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Career snapshot: An investment analyst with the World Bank Group

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Giorgio Felici went from studying philosophy in London to analyzing financial investments at the International Finance Corporation in Paris. Find out what it takes to become an IFC investment analyst and to build a career with the World Bank Group in Western Europe.

World Bank youth program gets makeover

A new analyst program isn't the only step the World Bank Group is taking to better engage younger and less experienced professionals. An exclusive look at three initiatives and what they mean for job seekers.

How to consult your way into the World Bank

Close to a quarter of the World Bank’s 16,000-strong workforce is comprised of consultants. In this video interview, Roberto Amorosino, the bank's senior recruitment manager, explains the current breakdown of these contracts — and how to get one.

Hiring at the World Bank: 4 sectors to watch

Upcoming changes in the World Bank’s contracting protocol, which includes an emphasis on open-ended rather than fixed-term contracts, are geared toward the discovery of new talent. Find out which sectors hold the most promise for job seekers, according to World Bank Senior Recruitment Manager Roberto Amorosino.

World Bank leaders planning staff cuts

World Bank leaders are gearing up for a daunting task: cutting the number of staff especially at the multilateral institution’s cushy Washington headquarters without prompting a popular dissent. A Devex exclusive.

Ask the recruiter: Jobs with the World Bank

What's the World Bank really looking for in its job candidates? What should consultants and career starters know about networking their way into a job with the world's largest development aid donors? What are the hiring trends for mid-level and private-sector professionals? Get answers to these and other questions by watching the sixth Devex career webinar titled “Ask the Recruiter: Jobs with the World Bank,” now available online.

World Bank job applications: What you need to know

The competition for World Bank jobs is fierce. Applications must be submitted online, and in order to stand out, your skills and work experience should match the position you are interested in as closely as possible.

Multilateral headquarters differ on employee taxation

An ongoing dispute between the Philippine government tax agency and local staff working at ADB has raised questions about tax rules of multilateral development institutions. Devex examines the legal underpinning for taxation and the policy differences between a few leading multilateral donor agencies.

World Bank careers: Answers to your FAQs

World Bank Senior Recruitment Officer Roberto Amorosino answers frequently asked questions posed by job seekers and Devex members during a recent career webinar.