The future of US aid

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Report outlines how new DFC and USAID will work together

Ebola funding increases as crisis worsens

As donors come under pressure to up their commitments, the World Bank, European Union, and USAID have committed to additional funding to the Ebola crisis days after the outbreak in DRC was declared a global public health emergency.

US Senators search for ways to aid Ebola response in latest hearing

"Give us a quick shopping list of how we can help you," Sen. Lindsey Graham told U.S. administration officials at a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee hearing that touched on funding, leadership, and security concerns hampering the Ebola response.

USAID business forecast: Q3 2019

This quarter has seen a rise in the year-on-year value of the forecast opportunities after a downward trend since the beginning of 2018. Devex analyzes the new data.

New USAID procurement strategy targets increased work with religious groups

USAID's New Partnership Initiative will make it easier for the agency to expand its work with local, national, and international faith-based organizations.

USAID should 'rethink its culture of partnership with implementers,' inspector general says

USAID Inspector General Ann Calvaresi Barr testifies about some key challenges at USAID — ongoing management challenges to the large global health supply chains contract and the new U.S. Development Finance Corporation.

White House names intended nominee for top job at new US DFI

The White House has announced its intent to nominate Adam Boehler to be the CEO of the new U.S. Development Finance Corporation. Here's what you need to know about Boehler.

USAID vs. 'Kremlin influence,' $8M for 100RC, and Pompeo's 'unalienable rights' commission: This week in development

Rockefeller extends an $8 million olive branch to 100 Resilient Cities, USAID takes aim at “malign Kremlin influence,” and development ministers shy away from specific Sahel targets.

French aid boss hits out at USAID's 'perverse' self-reliance strategy

While USAID evaluates each countries' capacity to be self-reliant, Director-General at the French Development Agency Rémy Rioux doesn't believe that should be Europe's doctrine.

USAID's private sector engagement policy takes shape

Late last year, USAID launched a new private sector engagement policy. Here's a look at what the agency's done so far as it works to implement it.

US looks to 'reset leadership and coordination' as Ebola outbreak worsens

Now the U.N. has appointed a coordinator for the Ebola response, the U.S. government hopes to see a new strategic plan.

USAID in 'constant scenario planning mode' for Sudan

The U.S. government is providing humanitarian assistance to Sudan — while it looks for new options to respond to rapidly changing conditions.

As peace gap widens, USAID must fix its 'procurement problem'

As the gap between peaceful and nonpeaceful countries grows, U.S. foreign assistance must play a key role in funding civil society organizations that support peacebuilding efforts, officials say.

State Department hopes for 'clarity' and 'consistency' in 2019 trafficking sanctions

The U.S. State Department launched the 2019 "Trafficking in Persons Report" Thursday. It arrives amid questions about whether the Trump administration can crack down on negligent governments, while not forcing U.S. development programs to bear the costs.

USAID chief: Key to containing Ebola is transparency

After visiting the Ebola response in DRC, USAID Administrator Mark Green said the key to containing the virus is for humanitarian responders to increase the transparency of their operations.

Q&A: Why 'self-reliance' is the wrong goal for US aid

USAID Administrator Mark Green has garnered mostly positive reviews for his leadership and vision, but not everyone is on board with USAID's "journey to self-reliance." Devex speaks to Georgetown University's Matthew Kavanagh about why it's the wrong message for the moment.

Q&A: USAID RED teams and working 'outside the wire'

In the wake of an article published on Devex about a USAID proposal to create "rapid expeditionary development" teams, we catch up with an author of the report that explored options for putting aid workers "outside the wire."

Mozambique's teenage pregnancy challenge

One of the world's poorest countries had taken huge strides in getting its young people access to sex education and family planning services — until a U.S. policy sent it spiralling backward.

USAID, OPIC team up on women's finance in 'preview' of new DFI era

At the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in The Hague, USAID and OPIC announced contributions to a blended finance fund for women's economic empowerment, describing it as their first investment of its kind.