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This focus area, powered by Essilor, explores challenges, solutions, and innovations in eye care and vision.

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Opinion: What works in trachoma elimination programs

Q&A: Why innovation in eye care is still critical

How can access to vision care be ensured for those in low- and middle-income contexts? Essilor's Anurag Hans weighs in and highlights innovation as key.

Nigeria's biggest cause of permanent blindness is failing to attract attention

Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness and visual impairment in Nigeria — but the need for life-long treatment is putting donors off from supporting patients.

Vision impairment through a gender lens

Women and girls in low- and middle-income countries are disproportionately impacted by uncorrected vision impairment, untreated eye conditions, and blindness. What does this mean for gender imbalance?

New alliances to scale up access to a 700-year-old technology

Governments, international organizations, and private sector companies are starting to see the benefits of eyeglasses beyond health.

The unexpected frontline detectors of poor vision

Are teachers the key to bridging the health worker gap and providing 700 million children with the required vision screening?

Opinion: How to reach base-of-the-pyramid consumers? Inclusive businesses provide an answer.

Essilor shares its experiences of creating inclusive business models that not only provide vision care in the hardest to reach communities, but also livelihoods for young, would-be entrepreneurs.

How one NGO helped eliminate avoidable blindness in over 1,000 villages

The availability of free, quality eye care services sounds like a winning combination in poorly resourced communities. But one nonprofit has found it isn’t enough to prevent people from going blind.

India's eye care journey: What others can learn

It took decades for India to become a leader in high-quality, low-cost eye care. Other countries have an opportunity to use those lessons to leapfrog and improve their own systems. Here are three lessons to get there.

In Ethiopia, a multipronged approach to tackle avoidable blindness

When Orbis' Danny Haddad visited Ethiopia in 1996, he found a lagging eye health industry and an alarming number of trachoma cases. The sight-saving NGO has spent the past 20 years treating infectious blindness and building a pool of eye health experts in the country.

How India became a leader in low-cost, high-quality eye care

Within three decades, India has turned itself into a model for good, affordable eye care. Here's how.

A bolder vision for eye care

As a two-decade push to end blindness by 2020 draws to a close, advocates indicate the goal is unlikely to be met. In hindsight, they admit they could have framed the goal better. Going forward, bold action is needed.

Q&A: Poor vision as the world's largest unaddressed disability

In a conversation with Devex, Essilor's Jayanth Bhuvaraghan explains why poor vision isn't getting the attention it needs and how action around this unaddressed disability can improve lives and economies.

A simple pair of eyeglasses increases earnings and productivity for tea pickers in India

Tea pickers in India are at the center of a new study demonstrating the outsized impact that improved eyesight can have on productivity and income. The results of a randomized controlled trial surpass the productivity increases reported by every other health intervention in low- and middle-income countries studied in scientific literature trials.

Ghana eliminates trachoma

Ghana has become the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to eliminate trachoma, WHO announced Wednesday, as pharmaceutical company Pfizer said it would top up its donations of a crucial antibiotic.

Commonwealth Summit launches in London amid concerns over LGBTQ rights, jobs

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018 launched Monday under the theme "Towards a Common Future," as government officials, academics, and development professionals arrived in London with a laundry list of concerns ranging from Brexit to LGBTQ rights to climate change.

Opinion: 6 challenges and innovations to deliver eye care for all

Vision for a Nation Foundation — a 2018 Bond Innovation Award Winner — explains how it has worked with Rwanda's Ministry of Health to transform eye care in Rwanda.

The rocky road toward disease eradication

As the world health community faces potential funding cuts to efforts to tackle the world's deadliest diseases, Devex takes a look at lessons learned from three watershed disease eradication efforts.

Q&A: What needs to be done to eliminate river blindness in Africa

A new joint fund puts river blindness and lymphatic filariasis on the docket for the next diseases the would could eliminate. The Carter Center's director for river blindness, lymphatic filariasis, schistosomiasis, and malaria programs told Devex what a successful intervention could look like, and how it could be a treatment game changer.

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