Dr. Gillian Marcelle is a senior professional with 19 years experience including project management in the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa. Her expertise includes: investment, public-private partnerships, private sector capacity building, programme development, innovation, and ICT & development.

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    • Science and Technology Policy Studies, Doctoral Degree, University of Sussex , United Kingdom , October 1998 - December 2002
    • Management of Science Technology and Innovation, MBA, The George Washington University , United States , August 1985 - May 1987

    • Globelics ( Global Network of Innovation Scholars)
    • United Nations ICT Task Force

Experience Summary

  • Skills, Background, and Experience

      Dr. Gillian Marcelle, Principal Consultant at Technology for Development (TfDev), is an international development specialist with over 19 years experience. She is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago who currently lives in Joburg, South Africa. TfDev provides strategic advice, policy research, international relations and resource mobilisation services on matters relating to development with clients including private sector companies, national governments, international organisations such as World Bank/IFC, European Union/ACP Centre for Development of Enterprise UN-DESA, UNCTAD, UNDP, UNIFEM, UN-ECA, ITU and UNU-INTECH, cities and NGOs. My recent consulting projects include leading a private sector development program in Liberia, which included investment law reform, setting up a private-public dialogue forum, enterprise development initiatives and institutional capacity building for the investment promotion agency. In 2006, I carried out a strategic analysis for the City of Johannesburg on its municipal broadband strategy and was part of a World Bank team which conducted a review of the investment climate and investment incentives in Namibia and identified priorities for action to enhance Namibiaâ??s competitiveness as a location for FDI. For the CDE, I undertook programme development aimed at stimulating ICT enterprises in the ACP region. I have also served as the Special Adviser to the Vice Minister of Science and Technology in the Republic of Angola, Hon. Prof. Pedro Teta. That assignment included the design of a national computer literacy programme to meet one of the governmentâ??s top priorities to accelerate social integration and rehabilitation of former freedom fighters and displaced people. In 2004 I developed a regional ICT and development strategy for the 14 member countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), including designing flagship projects to use ICT for delivering legacy benefits from hosting mega events and in disaster management. Prior to taking on fulltime management of TfDev, Dr Marcelle held other professional positions including a senior management post in the UK's telecoms regulatory body (Oftel); providing policy advice as a strategic consultant (Analysys); staff positions in the business development department of the UK's largest telecommunication firms (BT), and equity and capital markets experience with a global investment bank (JP Morgan Chase). These professional positions have been complemented by service on a number of international advisory bodies including the UN ICT Task Force, which provides advice to the Secretary General on the United Nations mandate and objective to use ICTs to promote sustainable human development, as well as active involvement with civic and non governmental organisations, such as the WSIS Gender Caucus.
  • Areas of Expertise :

      Communications/Marketing, Competitiveness, Economic Policy, Economics, Infrastructure, Institutional Development, Investment & Privatization, Legal/Policy Reform, Micro & Small Enterprise, Private Sector Development, Project Management, Relief/Post-Conflict/Post-Disaster, Scientific Research, Technology, Training, Assessments, Capacity Building, Competitiveness Policy, Curriculum Development, Economic Policy, Economic Research, Field Research, Firm-level Competitiveness, Institutional Development - Other, Investment & Privatization - Other, IT Industry, Micro-Economic Policy, Private Sector Development - Other, Project Management - Other, Public Relations, Relief/Post-Conflict/Post-Disaster - Oth, Senior Management, Small Business Development, Strategic Communications, Technology Policy, Technology Transfer, Telecommunications, Training - Other, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, Western Europe, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom
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Supporting Documents

  • Maitland+20 Marcelle final.pdf
    Technological Learning Technological Learning A Strategic Imperative for Developing Country Firms (File size: 838729KB)
  • Maitland+20 Marcelle final.pdf
    Maitland+20 Collection of essays marking twentieth anniversary of the publication of the Maitland Report (File size: 838729KB)

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