Agriculture Technology (AgTech) Program for Turkmenistan

AgTech seeks to improve yields and income through education and organization of private agribusinesses involved in livestock and introduces new agribusiness skills through training of private producers, processors and marketers of fruits and vegetables.

Agriculture Technology (AgTech) Program for Turkmenistan

Through this project, USAID supports the profitability of private farmers working in two important sectors of the agricultural economy of Turkmenistan. Activities include:

  • Improving the productivity of livestock, both dairy cattle and meat-producing stock. This is accomplished through upgrading the genetic material of animals and technical assistance and training programs for livestock producers. Specialized training is provided to veterinary experts as a means of improving animal health through modern feeding programs and disease protection.
  • Assisting growers, processors, and marketing specialists of high-value horticultural crops, especially in selected fruits and vegetables. Building the skills of greenhouse owners is a program priority.

After conducting an analysis of selected crops, USAID will promote capacity building of all the players along the value chain of those commodities that have the greatest potential for both domestic and international markets. This is a country-specific project.


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Key Information

LocationTurkmenistan, Central Asia
  • Start Date 2010
  • End Date 2015
  • ValueUSD 4.67 Million