CIFF Pledges $22m to the Global Partnership for Education

To encourage results-based funding for learning outcomes.

CIFF Pledges $22m to the Global Partnership for Education

Once children are in school, the next challenge is to ensure that they are actually learning to read, write and count, and acquiring the skills they will need to lead productive lives. Which is why in 2015, The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) committed $22 million to the Global Partnership of Education. In the next 4 years the foundation will commit about $20 million to disburse as GPE grants, conditional upon improving learning outcomes. CIFF will also support recipient countries to develop a system that measures these learning outcomes through a $2 million support on monitoring and evaluation.

By paying for improvements in learning outcomes, the grant invites developing country partners to focus their education plans, their investments, and their own accountability, on what should be at the heart of every child’s education: learning.

Established in 2002, The Global Partnership of Education is a collective global effort “to deliver good quality education, to all girls and boys, prioritizing the poorest and most vulnerable.” The aim is to have more developing countries align their external and domestic funding to raising learning outcomes rather than just increasing enrolment.


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Key Information

  • Start Date 2015
  • End Date 2018
  • ValueUSD 22 Million