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Supply of Stationery Items in Pakistan

Funded by United Nations Office for Project Services - UNOPS
Location Pakistan
Proposal due on 15 Jan 2013

Supply of Stationary Items in Pakistan

1.            Scope of Bid       1.1          UNOPS issues these Bidding Documents for the supply of Goods and Related Services incidental thereto as specified in Section V, Schedule of Requirements. The name and identification number of this Invitation to Bid (ITB) are specified in the BDS.

1.2          Throughout these Bidding Documents:

(a)          the term “in writing” means communicated in written form (e.g. by mail, e-mail, fax, telex) with proof of receipt;

(b)          if the context so requires, “singular” means “plural” and vice versa; and

(c)           “day” means calendar day.

2.            Source of Funds               2.1          UNOPS intends to apply a portion of the funds it has received from funding sources to eligible payments under the contract for which these Bidding Documents are issued. The name of the project is specified in the BDS.

1.1          A Bidder, and all parties constituting the Bidder, may have the nationality of any country, subject to the restrictions specified in the BDS.A Bidder shall be deemed to have the nationality of a country if the Bidder is a citizen or is constituted, incorporated, or registered and operates in conformity with the provisions of the laws of that country. This criterion shall also apply to the determination of the nationality of proposed subcontractors or suppliers for any part of the Contract including Related Services.

1.2          A Bidder shall not have a conflict of interest. All Bidders found to have conflict of interest shall be disqualified. Bidders may be considered to have a conflict of interest with one or more parties in this bidding process, if they:

(a)          are or have been associated in the past, with a firm or any of its affiliates which have been engaged by UNOPS to provide consulting services for the preparation of the design, specifications, and other documents to be used for the procurement of the Goods to be purchased under these Bidding Documents ; or

(b)          submit more than one bid in this bidding process, except for alternative offers permitted under Instructions to Bidders Clause 13.However, this does not limit the participation of subcontractors in more than one bid.

1.3          A Bidder that is under a declaration of ineligibility by UNOPS in accordance with Instructions to Bidders Clause 3, at the date of contract award, shall be disqualified. The list of debarred firms is specified in the BDS.

1.4          A firm that has been determined to be ineligible by UNOPS in relation to UNOPS suspended vendors shall be not be eligible to be awarded a contract.

1.5          Bids may be submitted by a Joint Venture (JV).In the case of a JV:

(a)          The duly filled Form 4: Joint Venture Partner Information Form of Section IV, Bidding Forms must be included with the Bid; and

(b)          All parties to the JV shall be jointly and severally liable; and

(c)           The JV shall nominate a Representative who shall have the authority to conduct all businesses:

                -              for and on behalf of any and all the parties of the JV during the bidding process; and

                -              in the event the JV is awarded the Contract, during contract execution.

1.6          Bidders shall provide such evidence of their continued eligibility satisfactory to UNOPS, as UNOPS shall reasonably request.


1.7          All the Goods and Related Services to be supplied under the Contract may have their origin in any country unless specified otherwise in the BDS.

1.8          For purposes of this Clause, the term “goods” includes commodities, raw material, machinery, equipment, and industrial plants; and “related services” includes services such as insurance, installation, training, and initial maintenance.

1.9          The term “origin” means the country where the goods have been mined, grown, cultivated, produced, manufactured or processed; or, through manufacture, processing, or assembly, another commercially recognized article results that differs substantially in its basic characteristics from its components.


The above is a summarized version of the original procurement notice.

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Supply of Stationery Items in Pakistan

United Nations Office for Project Services - UNOPS



Key Information

Category Goods
Country Pakistan


Tender Announced on 06 Jan 2013
Proposal due by 15 Jan 2013
Duration 0 day