What you need to know: Careers in monitoring and evaluation

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By Nina Segal Kennedy

M&E professionals need to be able to view the overall landscape of a project, but also be able to dig down to the gritty details. Find out what the latest hiring trends are — and tips for how to land the job — in this in-demand sector.

Want to work in monitoring and evaluation? Start with these 5 skills

The field of monitoring and evaluation has taken off in international development, as investors and their implementing partners put an increasing premium on measuring the impact of their work. Here's how you can prepare yourself for a career in M&E.

Salary Spotlight: An M&E associate in Pakistan

Pakistan remains a top recipient of foreign aid, despite difficult working conditions in the South Asian country. Aid implementers are held to increasingly high standards, and monitoring and evaluation specialists are in high demand. Here’s what an M&E associate may earn.

2015: Where are the global development jobs?

Africa, Asia and….? In which sectors and regions are recruiters predicting the most hiring this year? Discover the answer to this question and more in the results of Devex's benchmark career trends survey.

5 development jobs to tackle with a journalism background

There is a vibrant role for those with a journalism background to play in international development, and it doesn't always mean reporting on the ground for a major news outlet. Here are 5 kinds of positions you can do with a journalism degree in global development.

How impact evaluations can have the biggest (positive) impact

Impact evaluations help multilateral development institutions gauge the effectiveness of their development programs, but the tool itself is far from perfect. We look into the issue ahead of a major conference hosted by the Asian Development Bank.

Innovation evaluation: Should development look to the private sector?

With no streamlined model or standardized measures for assessing the results of innovation, it might be time for the development sector to take a harder look at how corporations evaluate their initiatives.

Is a randomized controlled trial right for your NGO?

Randomized controlled trials are just one of several monitoring and evaluation options that organizations have, which is why Innovations for Poverty Action is rolling out a new program to help groups find the right fit for them.

Q&A: How e-governance can change Africa

Can Africa leapfrog traditional development stages by embracing e-governance? Riho Kurg, product manager of Cybernetica, the company responsible for creating Estonia’s groundbreaking e-government systems, believes so. By embracing e-governance, Africa could accelerate efficient service delivery and root out corruption by boosting transparency, Kurg tells Devex.

Opinion: The new US DFI deserves the development community's support. Here's why.

A new U.S. Development Finance Corporation would mobilize private capital for entrepreneurs and innovators, writes Global Innovation Fund Policy and Advocacy Director Conor M. Savoy.

5 tips for measuring the hard to measure

Monitoring and evaluation has become ever-more important for the development community, but the nature of aid work often makes it difficult to carry out high-quality assessment of impact. Devex hears from experts convened at the Overseas Development Institute about how to prepare for and mitigate those obstacles.

Opinion: Heading to a career fair? Here are 6 tips for success

Global development recruiting expert Scott Webb gives advice for what to do — and not to do — at a career fair.

E-volunteering: Contribute to global development from home

Volunteer programs have long been a starting point for global development careers. But in today’s constantly connected world, a new kind of volunteer has emerged: The e-volunteer. From translation and website design to GIS mapping and mentorship, here are the many ways you can e-volunteer and the places where you can find assignments.

Q&A: Judy Heumann on how donors can drive disability-inclusive development

Ahead of a conference hosted by Leonard Cheshire Disability in London next week, Devex speaks to renowned disability rights campaigner Judy Heumann about what she wants to see from donors.

Tips on applying to the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund

The United Kingdom government's Conflict, Stability and Security Fund has opened a new round of bidding, with changes to procurement intended to attract a more diverse range of partners, including small contractors and NGOs. Join Devex for a webinar on March 21 to hear insider tips on the fund and how to apply.

Crowdsourcing development projects through bitcoin

A more efficient way to implement development projects could be crowdsourcing the participation of workers and paying them with bitcoin micropayments, Elizabeth Rossiello, chief executive officer of BitPesa, said during a panel session at the Innovation Summit Africa 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya.

How far can online learning take local capacity building?

Devex speaks to the team at Philanthropy University about their efforts to design online capacity-building education around the needs of students in developing countries, as it launches a new platform on Tuesday.

Top DFID consulting firm employers in London

London is home to the Department for International Development and the many consulting firms that are part of the DFID ecosystem. If you are looking for job opportunities in the British capital, here is an overview of some of the largest consulting firms with the U.K. aid bilateral donor, including many who are currently hiring.

Support for new US development finance bill, even as some details are questioned

The bipartisan bill introduced Tuesday proposing the creation of a new United States development finance corporation could truly be a landmark piece of legislation, altering the U.S. development landscape for years or decades to come. While it has generally been well received, a few details may still need ironing out as the bill works its way through the political process. Here are the details.

Opinion: Safe infrastructure means safer women — and it's our job to say so

How vital is infrastructure in determining a woman or girl's safety? On International Women's Day, WomenStrong International argues for more robust investment, advocacy, and planning when it comes to infrastructure, in a bid to tackle violence against women and girls.

Opinion: How to strengthen NGO-local government collaboration

Successful partnership begins with both NGOs and local governments becoming firmly committed to collaboration — and convinced of its value. Public policy experts from American University and Texas A&M explain.