Cassava+ Project

Recognizing the important role that cassava and smallholder farmers can play in the African agriculture, the Cassava+ project helps smallholder farmers to produce cassava from crop to cash.

Cassava+ Project

Cassava+ Project improved the livelihood of targeted smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa through the cassava value chain development and sustainable intensification of agricultural production. The Cassava+ Project is implemented by the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) and the Dutch Agricultural Development and Trading Company (DADTCO) in three African countries: Ghana, Mozambique, and Nigeria. The project was later expanded to South Sudan.

In all countries, DADTCO processes fresh cassava, which they buy from local farmers, while the IFDC helps in organizing farmers, improving agricultural production techniques and input supply through training and coordination. Cassava spoilage starts within 48 hours of transport and storage in which further processing can be often problematic. To prevent spoilage, DADTCO developed a patented mobile processing machine (AMPU) that processes cassava into cake. The project utilized the AMPUs to bring cassava processing close to farms and offers a guarantee to purchase surplus cassava from participating farmers at a preset price.

Smallholder farmers in Mozambique’s Nampula Province are currently working with IFDC and DADTCO to grow cassava roots to be processed into cassava cake, paste, flour and other products for commercial use, such as Impala, the cassava beer brewed by SABMiller’s Mozambican affiliate, Cervejas de Moçambique.


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Key Information

LocationWest Africa, Southern Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria
  • Start Date 2009
  • End Date 2013
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