The Future of U.S. development policy

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USAID adopts a hard line on China's development approach

White House 'rescission' plan throws aid community into uncharted waters

The Trump administration wants to rescind billions of dollars of foreign assistance money that the U.S. Congress already appropriated. Can anyone stop them?

White House opens new front in war on US aid budget

The latest effort by the White House Office of Management and Budget to cut U.S. foreign assistance indicates that the Trump administration is tired of seeing its spending plans overturned by Congress.

Christians and the new age of AIDS

Christian evangelicals played a pivotal role in building support for the historic $15 billion investment in fighting HIV and AIDS around the world. U.S. global health leaders are looking to the church again as the fight against the disease enters a new and complex phase.

US House of Representatives approves development finance bill

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the BUILD Act easily on Tuesday, moving the bill still closer to becoming law.

USAID's business forecast: Q3 of 2018

In our updated tableau interactive, view changes in trends from the first quarter of 2018. Here, we explain the key messages highlighted in the data, such as the continued and growing importance of small business partners.

BUILD Act for new US development finance corporation sails through Senate committee vote

The U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations easily approved legislation to create a new U.S. development finance institution Tuesday, leaving the bill awaiting passage in both the House and the Senate. Here is a look at the changes made to the bill.

USAID administrator shares view on development finance legislation

With senators continuing to discuss legislation that would create a new U.S. development finance institution, USAID's Mark Green has weighed in for the first time.

Set of congressional budget hearings lay out US aid funding

U.S. congressional appropriators met this week to approve the foreign aid budget, once again pushing back on President Donald Trump's proposed cuts and keeping funding at around the same levels as last fiscal year. Disagreements during the House Committee on Appropriations hearing, however, might point to trouble passing the bill.

Trump's Central America threat backs USAID chief into a corner

On Wednesday, USAID Administrator Mark Green faced questions from Congress about President Donald Trump's latest threat to cut U.S. foreign assistance funding.

Q&A: OPIC's Ray Washburne on the proposed US development finance institution

As the BUILD Act makes its way through the legislative process, concerns remain about exactly how the proposed U.S. development finance corporation would work with USAID, what its social and environmental standards would be, and how its mandate will be interpreted. Here is what OPIC CEO Ray Washburne had to say on those issues.

Congressional appropriators push back on US foreign aid cuts in two hearings

In a pair of hearings this week, United States Agency for International Development Administrator Mark Green was challenged about the administration's proposed cuts to the agency's budget in fiscal year 2019, with lawmakers saying the deep cuts would not stand.

USAID, State, and DOD to release first-ever Stabilization Assistance Review

The Trump administration is releasing the first of its kind interagency review of United States overseas involvement that creates a framework for how the State Department, U.S. Agency for International Development, and Department of Defense can coordinate their efforts to streamline diplomacy, aid, and military operations around the world to maximize resources and results.

Former DCA head warns of perils of spinning agency into new US Development Finance Corporation

A former head of the Development Credit Authority cautioned that the proposed new Development Finance Corporation could end up jeopardizing the efficiency and ultimate success of current U.S. development lending institutions — if restructuring is not handled properly.

Exclusive: USAID chief unveils major organizational shakeup

USAID Administrator Mark Green has proposed a major restructuring of the U.S. Agency for International Development, including changes to humanitarian assistance, technological innovation, and how the agency manages its budget and policy.

USAID to unveil new organizational chart on Thursday

United States Agency for International Development Administrator Mark Green is holding a series of staff meetings this week to present proposed changes to the agency's organizational structure, culminating in the rollout of a new organizational chart on Thursday. USAID plans to present a final plan to Congress this summer.

USAID's business forecast: Insights from the second quarter of 2018 release

The second quarter business forecast conference call and question and answer session, released by the United States Agency for International Development on March 29, provides new insight into how the organization is responding to budget insecurity and engaging the private sector in program delivery. Here, Devex brings you information on how business forecasts have changed since 2015 through our analysis and interactive visualization.

Opinion: Merging USAID's disaster offices means answering hard questions. Here they are.

The most recent directors of the United States Agency for International Development's disaster relief offices — the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance and the Office of Food for Peace — outline five questions stakeholders in Congress and the relief community must ask before merging them into one standalone humanitarian assistance bureau.

What the budget bill says about the future of US aid

As they pored over the 2,000-plus page budget bill signed into law Friday in the United States, development experts hunted for winners and losers — and for signals as to how lawmakers will seek to steer U.S. development policy this year and into the future. Here are the details.