The Future of U.S. development policy

A Trump-induced competition for women's health funding in Colombia

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Both the United Nations Population Fund and Profamilia are dedicated to the sexual and reproductive health of women in Colombia. But the recent peace agreement, the global gag rule and the Kemp-Kasten amendment have created a competitive funding environment for women’s health in the recovering country.

Opinion: Federal budget claims support for evidence, but slashes funding for it

The Trump administration is calling for more effective foreign assistance spending, but its draft budget all but defunds the offices that evaluate how the money is spent. Shiro Gnanaselvam, executive vice president & COO of Social Impact, Inc., explains.

Nominee for USAID administrator Mark Green sails through Senate hearing

At his nomination hearing President Trump's nominee for administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development enjoyed broad and bipartisan support from lawmakers. But the question that remains is will the White House let Green lead a strong and well-funded USAID?

US House hearings push Tillerson on budget, staff and policy

In the wake of a shocking attack on United States congressional Republicans, lawmakers returned to work to hear testimony from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson about the White House budget request. Lawmakers appeared skeptical of proposed cuts to diplomacy and aid, while urging Tillerson to work more closely with Congress.

Senators promise rewrite of Trump's foreign aid budget in hearings

In two hearings on Tuesday, United States senators on the foreign relations committee and foreign aid appropriators pushed back against the administration's proposed budget cuts. Republican senators called the proposal “radical and reckless” and “a waste of time.”

'Global gag rule' hampers reproductive health actors in rural Colombia

Due to noncompliance with the "global gag rule," family planning NGO Profamilia is no longer eligible for $1.2 million in U.S. Agency for International Development funding for its sexual and reproductive health program focused on conflict-affected populations throughout war-torn Colombia. Now, program advisers in the field hustle to accomplish what they can by December.

Mapping Republican views on aid as budget discussions kick off in Congress

Ahead of U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's appearance at hearings about the foreign aid budget in Congress this week, Devex looks at how opinions vary within the Republican party.

Europe alone cannot plug the family planning funding gap — Sweden's Modéer

Ulrika Modéer, Sweden’s state secretary for international development, said it will take more than actions by the Nordic countries and the European Union to make up for America’s cessation of family planning funding in the wake of the reimposition of the "global gag rule."

Global gag rule expected to hit safe abortion, contraceptive use in Nigeria

Cuts in United States funding stand to jeopardize recent gains in maternal health in Africa's most populous country, Marie Stopes International Nigeria's country head tells Devex.

Trump nominates Ray Washburne to lead OPIC

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump appointed Ray Washburne, a Texas businessman and Republican fundraiser, to be the next chief executive of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

Opinion: Hearing the true message of Trump's proposed budget

Perhaps Trump's proposed foreign aid budget is the wake-up call the development community needs. Population Services International Chief Executive Officer Karl Hofmann explains.

In Colombia, 'global gag rule' punishes conflict-affected populations

Colombia is a prime example of the 'global gag rule’s' punishing grip on integrated programs that have nothing to do with abortion. In villages still reeling from 50 years of war, the shuttering of Profamilia’s U.S. Agency for International Development-funded program and the reproductive health care and community therapy it provides is a blow to a slow healing process.

Leaked US budget document suggests deep humanitarian, global health cuts

A leaked budget spreadsheet dated May 8 offers more detail into how the Trump administration might achieve deep cuts to foreign aid spending. Humanitarian and global health programs would face steep reductions under this plan.

Trump expands 'global gag rule,' targeting $8.8B in global health aid

The State Department announced Monday a revised and rebranded policy on reproductive health — "Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance" — which will affect all foreign NGOs.

Q&A with Ambassador Deborah Birx: 'This White House is very responsive to data'

A complete readout of Devex's interview with Ambassador Deborah Birx, the U.S. global AIDS coordinator, on PEPFAR's budget, potential "global gag rule" impacts and what implementers need to know.

Amb. Birx on PEPFAR in the Trump era

How exactly the reinstated "global gag rule" will impact PEPFAR programs is unclear at the moment, but Ambassador Deborah Birx, the U.S. global AIDS coordinator, played down potential impacts and told Devex that the agency's focus on data has it well positioned to track impacts and plan for whatever budget it gets.

Q&A: Senator Shaheen on her fight to repeal the 'global gag rule' permanently

The Democratic senator hoping to permanently revoke the "global gag rule" talks to Devex about her plans and what those who oppose the policy can do to safeguard family planning services.

'Global gag rule' impact already being felt, family planning advocates warn

Trump's global gag order is already causing funding problems for NGOs in some countries according to experts as pro-choice protestors gathered in front of the White House to protest against the order and mark International Women's Day.

Trump issues first guidelines on 'global gag rule' implementation

These standard provisions make the policy effectively operational, targeting organizations that receive USAID support and work in family planning.

USAID 'working with' White House to review budget priorities

The U.S. Agency for International Development says it is working with the White House on reviewing budget priorities as President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal looks likely to include steep cuts to foreign aid.

Europe raises at least $32.2M to plug 'global gag rule' shortfall

The Dutch-led She Decides fund aims to replace U.S. government funding lost as a result of the reinstatement of the "global gag rule." But there is some way to go to make up for the shortfall, estimated at a minimum of $600 million.