What you need to know: Careers in monitoring and evaluation

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By Nina Segal Kennedy

M&E professionals need to be able to view the overall landscape of a project, but also be able to dig down to the gritty details. Find out what the latest hiring trends are — and tips for how to land the job — in this in-demand sector.

Want to work in monitoring and evaluation? Start with these 5 skills

The field of monitoring and evaluation has taken off in international development, as investors and their implementing partners put an increasing premium on measuring the impact of their work. Here's how you can prepare yourself for a career in M&E.

Salary Spotlight: An M&E associate in Pakistan

Pakistan remains a top recipient of foreign aid, despite difficult working conditions in the South Asian country. Aid implementers are held to increasingly high standards, and monitoring and evaluation specialists are in high demand. Here’s what an M&E associate may earn.

2015: Where are the global development jobs?

Africa, Asia and….? In which sectors and regions are recruiters predicting the most hiring this year? Discover the answer to this question and more in the results of Devex's benchmark career trends survey.

5 development jobs to tackle with a journalism background

There is a vibrant role for those with a journalism background to play in international development, and it doesn't always mean reporting on the ground for a major news outlet. Here are 5 kinds of positions you can do with a journalism degree in global development.

How impact evaluations can have the biggest (positive) impact

Impact evaluations help multilateral development institutions gauge the effectiveness of their development programs, but the tool itself is far from perfect. We look into the issue ahead of a major conference hosted by the Asian Development Bank.

Innovation evaluation: Should development look to the private sector?

With no streamlined model or standardized measures for assessing the results of innovation, it might be time for the development sector to take a harder look at how corporations evaluate their initiatives.

How to include a randomized controlled trial in your project proposal

Randomized controlled trials can be an effective way to determine the true impact of interventions. For development projects, they need to be carefully planned and prepared, to ensure they can provide high-quality results that effectively communicate why an intervention does or doesn't work — improving aid and development programs for the future.

How communities can be involved in monitoring and evaluating development projects

Monitoring and evaluation is an important aspect of project implementation. How can organizations improve the way they engage communities in their M&E? Devex talked with project managers and experts to find out.

How M&E data can hide development impact

A new study has found a dramatic disconnect between official reporting and the actual impact of a program to disseminate conservation agriculture practices. Author Brendan Brown, a PhD student from the University of Adelaide, is urging NGOs to add more nuance to their impact monitoring strategies.

Connectivity, currency fluctuation, M&E, tips for proposal writing: For development executives

Devex's Executive Membership content this month explored why good data on public health is vital for good policy and why internet connectivity is an essential component of economic development. We also detailed how development organizations can save money in a world of fluctuating currencies, tips for proposal writing, and how organizations can engage communities in their monitoring and evaluation.

What to know about WHO's newly launched courses on outbreaks, emergencies

The courses are free, and could be helpful not just to frontline responders, but also public health professionals, policymakers and donors.

H&M wants to pay its garment workers digitally — here's why

The fashion retailer has announced plans to digitize payments along its supply chain following a new report revealing time and cost savings for factories in Bangladesh that switched to e-payments.

Could global trade rules on e-commerce do more harm than good?

E-commerce represents a huge economic opportunity and the U.N. is pushing for developing countries to improve their capacities. But as experts gather in Geneva, developing countries themselves are divided about whether the drive for global trade rules could cause more harm than good.

MSF to aid actors: 'Step up' efforts against hepatitis E outbreak in Chad

International medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières has declared the hepatitis E situation in Chad an epidemic.

Ukraine's fight against TB is at risk from USAID cuts

A U.S. Agency for International Development-funded digital health program has helped Ukraine tackle its drug-resistant TB epidemic — but proposed aid cuts are jeopardizing the country's progress against the disease, experts warn.

Fish, finance and Trump: What to expect at the UN Ocean Conference

The first United Nations-hosted conference on the world's oceans is expected to convene more than 5,000 participants to attend panel discussions and commit action on ocean and marine sustainability.

Can digital credit work for development?

The rise of digital credit is providing access to finance for those who have never had it before — but not enough is known about how digital credit products might alleviate, or entrench, poverty.

How to pitch your work to mission-driven investors

If you're building a company addressing challenges in emerging markets, don't miss these insights from Silicon Valley Open Doors on attracting mission-driven investors.

Can a for-profit company bring connectivity to ultra-remote villages?

The company African Mobile Networks has received 24 million euros from the European Investment Bank to build solar-powered mobile phone base stations in remote villages in Cameroon and the DRC. Devex finds out more.

Devex explores EuropeAid funding priorities in Asia

As part of its EuropeAid Funding Insights series, Devex explores 1.4 billion euros ($1.57 billion) worth of European Union planned development activity in Asia. Use our interactive guide to find out where and how the money is being distributed.