Custom Clouds: Connecting Web Services to Small Businesses

Mercy Corps, in partnership with the eBay Foundation, ThoughtWorks, and other private donors committed to launching Custom-Clouds (C2) in Indonesia, a mobile web services social enterprise with potential to create over 6,000 jobs in Indonesia by 2015.

Custom Clouds: Connecting Web Services to Small Businesses

Mercy Corps' market assessments in Indonesia and the Middle East show that small-and-growing businesses (SGBs) have desire to leverage the Web to reach new customers, and need easy-to-use tools and customer support to tailor websites and marketing campaigns to their needs. Mercy Corps, in partnership with the eBay Foundation, Thought Works, and other donors commits to launch Custom-Clouds (C2), a for-profit social enterprise offering SGBs affordable mobile Web marketing services and client support, in order to help them reach new customers, increase sales, improve business processes, and ultimately create new developing world jobs. C2 will leverage an on-the-ground sales and client support force that, at the time of sale, will gather relevant business information and connect the business owner with the support center to get the Website online within a few hours. For an affordable base rate of about $10/month, C2 clients will be able to update their site at any time, customize online marketing, and add additional business services.

C2 will operate independently of Mercy Corps, but in alignment with Mercy Corps' social shared value mission. C2 will first launch in Indonesia, which ranks highest amongst developing countries for mobile penetration. C2 aims to reach 10,000 SGBs in the first two years and break even in Indonesia within a year. A Mercy Corps sales test in Indonesia resulted in 24 percent of business owners "buying" mock mobile website and service packages emulating the after the C2 model, indicating significant demand. After C2 has fine-tuned its operational models in Indonesia, it aims to expand to as many as 11 other developing countries with the ultimate goal of reaching 300,000 SGBs and creating one million developing world jobs by 2018.


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Key Information

LocationIndonesia, East Asia and Pacific
  • Start Date 2013
  • End Date 2015
  • ValueUSD 600 Thousand