The future of DFID

DFID urges UK NGOs to apply for Brexit guarantee

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Not all NGOs have yet filled in the necessary paperwork to secure financial backing for their EU contracts in the case of a no-deal Brexit.

DFID resources drained by other departments, experts warn

The U.K. government has required DFID to support other departments in spending aid but provided it with no additional resources, nor a clear mandate, for doing so, according to the aid watchdog.

UK aid groups grapple with shifting tax rules

The ongoing debate over whether aid should be taxed has resulted in a fragmented landscape of tax liabilities that can be difficult to navigate.

Experts question DFID's promised spending boost

This week's U.K. government spending review promised DFID a 1.5% real-terms increase in its budget for 2020-21, but at least some of the money looks set to be absorbed by other departments.

What does the increase in joint ministers mean for DFID? Experts weigh in

For the first time in its history, the U.K. Department for International Development has more shared ministers than those solely working for the department.

Ebola hits Goma, DFID faces uncertainty, and UNRWA in the spotlight: This week in development

The Ebola outbreak enters its second year, U.K. aid braces for an uncertain future, and the U.N.’s Palestinian refugee agency faces questions.

DFID and UK aid still under threat, experts warn

Despite having survived the first week of Boris Johnson's premiership, the U.K. Department for International Development is not out of the woods yet, aid experts tell Devex.

Opinion: 5 priorities for Alok Sharma, DFID's new leader

Boris Johnson has appointed Alok Sharma to lead DFID. As Sharma makes his way into office, Crown Agents CEO Fergus Drake lays out five early priorities for the U.K.'s new aid leader.

DFID survives another day as Alok Sharma named new secretary of state

Alok Sharma's appointment as U.K. secretary of state for international development was a moment of relief for the development community amid speculation that DFID might lose its secretary of state under aid skeptic Boris Johnson.

Boris in, Rory out amid fears for future of UK aid

Boris Johnson was announced as the United Kingdom’s new prime minister Tuesday afternoon as aid leaders urged him to protect the country’s development commitments.

Webinar: What's next for DFID

Leadership shakeups. Political transitions. Shifting funding priorities. In this webinar, we break down how DFID's operations, program focus, and disbursements have been affected by changes in the U.K. political scene.

What does the commitment to green UK aid mean in practice?

The U.K. government has committed to spending all U.K. aid in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change, but insiders wonder if it will turn out to be more than a box-ticking exercise.

UK cross-government strategy under fire again

As new reports from the National Audit Office and the Independent Commission for Aid Impact raise renewed concerns about the U.K.'s cross-government strategy, the aid community says it is time to act.

New UK aid secretary pledges £1B more for climate

Rory Stewart has put money where his mouth is after early promises to do more to tackle climate change — though he may not be in charge of aid for much longer.

Opinion: The death of DFID?

Boris Johnson — Theresa May's likely successor as U.K. prime minister — is a threat to DFID's existence and independence. ODI's Alex Thier explains.

Inside DFID's £31M investment in the Currency Exchange Fund

Last week, Rory Stewart announced the U.K.'s first major support for the Currency Exchange Fund. What is it, and why has it attracted DFID's attention now?

Aid community reacts as Rory Stewart replaces Penny Mordaunt as DFID chief

The U.K. Department for International Development gets its fourth leader in three years.

Tony Blair on DFID's future after Brexit

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who launched the Department for International Development in 1997, told Devex the agency can remain a major global development play even after Brexit.

DFID's share of UK aid rises — but it's not all good news

U.K. aid groups welcomed official statistics released Thursday which show that the Department for International Development has clawed back a higher share of the aid budget — but caveats apply.

Brexit: DFID underwrites £90M of aid contracts at risk

Amid Brexit turmoil, the Department for International Development has agreed to underwrite £90 million ($117.2 million) worth of EU aid contracts to avoid a funding cliff edge for U.K. NGOs if no deal is reached.

DFID could redeploy over 200 staff for Brexit

The U.K. aid department may offer 10 percent of its U.K. workforce to other government departments scrambling to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.