Better Care for Diabetic Patients in China.

China is particularly affected by the epidemic, with 92 million patients diagnosed (4) - the highest rate in the world - and a large population of Type 1 patients who are largely under-diagnosed and overlooked. This is why Sanofi is engaging strongly with Chinese authorities and the scientific community to implement projects with an educational and training focus. This commitment also involves research into new treatments and the production of insulin and medical devices to provide Chinese patients with global care solutions.

China Initiative for Diabetes Excellence (CIDE) Program

As a pioneer in the field of diabetes, Sanofi supports a number of initiatives in China. The China Initiative for Diabetes Excellence (CIDE) program is a five-year disease management programme led by the Chinese Heath Ministry. This strong public-private partnership between Sanofi and the Chinese Diabetes Society (CDS), the Centre of Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center at the International Diabetes Center is intends to provide diabetic patients with the best care possible, by providing world-class clinical and research training programmes. The programme rolls out in several phases:

    • Promote the career development of 500 experts in the field by conveying basic notions of public health and reinforcing their capacity to collaborate with local doctors in providing the best possible health care to diabetic patients.
    • Additionally train 10,000 community and county doctors to give them the skills needed to optimize resources on the ground.


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