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Opinion: Let's get climate action into traction with gender equality

Some gender equality progress 'slipping away,' says former Global Fund for Women CEO

Musimbi Kanyoro finished her eight-year tenure as leader of the Global Fund for Women in July. Despite an increase in investments, much more work on women's leadership and social movements is needed, she tells Devex.

Opinion: India's government must prioritize women's needs — including SRHR

IPAS Development Foundation's Vinoj Manning explains how India's government can strengthen sexual and reproductive health and rights services.

Maternal health: The next frontier for private sector engagement

The private sector plays a critical role in women’s reproductive and maternal health. But achieving SDG targets will require engaging the full spectrum of private sector expertise. How? Devex takes a deeper look.

Red Cross takes on low levels of women in leadership

A report released Thursday found that only 5.9% of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies have women as both president and secretary-general. Almost 10 times as many have men in both positions. Now IFRC has a plan of action.

Opinion: Looking closer to home for progress on the SDGs

New research by UN Women shows that families can play a crucial role in advancing gender equality. Laura Turquet explains.

Opinion: Using the power of the private sector to deliver on gender equality

Following last month’s Women Deliver conference, Merck for Mothers' Mary-Ann Etiebet and Merck Canada's Anna Van Acker share their vision for advancing the private sector’s commitment to ensuring gender equality is the norm.

Opinion: Austerity takes a devastating toll on women. Here's why.

Austerity measures are undermining progress towards gender equality — and meeting the SDGs. As leaders gather for the High-level Political Forum, two experts explain the policies that can chart a path forward.

Opinion: Time to deliver on older women's health

"Leveling the playing field earlier in a woman’s life has exponential impacts across her lifetime," explain Katie Dain, CEO at NCD Alliance, and Kate Bunting, CEO at Help Age USA.

How to address the midwife challenges threatening maternal care

What are the biggest challenges plaguing midwives globally? Does gender play a role? How can we safeguard maternal care? Devex asks the experts at this week's Women Deliver conference.

How to better integrate gender equality and nutrition

Women are disproportionately affected by malnutrition. Experts at the Women Deliver 2019 conference explain how to integrate a gender transformative approach when tackling malnutrition.

Opinion: Business allies, here's how to work toward a gender equal world

Merck and P&E have signed on as founding members of Women Deliver's Business Ally Network to tackle the barriers to gender equality. Here's what that means.

Mozambique's teenage pregnancy challenge

One of the world's poorest countries had taken huge strides in getting its young people access to sex education and family planning services — until a U.S. policy sent it spiralling backward.

Two years in, report finds 'global gag rule' cuts access to health care

The full extent of the Mexico City Policy impacts is becoming clear for those providing health services in Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, according to a new report by the International Women's Health Coalition.

Opinion: Rewriting the headlines for gender equality

It's time to shed more light on progress being made toward gender equality — and use those successes to inform the G-7. Dr. Joannie Marlene Bewa, founder of the Young Beninese Leaders Association, explains.

Opinion: Gender equality is central to achieving UHC and climate mitigation

Ahead of September's High-level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage, the international community must acknowledge the nexus between UHC, climate mitigation, and gender equality. Pathfinder International CEO Lois Quam explains.

New report says urgent action is needed for gender equality

The newly released SDG gender index ranks the global score for gender equality as “poor” and highlights the need for urgent action to achieve gender targets. Devex delves into the insights.

Opinion: The 'global gag rule' hits PEPFAR implementers, study shows

The expanded gag rule has impeded the ability of PEPFAR implementing partners to provide full sexual and reproductive health services, disrupting the provision of contraception and HIV services.

Gates Foundation discusses gender investment at Seeds of Change

A study of $800 million worth of investments made by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has concluded that without market demand, gender interventions will not support women to get out of poverty.

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