The Future of U.S. development policy

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More info on possible rescission expected next week, USAID chief of staff says

Trump administration resurrects 'rescission' proposal in latest attack on US aid spending

For the second summer in a row, the Trump administration appears poised to use a relatively obscure budget process known as "rescission" to take back U.S. development funding that lawmakers have already approved.

Report outlines how new DFC and USAID will work together

The U.S. government has submitted a report to Congress outlining how the new U.S. International Development Finance Corporation will work with USAID and other government agencies.

2 months until launch, how is the new US DFI shaping up?

Budget woes, a USAID coordination plan, and a new impact measurement system are all part of the effort to get the U.S. Development Finance Corporation off the ground in October.

USAID business forecast: Q3 2019

This quarter has seen a rise in the year-on-year value of the forecast opportunities after a downward trend since the beginning of 2018. Devex analyzes the new data.

Global Fragility Act faces opposition in Senate

Four senators are expected to place holds on the Global Fragility Act, preventing the bill outlining a new U.S. approach to fragile states from passing.

USAID should 'rethink its culture of partnership with implementers,' inspector general says

USAID Inspector General Ann Calvaresi Barr testifies about some key challenges at USAID — ongoing management challenges to the large global health supply chains contract and the new U.S. Development Finance Corporation.

White House names intended nominee for top job at new US DFI

The White House has announced its intent to nominate Adam Boehler to be the CEO of the new U.S. Development Finance Corporation. Here's what you need to know about Boehler.

USAID's private sector engagement policy takes shape

Late last year, USAID launched a new private sector engagement policy. Here's a look at what the agency's done so far as it works to implement it.

Opinion: Congress leads the way in rebalancing US foreign policy toward prevention

Uzra Zeya, president and CEO of Alliance for Peacebuilding, explores the promise of the newly passed Global Fragility Act.

To bolster conflict prevention, US House passes Global Fragility Act

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill laying out a new 10-year strategy that unites the State Department, USAID, and Defense Department around a new approach to preventing extremism and stabilizing fragile states.

Fund sharing and fragility in spotlight at Africa policy congressional hearing

The House Foreign Affairs committee held a wide-ranging hearing Thursday focused on how USAID, the Department of State, and the Department of Defense can coordinate on Africa policy. Here's what you need to know.

US lawmakers move to block White House 'rescission' attempts

Provisions buried in the latest House of Representatives budget bill aim to prevent the White House from rescinding foreign aid money that Congress has already appropriated. The bill takes aim at the "rescission" process, and at the Trump administration's human trafficking policies.

US House aid budget bill pushes back against Trump administration policies

A bill approved Friday would increase foreign aid funding by 3.9% from fiscal year 2019, and reject the Trump administration’s proposed cuts. The bill also seeks to address a number of issues that haven't been at the center of the last few budget cycles.

In 'enlightening' USAID budget hearing, new chairman calls for careful scrutiny

Sen. James Risch asked just one question of USAID Administrator Mark Green in his first hearing as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and voiced tempered support for a robust foreign assistance budget.

Proposed US budget cuts 'insane,' senator says at hearing with USAID chief

USAID Administrator Mark Green testified at a Senate hearing on Tuesday, defending the administration's proposed budget cuts. Green also fielded questions about Russia and China, the "global gag rule," and Central America.

US congressman calls for foreign policy focused on prevention

The U.S. has fallen short on efforts to prevent conflict and help ensure stability, Rep. Mike McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Monday.

Mike Pompeo defends budget, policies in US House hearings

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on Capitol Hill Wednesday for a pair of hearings. Here's what he had to say, and what the hearings can tell you about foreign aid policy in the new U.S. Congress.

US budget slashes global development funding, stresses burden sharing

For the third consecutive year, the Trump administration's budget proposes cuts to global development funding — as well as policy changes related to U.S. aid reorganization. Devex scoured the 150-page document so you don't have to.