What you need to know: Careers in monitoring and evaluation

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M&E professionals need to be able to view the overall landscape of a project, but also be able to dig down to the gritty details. Find out what the latest hiring trends are — and tips for how to land the job — in this in-demand sector.

Want to work in monitoring and evaluation? Start with these 5 skills

The field of monitoring and evaluation has taken off in international development, as investors and their implementing partners put an increasing premium on measuring the impact of their work. Here's how you can prepare yourself for a career in M&E.

Salary Spotlight: An M&E associate in Pakistan

Pakistan remains a top recipient of foreign aid, despite difficult working conditions in the South Asian country. Aid implementers are held to increasingly high standards, and monitoring and evaluation specialists are in high demand. Here’s what an M&E associate may earn.

2015: Where are the global development jobs?

Africa, Asia and….? In which sectors and regions are recruiters predicting the most hiring this year? Discover the answer to this question and more in the results of Devex's benchmark career trends survey.

5 development jobs to tackle with a journalism background

There is a vibrant role for those with a journalism background to play in international development, and it doesn't always mean reporting on the ground for a major news outlet. Here are 5 kinds of positions you can do with a journalism degree in global development.

How impact evaluations can have the biggest (positive) impact

Impact evaluations help multilateral development institutions gauge the effectiveness of their development programs, but the tool itself is far from perfect. We look into the issue ahead of a major conference hosted by the Asian Development Bank.

Innovation evaluation: Should development look to the private sector?

With no streamlined model or standardized measures for assessing the results of innovation, it might be time for the development sector to take a harder look at how corporations evaluate their initiatives.

How tech is transforming M&E

Monitoring and evaluation expert Natasha Beale explains how technologies are changing approaches to this field of work and what skills M&E professionals need to know to keep up.

Lessons on remote sensing for monitoring and evaluation

A senior evaluation specialist from the Asian Development Bank shares his experience using remote sensing in project evaluations.

Q&A: Employee engagement is key to progress on diversity and inclusion

Chemonics' new Corporate Chief of Diversity and Inclusion Albert E. Smith Junior, discusses the importance of self-reflection, employee engagement, and a holistic approach to diversity and inclusion.

Opinion: Business allies, here's how to work toward a gender equal world

Merck and P&E have signed on as founding members of Women Deliver's Business Ally Network to tackle the barriers to gender equality. Here's what that means.

Webinar: Lessons learned from PEPFAR COP data

Ahead of PEPFAR's release of its 2019 country operational plans, our senior development analyst speaks with global HIV/AIDS response experts about how implementing partners can best harness COP data.

DFID funding opportunities for 2020

Devex analyzes DFID's procurement opportunities in 2020 to better understand who the department is working with.

Opinion: Is the internet a 'silver bullet' for Africa?

There are various challenges — but the future looks promising, writes CentralNic CEO Ben Crawford.

The evolution of cash transfers in Somalia

Cash transfers in Somalia have drastically scaled up as the region faces an ongoing humanitarian crisis. Devex speaks with insiders about what they've learned and how they've adapted over the years.

Opinion: Tech for all and all for tech — how to ensure innovation serves everyone

"We must recognize that for technology to be a force for good, it must be a force for all." Here are three ways the tech industry can work to breach the technological divide, writes the head of HP Americas.

Advocates welcome IFC reforms, but with some caveats

Advocates have welcomed stronger efforts by IFC to protect vulnerable communities from harm caused by IFC-backed projects but are left wondering about the fate of ongoing complaints.

Opinion: Stepping up our game on environment and social issues

International Finance Corporation CEO Philippe Le Houérou unveils his agency's plan for strengthening engagement with local communities and civil society organizations.

Devex asks global dev recruiters: What skills are in demand?

Devex asks recruiters from top global development organizations what skills are most in demand in the sector.

UNGA 2019 event guide

The 74th United Nations General Assembly in New York is underway. To help you navigate this hectic week, here's a list of events taking place during UNGA 2019.

Health tech solutions for low-resource areas emerge from MIT Solve

New solutions are needed to address neonatal and prenatal health care in remote areas. Two startups have ideas that match the needs of communities, and could be scaled globally, they say.