Beyond the Numbers

Developing Asia should spend more on equity-promoting programs

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By Anna Patricia Valerio

Compared with OECD member countries and Latin America, Asia spends the least on education, health care and social protection. Addressing the wealth gap, however, should not just involve increasing public spending. It should also ensure that investments in these areas directly benefit the poor.

Business Insight: Mergers

How a midsize NGO creates 'mergers from strength and power'

Refusing to be boxed into the “squeezed middle,” East Meets West has been quietly merging with smaller, highly specialized NGOs in the United States. But what is behind its merger strategy? We spoke with some of the key executives involved.

Executive Member Insight

What Republicans are thinking on foreign aid

The Ryan budget is seen in Washington as a policy blueprint for a future Republican administration — including on the direction of U.S. foreign aid. Devex breaks down and analyzes the key takeaways from the Ryan budget proposal for U.S. foreign assistance.

Business Advice

Tracking procurement opportunities: Both an art and a science

Implementers can benefit from taking a more scientific and structured approach to tracking procurement opportunities. But they must also be clever and agile to detect and capitalize on the right opportunities. Here are some principles to keep in mind.

Exclusive Interview: Peter Mayers

M&E planning shouldn't be an afterthought

In a bid to prove value for money to taxpayers and private investors, government donor agencies have been increasingly more rigorous in their monitoring and evaluation requirements. So how can implementing organizations implement better M&E programs?

Contract Awards

And the Winner is ...

Futures Group tapped to develop cost-effective RH program

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Known for its evidence-based approach to health, U.S.-based Futures Group won a four-year management consultancy contract from DfID. The project aims to create cost-effective and scalable reproductive health interventions for adolescents in Ghana.

Donor Spotlight

Executive Member Insight

Under the radar: 5 aid donors you may not have heard of


Beyond the BRICs and other emerging economies, there are a number of up-and-coming donors that have mostly eluded the attention and scrutiny of the development community. Here are five of those donors.