Answers to recent graduates’ 8 most common questions

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As graduation quickly approaches for university students around the globe, many aspiring global development professionals are asking themselves: What’s next?

Recruiters weigh in: 7 of the biggest mistakes recent grads make

An interview can go up in flames just as easily as a first date, and a poorly written cover letter is a surefire way to get cut from a candidate list. Devex asked global development recruiters for the biggest mistakes they see early career professionals make when trying to get a job — to help you avoid them.

What did these 3 development leaders learn from their first jobs?

Be pleasantly persistent, stay humble and... keep your shoes on? These were just a few of the notes when Devex asked three development leaders to take a step back and share what they learned from their first forays into the sector.

Your 1st job after grad school: What to ask of your employer and yourself

Career coaches may dole out advice on how to get that first job, but how do you navigate the first few years after graduation, which tend to be critical to your professional development? Relief International Senior Program Officer Scott Webb guest blogs on the topic.

Melanne Verveer to youth: There's no one way to make an impact in global development

Young people are realizing there are many paths to make a difference, according to Melanne Verveer. Find out why the executive director of the Institute for Women, Peace and Security at Georgetown University is so optimistic about the next generation of development professionals.

World Bank youth program gets makeover

A new analyst program isn't the only step the World Bank Group is taking to better engage younger and less experienced professionals. An exclusive look at three initiatives and what they mean for job seekers.

Graduating soon? 6 things you should do right now

May graduation marks the newest group of individuals looking to launch or further their careers in international development. In between studying for finals, defending a thesis and sending out commencement invitations, here are six things soon-to-be grads should do right now.

'I can't stand it when…': Recruiters share their pet peeves

Want to avoid being a recruiter’s worst nightmare in an interview and thereafter? Read on.

Applying to jobs online? Make sure you do these 3 things

Many people will tell you that applying to jobs online is a fruitless effort and the way to land a job is through networking and referrals. While it is true that many positions are filled through personal connections, it is also true that many people do get hired simply by applying to a job online, even without an insider lead. Always do these three things when applying to a job online to make sure you get noticed.

Perks of the job: International development recruiting

Working as an international development recruiter is rarely what an aspiring aid worker sets out to do. But here are five reasons why I love working as a recruiter, and why you should consider this often overlooked career path, too.

How career centers can better prepare students for a future in global development

Today, students from more diverse backgrounds and a wider variety of studies are interested in pursuing a career in global development. While this seems like excellent news for the future of the sector, it can be a challenge for career advisers. Here are four common challenges we often hear from career centers and a few tips on how to overcome them.

Generalist vs. specialist: Why both remain viable career paths

The future development leader will possess a holistic view of the field and won’t overspecialize — but that’s not to say that technical skills won’t remain in demand, according to panelists at Devex’s 7th Annual D.C. Career Forum.

All you need to know: Volunteering in international development, humanitarian relief

Volunteering isn't just a great way to break into international development and humanitarian relief work. It’s also a great way for career professionals to sharpen their skills and for near-retirees to pass on knowledge. Here's how you can join in.

Cover letters: How to avoid the mistake that could offend your potential employer

If a CV is your opening statement, a cover letter is your closing argument. Make sure you aren't making this common mistake when writing a cover letter for global development positions.

6 questions to ask yourself before studying a foreign language

What if you don’t speak a second (or third) language? Is it necessary to learn one if you want to pursue a career in global development? Here are six questions to ask yourself before attempting to learn another language.

Truths and misconceptions: The leap from a domestic to an international career

While the process of finding employment with a notable international development institution is as competitive as ever, one UNOPS HR manager’s foray into the field both confirmed a few facts and helped him correct a number of misconceptions along the way, too.

How to get around donor inexperience

What do you do when you don’t have experience with a specific donor that funds the majority of employers in your area of expertise? Here are six things for job seekers in this situation to consider.