How social networks can boost smallholder agriculture

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By Naki B. Mendoza

Social networks and crowdsourced information have changed the face of global industries. Can it do the same for rural agriculture?

What USAID has learned from its public-private partnership data

This week the U.S. Agency for International Development updated its public-private partnership data on the Development Data Library. With more than 1,600 partnerships now cataloged, Lisa Liu and Winnette Richards of USAID's Center for Transformational Partnerships share the purpose of the data and both collection and usage challenges.

The Philips Foundation on partnerships, innovation and corporate philanthropy

The Philips Foundation just finished its first full year of operations, building a form of corporate philanthropy that relies on deep relationships with partners and capitalizes on the skills of the company. Devex spoke with Katy Hartley, head of the foundation, about what they’ve learned so far and how she sees corporate philanthropy changing.

Debate, discord mark UN Conference on Trade and Development

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development renewed its mandate at its annual summit last week, aiming to more closely align international trade policies and standards with the new global development agenda. But reaching consensus was not easy.

INGOs thinking about impact investing? Consider this

The INGO Impact Investing Network, which launched last winter and has doubled in size in the past six months, recently released a report that assessed the size of engagement and looked at emerging best practices for NGOs considering impact investing. Here's what it found.

Bridging two worlds at the 2nd Vatican conference on impact investing

It’s not often that discussions of earned income share space with discussions of faith-based missions to help the poor. Yet bridging the two was the goal of the second Vatican Impact Investing Conference. In this guest column, John Kohler, director of impact capital at Santa Clara University's Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, shares his insights from the conference.

Getting to effective microinsurance in Asia-Pacific

Government officials and private sector players from the Asia-Pacific region agree microinsurance can help restore a sense of dignity and empowerment to people beset by natural disasters. Devex looks into the opportunities and challenges facing the expansion of the sector.

The early agenda for the MCC's second Philippine compact

The Millennium Challenge Corp. plans to renew the Philippines for a second five-year compact. Devex spoke with the team in charge of designing the new grant about their early objectives and priority sectors.

The secret to a robust partnership for better humanitarian response

When it comes to preparing for and responding to crises, we need all hands on deck — now more than ever before. In this exclusive #ShareHumanity video, Devex asks experts about the role the private sector can play in crisis response and how it can be better engaged for improved solutions.

Jean Case on data, entrepreneurship and impact investing

Devex recently sat down with Jean Case, CEO of the Case Foundation and chair of the National Geographic Society to get her take on the most promising developments in entrepreneurship and impact investing, as well as the limits of data-driven decision-making.

US government looks to private sector for Zika tools

With emergency funding tied up in political disputes, the Obama administration hopes private sector partners will bring new weapons to the Zika fight.

What is driving Uber's global impact?

Uber has evolved from an app that would summon fancy town cars to the most highly valued startup in the world. So how does Uber's hyper focus on efficiency and rapid growth — 473 cities in 76 countries and counting — impact global development? Devex explores.

What Coca-Cola looks for in development partners

Devex discusses partnership requirements and trends with Bea Perez, chief sustainability officer of the Coca-Cola Co., in this video interview.

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