Why (and when) to market your knowledge transfer skills

By Kelli Rogers

Find out what types of experiences Jon Herstein, international human resources operations director at RTI, recommends to include in your resume, and what he has to say about how RTI is adjusting salary and benefits to embrace a global marketplace of talent.

The military-to-development transition: How 3 Marines found a new purpose

Smallholder farmers are the bravest entrepreneurs, which is just one thing former U.S. Marine Alex Martin has learned since making the transition to development work. The move might not be obvious to some, but the foundational call to serve is very much the same for people fighting poverty and hunger, according to three veterans.

The 'accidental' agriculture expert

Every development professional has a story to tell. Take Carl Wahl, a computer engineer and former Peace Corps volunteer who’s now the agriculture coordinator for Concern Worldwide in Zambia. What advice does he have for his job-seeking peers?

The undefined path to a career in partnerships

Cross-sector partnerships are key to reducing poverty and tackling social and environmental challenges around the world. Their success depends, in large part, on those meant to bring such unions to fruition: the partnerships professional. Find out what it takes to succeed in this area.

World Bank seeks digital natives, finance integrators

The world doesn’t divide itself up according to our notion of disciplines, World Bank President Jim Kim told Devex. Those who take the time to learn more than just their field will be able to better meet today’s development challenges.

Truths and misconceptions: The leap from a domestic to an international career

While the process of finding employment with a notable international development institution is as competitive as ever, one UNOPS HR manager’s foray into the field both confirmed a few facts and helped him correct a number of misconceptions along the way, too.

Took a break from your career? Here's how to break back in

Landing your next development job can feel no less secure than placing a bet on the winning horse at the races, so even the most in-demand professionals can end up with gaps in their resume. Here are several tips for navigating your way back into work.

Why global development professionals, recruiters are on the MBA bandwagon

Recruiters polled in the recent “Devex Career Trends in 2015” survey identified a Master of Business Administration as the second most in-demand degree, right after a master's in international development. So what do MBA graduates offer global development?

Generalist vs. specialist: Why both remain viable career paths

The future development leader will possess a holistic view of the field and won’t overspecialize — but that’s not to say that technical skills won’t remain in demand, according to panelists at Devex’s 7th Annual D.C. Career Forum.

Work in global development — without heading overseas

Many professionals choose a career in international development precisely because they want to live and work abroad. But there are many reasons why aspiring aid workers should choose a career in their home country. Here are seven reasons you should consider building a global development career at home.

How to transition from generalist to specialist

It can be difficult for mid-career generalists to find opportunities for advancement without having a core specialty. But how do you get yourself on the path to becoming a specialist in global development? Check out these four tips.

Ignore these 5 pieces of career advice

Career advice, while often doled out with the best of intentions, isn’t all good. And the same rules that apply in other fields may not apply in development. Here are five pieces of career advice you can feel free to ignore.

6 steps to break into global development consulting

A knack for bringing a new perspective to an assignment can serve as an “in” even for those without prior development experience. Still, succeeding in the competitive environment of consulting requires drive and persistence. Here are six steps to get started.

The mid-career itch to join the social sector

Professionals have joined the Grameen Foundation after working in technical fields such as software development or banking, while others were previously high school teachers or photographers. Grameen’s Bankers without Borders director asked four foundation employees to share their career transition stories.

How a business background helped set 2 NGO chiefs up for success

Think your background in communications, sales or marketing won’t get you very far in the world of global development? The CEOs of two international nongovernmental organizations — with more than 40 years of private sector experience between them — tell Devex otherwise.

How to conduct a strategic job search

Finding a new job requires a strategic approach, particularly in the uber competitive world of global development. Here are three ingredients to conducting a job search the right way.

Online training courses to further your global development career

Online courses can be a viable and affordable option for development professionals looking to up their skills and further their careers. Here is an overview of the top institutions and platforms offering online courses for global development pros.

Webinar: Becoming an international humanitarian aid worker

As millions of civilians across the globe continue to flee armed conflicts, natural disasters and the impacts of climate change, skilled humanitarian professionals are as important as ever in alleviating human suffering. The challenges faced by these humanitarian aid workers have changed over the years and so to has the way in which careers in this sector begin and evolve.

Ask Devex: Our top career advice from 2016

Global development remains a competitive job market for both recent graduates and experienced professionals. In addition to having a great CV, it is important to know what skills are required, what college degrees will be most useful and what hands-on experience can help you get the role you want in global development. Here is a look back at some of our top career advice from 2016.

Considering a career as an international development recruiter

Recruiting for international development organizations can be a fun and rewarding career but it often gets overlooked by people trying to get into the sector, or written off as a "pink collar job." Devex spoke to five development recruiters to challenge those recruitment stereotypes and to find out everything you need to know about the job.

4 tips for using volunteering experience to boost your career

Volunteers in aid program can take six months to two years out of their lives to live and work with developing communities. But what happens when the journey is over? Devex spoke with recruitment experts and developments professionals for their advice on making the most of your volunteer experience professionally.