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UNICEF starts 2018 with its largest appeal yet for humanitarian action

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By Amy Lieberman

Much of the $3.6 billion the United Nations Children's Fund is seeking will go to protracted crises, such as Syria, Yemen, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But UNICEF officials warn lack of access means more people likely have urgent needs than they can assess. "We have to go where the people are, where the children are," Grant Leaity, deputy director for UNICEF's Office of Emergency Programs, told Devex.

Q&A: USAID West Africa chief says his division's tactics are 'unique in the USAID world'

The West Africa Regional branch of the United States Agency for International Development has focused on collaborating with multinational organizations to create regional solutions to problems facing the 15 countries comprising the Economic Community of West African States. "We are unique in the USAID world," USAID West Africa Regional Mission Director Alex Deprez told Devex.

In Nigeria, a school takes on the fight against Boko Haram

An ambitious grassroots foundation offers education to hundreds of children affected by both sides of the ongoing conflict in the northeastern area of Nigeria.

Opinion: We can make agricultural work attractive for Africa's youth. Here's how.

African countries need to engage youth in agricultural work. Auburn University's Esther Ngumbi explains.

UNICEF's new executive director proposes a shift in priorities

The United Nations children fund's new executive director, Henrietta Fore, is proposing a bold new approach for 2018. Devex spoke exclusively with the leader during her recent trip to South Sudan to find out more about her global vision, philosophy, and plans for the future of UNICEF.

What will it take to eliminate pneumonia deaths in children?

The United Nations Children's Fund, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and other research and technology organizations are hoping to jointly jump-start global awareness and work on pneumonia, which today is the greatest killer for children under five.

Davos agenda should include climate, youth, private sector engagement, AGRA chief says

Here's what should be on the agriculture agenda at Davos: Climate, youth unemployment, private sector engagement, and greater accountability, Agnes Kalibata, the president of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, tells Devex.

Opinion: Young people offer scale to a development sector at a crossroads

Too often, young people are treated as “beneficiaries” of development rather than active partners and leaders of change. It's time to recognize their leadership in carrying development progress forward.

In Uganda, could entrepreneurship be the key to tackling youth unemployment?

Uganda's young people face a chronic problem finding work as they come of age. There are a host of barriers to employment, but ambitious new projects are looking to entrepreneurship.

Opinion: What the UN resolution on youth, peace, and security means for humanitarians

December marks the second anniversary of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security. Norwegian Refugee Council Youth Project Manager Paul Fean explores what the resolution means for humanitarians.

3 key themes of AU-EU summit: Education, peace and migration

European and African leaders gathered in Abidjan to engage in candid meetings around the theme of investing in youth for a sustainable future. Although young people were the official focus of the summit, topics such as migration, quality employment, access to education, and skills development emerged as key topics.

ICYMI: Signatures and announcements made at the AU-EU Summit

The sidelines of the AU-EU summit proved to be a continuation of high-level discussions around the theme "investing in youth for a sustainable future." Notable investments from the European Investment Bank along with the creation of an AfDB youth advisory group were among the highlights of side events surrounding the heads of state meetings.

Migration crisis dominates discussions at AU-EU Summit

The issue of migration and slowing a crisis that has seen hundreds of thousands mostly West Africans leave in search of better living in Europe led discussions among the more than 80 heads of states who attended the AU-EU summit in Abidjan this week. Along with a declaration, the AU-EU and United Nations came together to create a joint task force dedicated to the issue.

Private sector seeks better jobs, better candidates at EU-Africa Business Forum

The EU-Africa Business Forum led fiery discussions about how to improve the quality of work for the next generation of African youth, who number above 200 million today.

6 things to watch at the 2017 AU-EU Summit

African and European leaders are preparing to meet in Abidjan for the 5th African Union-European Union Summit. While youth are the official focus, migration and security are likely to dominate conversations. Here are Devex's top six things to watch for this week.

Opinion: The secret to increasing global access to health care

Globally, it is estimated that one child is born every three minutes with a cleft lip and/or palate — with 94 percent of these congenital anomalies occurring in low- and middle-income countries where surgical care isn’t always available. Smile Train's Susannah Schaefer explains the damaging effects this can have, and how the situation can be changed.

Children overtake key roles worldwide for Children's Day 2017

Nov. 20 marks the 1989 adoption of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child and is celebrated worldwide as World Children's Day. This year, UNICEF launched a movement that gave children a voice by allowing them to take over positions across the world, with hopes of increasing their voices in decisions that affect them.

US pushes caveats at UN on condemning violence against women, children

Two resolutions condemning violence against women and children are routinely approved in the U.N. General Assembly, but the U.S. has adopted a position putting a caveat on the issue that has sparked criticism from human rights groups.

Opinion: Who defends the rights of refugee children on the fringes of Europe?

On Universal Children’s Day and the anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Lighthouse Relief calls on Europe to uphold its responsibility to protect the rights of refugee children.

UNICEF outlines groundwork to harness Africa's demographic dividend

A new report highlights the depth of the challenge to prepare for a bulge in Africa's youth population. UNICEF policy and data analyst David Anthony spoke with Devex about what investments should be priority for youth.

As US interest wanes, UNICEF pivots strategy

The U.N. Children's Agency is prioritizing building local institutions, drawing on domestic resources in a global environment that has seen donor attention and buying power wane.

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