A Training Center for Photo-Voltaic Renewable Energies in Sri Lanka

The partnership is setting up a research facility and training center that provides training on renewable energies, particularly solar energy, and addresses the shortage of qualified personnel in the local labor market.

Bangla-German Solar Academy

Bangladesh suffers from a shortage of specialists in the field of renewable energies. The PPP aims to address this issue by setting up a research facility, which will include a training center on photo-voltaic energy. Beneficiaries will be able to work within the research center and also local industries. Industry stakeholders on the other hand will become more aware of alternative energy sources.


  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

    Funding Agencies
    Germany | Staff size: Unknown
  • German Association for Solar Energy, Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Chapter

    United States | Staff size: Unknown

    The Deutsche Gesellschaft Fuer Sonnenenergie S.V. Berlin Branderburg was established in 1982.

    Since its establishment, it had trained for than 6,000 people in the field of solar energy...

  • Rural Community Development Society (RCDS)

    Development Consulting
    Pakistan | Staff size: Unknown

    Rural Community Development Society (RCDS) has been working since 1995 as community organization. Since its inception organization has grown tremendously in the field of development sector. It...

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Key Information

LocationSouth Asia, Bangladesh
  • Start Date 2011
  • End Date 2013
  • Sectors