Community Action for Reading and Security (CARS) Activity in Nicaragua

PPP to improve early grade reading outcomes and contribute to reducing citizen insecurity in five municipalities of the Región Autónoma Atlántica Sur (RAAS) of Nicaragua, where both education and crime statistics are notably worse than the national averages.

Community Action for Reading and Security

USAID's Community Action for Reading and Security (CARS) project aims to improve early grade reading outcomes and contributes to reducing insecurity in five municipalities of the South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS) of Nicaragua. The project supports:

  • evidence-based early grade reading programs in privately-managed schools and community-based afterschool programs
  • non-governmental organization (NGO) capacity building
  • sub-grants to NGOs
  • community planning on topics of education and citizen security

As the RAAS lags behind Nicaragua in terms of early grade reading scores and crime statistics, CARS focuses specifically on improving the reading abilities of students in grades one to three as well. DevTech, an international development consulting firm, is taking a two-pronged approach to achieving these goals. First, they will adopt proven strategies to the local context, and second, invite local NGOs to participate in the activity via a robust grants fund.

The grants funding directly finances programs created and designed by local NGOs in order to immediately implement programs in the region. DevTech offers the technical and administrative support to partner NGOs in order to make these ambitious and creative programs a success.

Over the 4 years of the activity, the grants fund will build the technical and organizational capacity of partner NGOs. By the end of the contract, as many as five of these local NGOs will have the organizational capacity to manage USAID funds themselves and continue this important work.


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Key Information

LocationLatin America and Caribbean, Nicaragua
  • Start Date 2014
  • End Date 2017
  • ValueUSD 10.5 Million