“Healthy Family” in India, Kenya, Vietnam and Indonesia

Arogya Parivar (“healthy family” in Hindi) is a for-profit social initiative developed by
Novartis to reach the underserved millions living at the bottom of the pyramid in rural
India. Since launching in 2007, Arogya Parivar is proving to be both a force for
improving health in rural communities and a sustainable business. In recent years, Arogya parivar has expanded to other countries such as Vietnam, Kenya and Indonesia.

Arogya Parivar

In India, 830 million people live in rural areas and an estimated 65% of the total population does not have access to healthcare. That’s why Novartis created Arogya Parivar (“healthy family” in Hindi). Novartis recruits and trains locals in remote villages to become “health educators,” who help inform communities about health, disease prevention and the benefits of seeking timely treatment. Local teams work with doctors to organize health camps in remote villages – mobile clinics that provide access to screening, diagnoses and therapies. From 2010 to 2013, outreach in rural areas across 10 Indian states has brought health education to more than 10 million people and direct health benefits to 760,000 patients through diagnosis and treatment. Arogya Parivar is a leading example of shared value and has received several awards, including the GBCHealth Business Action on Health award in 2013.

Arogya Parivar has become an essential public health tool, operating in 10 states across India.

    • The program operates across an area that is home to 70 million people, expanding their access to affordable products, improved health infrastructure and community education.
    • The initiative has been replicated and adapted to local markets in Kenya, Indonesia and Vietnam.
    • Arogya Parivar also provides jobs, income, and skills enhancement to the health supervisors and health educators who work on the program opportunities that might not otherwise exist in rural India.
    • Moving forward, one of the objectives is to expand and strengthen the product portfolio in India adding treatments from the National Essential Medicines list.
    • Arogya Parivar is consistently recognized in global rankings and awards, such as the GBCHealth Business Action on Health award, Award for Social Marketing from the CMO Asia Awards and was named best long-term rural marketing initiative by the Rural Marketing Association of India, India’s largest industry association.


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