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UK aid chief demands action on sexual misconduct

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The United Kingdom charity regulator has launched a statutory inquiry into Oxfam, following allegations of sexual misconduct among staff members in Haiti and Chad, as development secretary Penny Mordaunt summons international aid leaders for a safeguarding summit before the end of the month.

DFID's economic development work failing to include women, watchdog says

Despite promises made in a strategy launched last year, the United Kingdom Department for International Development needs to do better at ensuring that women and marginalized groups are benefitting from the economic development programs it supports in Africa, the Independent Commission for Aid Impact told members of parliament on Wednesday.

DFID seeks to tackle declines in global budget transparency

The United Kingdom Department for International Development has launched a new transparency agenda, with a dedicated unit focused on opening up developing country budgets to public scrutiny and greater oversight. It comes as the Open Budget Survey reports a decline in global budget transparency for the first time since 2008.

New DFID leadership team sets out priorities

The new Secretary of State and Permanent Secretary of the United Kingdom's Department for International Development appeared before the International Development Committee on Wednesday to articulate their views on some of the most pressing debates facing the department — including the national interest agenda, aid for trade, and multilateral reforms.

DFID minister Lord Bates offers shock resignation, then unresigns

The United Kingdom's development community was shocked as Department for International Development minister Lord Bates quit and then unquit his ministerial post on Wednesday, apparently after failing to be present to answer a peer's question in the House of Lords — a misdemeanor that even the opposition described as “minor.” His announcement comes amid a period of upheaval at the department.

Mordaunt to announce details of Global Disability Summit

United Kingdom Secretary of State for International Development Penny Mordaunt is set to make two announcements on disability and inclusion on Wednesday, with a focus on the importance of technology and data, as the issue emerges as a priority of her leadership agenda.

Career diplomat Matthew Rycroft starts as permanent secretary at DFID

Members of the aid community believe his foreign policy expertise could be a boon to the United Kingdom Department for International Development.

New DFID chief shows tougher side

Penny Mordaunt, who took over as the United Kingdom's secretary of state for international development in November, seems to have taken a tougher stance on official development assistance spending, contractors, and recipient countries in pronouncements made this week.

A positive start from new DFID head, aid insiders say

A week into the job, the U.K. aid industry is watching closely for early clues about new DFID head Penny Mordaunt's approach to aid.

The 'media minister': What Patel's leadership meant for UK aid

The U.K. aid community often struggled to get behind former DFID chief Priti Patel's agenda, but even during her short and controversial tenure she managed to leave a mark on the department. Can and should Patel's influence be undone?

What next for DFID?

As the U.K.'s Department for International Development welcomes Penny Mordaunt at the end of a tumultuous week, clues are beginning to emerge as to where the new secretary of state's priorities could lie, and what her appointment might mean for the international development sector.

Breaking: Penny Mordaunt named as new DFID head

The MP and former Royal Naval reservist has been named as U.K. secretary of state for international development, following the resignation of Priti Patel on Wednesday evening.

What does Patel's departure mean for the UK aid community?

After Priti Patel's sudden departure as secretary of state for international development on Wednesday evening, Devex hears from members of the UK aid community as they wait to learn of her successor.

Breaking: DFID chief Priti Patel resigns

The U.K. Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel has resigned following media revelations about unauthorized meetings with Israeli officials. DFID staff were later asked to explore cooperation with the Israeli aid agency and army, it emerged this week.

Watchdog gives DFID 'green-amber' light on supplier reforms, more still needed

An aid watchdog says the UK's Department for International Development is doing a good job at enabling “fair and open competition” and achieving value for money in procuring contractors. But it also found that only 3 percent of contracts were won by suppliers from developing countries.

Opinion: If the UK wants to increase the provision of aid to the private sector, we must play it straight

DFID Secretary Priti Patel has reneged on her ultimatum for Britain to leave the OECD DAC, but other actions — including quadrupling the budgetary limit DFID can give to its private equity arm — has MP and International Development Committee Member Lloyd Russell Moyle voicing concerns about the future of Britain's aid effectiveness and transparency.

UK rolls back ultimatum on aid rule changes ahead of DAC meeting

In statements to the U.K. International Development Committee on Tuesday, Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel appeared to soften the Conservative manifesto pledge to abandon the internationally agreed aid rules if changes could not be made.

UK Conservative Party announces slew of aid reforms

As the Conservative Party conference wrapped up on Wednesday, the UK aid community was left to absorb a range of reforms and announcements — including a crackdown on private contractors and challenges on United Nations reform.

UK hopes to maintain EU aid collaboration after Brexit

The U.K. government has published a "future partnership paper" that envisages a close relationship with the EU on development cooperation, and the exchange of "reciprocal expertise," after its exit from the bloc. But aid professionals expressed frustration at the lack of detail.

DFID turns 20: The 7 politicians who shaped UK aid

On the U.K. Department for International Development's 20th anniversary, Devex looks back on its evolution and tracks the influence of each of the department's seven political leaders on where DFID is heading now.

Exclusive: Letter from DFID's Priti Patel on direction of UK aid

In a letter to Shadow Secretary of State for International Development Kate Osamor, DFID chief Priti Patel writes about changes to the ODA rules and the future of the cross-government aid strategy — seeming to add to confusion over who is leading it.

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