The Future of U.S. development policy

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US budget slashes global development funding, stresses burden sharing

In Nigeria, Trump administration policies bite hard

The impact of two U.S. policies restricting aid for sexual and reproductive health and rights around the world is being felt hard in Nigeria, a country on the verge of a potentially crippling population boom.

USAID, US NGOs leave Gaza, West Bank over terrorism law

Unintended consequences of a 2018 U.S. anti-terrorism law mean that USAID and U.S. NGOs can no longer operate in Gaza and the West Bank, cutting off funds for programs already obligated.

US government misses foreign aid accountability deadline as shutdown continues

The Office of Management and Budget has yet to respond to a bipartisan congressional letter requesting information about Trump administration progress to the 2016 Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act, which seeks to improve foreign aid reporting and transparency.

What to watch in US Congress in 2019

New leadership. A new budget process. More oversight. New legislation? Here's a look at issues to watch in Congress in 2019 and how they may impact U.S. aid.

As the US government shuts down, here's what you need to know

Congress and President Donald Trump failed to reach a budget deal, forcing a partial government shutdown. Here's what it means for U.S. development programs.

Women's economic empowerment gets a boost with passage of legislation

The Senate on Wednesday passed the Women's Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment, or WEEE Act, aimed at improving the way USAID integrates women's empowerment and gender equity in its programs.

Q&A: A career spent advocating for effective US foreign assistance

Rep. Ed Royce, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, sits down with Devex to reflect on his development and humanitarian legacy and talks about what's next.

USAID chief lays out a Trump development doctrine

"The American approach ... moves countries from being recipients, to partners, to fellow donors," Mark Green said at the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition on Wednesday.

How policy wonks, politicos, and a conservative Republican remade US aid

The Better Utilization of Investment Leading to Development, or BUILD Act, has been praised as an example of bipartisan cooperation in a fractious political era. Here's how the new U.S. development finance institution came to be.

High-level support for PEPFAR, with budget cut proposals looming

As U.S. Congress reauthorized the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, Trump administration officials voiced support for PEPFAR and announced new funding commitments. That doesn't mean they won't try again to slash the initiative's budget next year.

Long Story Short #37: US foreign assistance review, explained

The Trump administration's foreign aid review could have significant implications for the next round of foreign aid budget planning. Senior reporter Michael Igoe and engagement editor Kate Midden discuss what we know and what the process means for U.S. aid.

Opinion: 4 essential steps for BUILD Act's development finance agency

Experts from the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network outline four steps the U.S. Congress and the White House can take to make the new U.S. International Development Finance Corporation deliver on its promise.

The next battle for US aid is about to begin

The U.S. development community is bracing for the arrival of a White House foreign assistance review that could signal a more concerted Trump administration effort to disrupt foreign assistance.

Opinion: The White House foreign aid review is long overdue. Here's how to get reform right.

Three development leaders and former U.S. aid agency executives applaud the White House undertaking of a foreign assistance review — but express concern that current thinking could hurt national interests.

US ambassador to El Salvador contradicts Trump on aid

Ambassador Jean Manes said the U.S. government remains committed to the Alliance for Prosperity and addressing root causes of migration in Central America as President Donald Trump threatens to cut off aid.

A new US development finance agency takes flight

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday sent the BUILD Act to President Donald Trump's desk. The bill, a culmination of bipartisan efforts on Capitol Hill and backed by the administration, will create a new U.S. development finance institution. Here's what's next.

US foreign aid policy must be bipartisan, lawmakers say

Foreign assistance programs play a key role in national security and in helping the U.S. counter China abroad, Representatives Ted Yoho, a Republican from Florida, and Adam Smith, a Democrat from Washington said.

In Trump's US aid review, can development principles prevail?

Following President Trump's speech to the U.N. General Assembly, Devex spoke to USAID Administrator Mark Green about what will guide U.S. foreign assistance in the future — development principles or American self-interest.