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The UN in Geneva: Will they stay or will they go?

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Despite years of speculation that Geneva’s sparkle as an aid hub is dulling, organizations from all over the world still call the Swiss city home. United Nations agencies remain an integral part of this aid amalgamation, but it appears several agencies are seeking greener, more budget-friendly pastures for backend operations, especially.

UN Young Professionals Program: What you need to know

The United Nations has begun its annual search for passionate, bright young minds looking to launch careers in international development. Here's what you need to know about the program.

FAO staff, management struggle to reach compromise on reforms

Standoffs between staff unions and management have become a regular occurrence at the Food and Agriculture Organization headquarters in Rome. A new 55-month contract cap and performance management system are two contested changes slated for future negotiation, Devex learned in an exclusive interview with Assistant Director-General Denis Aitken.

Development aid careers in the United Nations system: What you need to know

The United Nations system offers a breathtaking variety of career opportunities for international development professionals — from U.N. headquarters in New York to more than two dozen specialized agencies and programs around the world working on everything from global health to food security and the environment. Here's your gateway to a U.N. career.

Jobs at UN programs: A primer

The United Nations depends on 40 specialized agencies and programs to promote cooperation among its 193 states. UNAIDS, UNICEF and the World Food Program are hiring professionals, support staff, junior professionals, consultants and interns focusing on everything from health to education and food security.

Jobs at UN specialized agencies: A primer

Since its establishment in 1945, the United Nations has grown into a body of 193 member states. With so many to serve, its operation is understandably vast. Find out what job opportunities look like in some of its specialized agencies located around the world.

UN job categories: A primer

Seeking a career with the United Nations? The number of opportunities and array of job designations may seem daunting. Here's some help on how to navigate the U.N. job categories and identify the most common types of vacancies.

UN salaries: What you need to know

Salaries are standardized across all United Nations agencies worldwide. Pay differs depending on job category.

UN job perks: What you need to know

The United Nations offers lucrative benefits for its employees. These include educational grants, health insurance, rental subsidy, paid vacation leave and pension benefits.

UN occupational groups: A primer

Whether you have a background in engineering, law or administration, the United Nations may be a good fit. Here's a rundown of the organization's key occupational groups — and how to land the job.

Haoliang Xu to youth: The UN can be a mid-career goal

Things have gotten more competitive since Haoliang Xu began his United Nations career nearly 20 years ago. He tells Devex why young people shouldn't base their worth on whether they can immediately land a job at the U.N.

Volunteering with the UN: A mid-level career strategy

Volunteers are commonly perceived as young and inexperienced individuals, but those on assignment with the United Nations Volunteers have an average of 5 to 10 years of work experience. Devex hosted a webinar with UNV recruitment associates to find out what kind of experience is necessary and what expertise is currently in demand. Watch the recording.

Debunked: 4 myths about working for the United Nations

The United Nations is a dominant force in international development. But for many professionals, working at the United Nations is a career aspiration that feels out of reach. Here are 4 debunked myths about working with the organization.

Network your way into the UN

Networking can help applicants build a career in international organizations such as the United Nations. U.N. employees share good — and bad — strategies for networking with this global organization.

Five insider tips for acing a UN online job application

Martha Helena Lopez, director of the United Nations’ strategic planning and staffing division, and Victor Kisob, chief of its staffing service, discuss the five most common mistakes applicants make when applying via the U.N. online application platform.

Ask the recruiter: Jobs with UNICEF

What's the United Nations Children's Fund really looking for in its job candidates? How can you ace the application process? Get answers to these and other questions by watching the fifth Devex career webinar titled "Ask the Recruiter: Jobs with UNICEF" now available online.

Your next move: Post-UN career planning

Those who have built careers within the United Nations may have performed in conflict and post-disaster scenarios and taken on massive global challenges. But a long U.N. resume can be a liability when job hunting in other sectors. Here are five tips for transitioning out of a U.N. career.

UNDP’s junior professionals program: What you need to know

The United Nations Development Program contracts hundreds of junior professional officers through its country affiliates each year. Four JPOs share their experience working in Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Niger.