Preventing Pregnancy in Adolescents in Brazil

Thi s partnership between Pfizer and Instituto Kaplan aims to decrease teenage pregnancy rates in the city of São Paulo.
and teach young people to identify risky sexual practices, the functioning of birth control methods and their correct use.

Dreaming is Worthwhile (Vale Sonhar)

Resulting from a partnership between Pfizer and Instituto Kaplan, education and social services association, Dreaming is Worthwile is a project focused to prevent pregnancy in adolescents. It recognizes that while teenage pregnancy is caused by many factors, inadequate sex education in Brazil is one of the most significant. The project joins knowledge about sexuality, reproduction and contraception to each adolescent’s desired career to leverage motivation to safe sex, and has the purpose of developing a sense of personal responsibility in adolescents by explaining the social and individual changes to a teenager’s life caused by pregnancy and showing them how a pregnancy could impact their life projects.

Awareness about pregnancy risk and provides information on reproductive choices (birth control methods). It also helps young people understand their vulnerability and develop lower risk behavior. Dreaming is Worthwhile explains the social and individual changes to a teenager’s life caused by pregnancy.

Deaming is Worthwile started in 2004, through a pilot project conducted in the region of Vale do Ribeira, in São Paulo, which contributed for a 92% reduction in the number of pregnancies among adolescents attending the schools that benefitted from the program. From 2007 on, the project has been implemented by São Paulo State Education Department as one of the activities of the Biology program, impacting all public schools in the State and more than 700,000 children.


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  • Start Date 2004