and bold change. But any reform will have to contest with a WHO's fraught budget, demanding member states and a stultifying bureaucracy. Devex takes an exclusive look at the stakes behind the vote.

Alibaba's blockchain embrace: A watershed moment for financial transparency?

China's giant e-commerce platform Alibaba recently announced that it will use blockchain technology to boost transparency in the country's philanthropy sector. Will the endorsement from one of the world's fastest-growing companies be enough to mainstream blockchain as a tool for open governance and development?

Addressing contraceptive needs of adolescent women in developing regions

All sexually active adolescent women should have access to safe and effective methods of contraception. What would it cost to provide adolescent women in poorer parts of the world with the services they so urgently need? Ann M. Starrs, president and CEO of the Guttmacher Institute, looks at how a small price could have enormous benefits, in this guest column for International Youth Day.

Examining the potential and limitations of the 'internet of things' for developing countries

A lot of the hype surrounding the internet of things is about technologies such as self-driving cars, but it also has the potential to help the world's poor. Experts discuss some of the opportunities and challenges of applying such interventions in developing countries.

5 common mistakes recruiters make when posting a job online

Posting job vacancies on your organization's website and other online job boards are de rigueur in recruitment. Often the first step in finding a new hire, posting a job is perhaps seen as the most basic of recruitment functions. But you may be doing it all wrong. Here are five common mistakes to avoid make when posting a job online.

4 emerging trends in economic growth

The transformation of economic activity in low-income markets over the past two decades is staggering, and development executives are faced with the need to re-envision models for steering growth. Neil Ghosh and Kristin Lobron look at four big trends that global development professional must understand.

USAID's top small business contractors for 2015

How does USAID classify small businesses and which companies were successful winning small business contracts last year? Devex dug into the numbers to uncover some answers.

Blockchain and bitcoin: Global development game changers?

When it comes to blockchain, you either believe in it, have some doubts, or don't quite get it. Watch this DevExplains video to learn more blockchain, the virtual currency bitcoin and their potential role in global development efforts.

How alternative credit scoring is transforming lending in the developing world

A growing number of companies are leveraging the exponential growth of mobile phone usage and the rapid escalation of processing power to turn digital trails into financial track records, opening up new forms of lending to many who didn't previously have access.

DfID on building evidence and 'failing quickly'

Donors want evidence but they also claim to seek out risks. With those sometimes-conflicting goals, how can innovators, entrepreneurs and organizations view failure? Charlotte Watts, chief technology adviser at DfID offered some insight for global health projects during the 2016 Grand Challenges annual conference in London this week.