Children and Families in Brazilian Amazon

The IKEA Foundation’s partner Forest Trends has been working with the Surui and another Amazonian tribe, the Yawanawa, to improve their family incomes and keep their cultural traditions alive. Now children can have a bright future within the tribe, and families don’t feel the need to find work elsewhere, such as on the cattle ranches.

Children and Families in Brazilian Amazon

In 2013, the IKEA Foundation, in collaboration with Forest Trends, committed to creating opportunities for indigenous youth and women in the Surui and Yawanawa territories in the Brazilian Amazon, increasing their income generating capacity and improving their livelihoods from the sustainable management of their forests. This will be done through four main activities: agroforestry training; sustainable renewable energy installation and training; peer youth learning exchanges, and women's empowerment. The objective of this initiative is to provide youth with the long-term prosperity and sustainable management of their land while continuing to financially support generations to come. The programs aim to affect 160 youth and 200 women by 2016.


  • The IKEA Foundation

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    IKEA Foundation (Stichting IKEA Foundation) is an independent charitable foundation that oversees IKEA’s global philanthropy. The Foundation resides in the Netherlands and their funds...

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    Forest Trends is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 and based in Washington, DC that connects with economic tools and incentives for maintaining ecosystems. Its mission is four-fold: to...

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LocationBrazil, Latin America and Caribbean
  • Start Date 2012
  • End Date 2016
  • ValueUSD 1.11 Million