Ecological Cocoa Growing in Nicaragua

Promoting ecological cocoa growing in Nicaragua.

Ecological Cocoa Growing

This partnership between GIZ and Bremer Hachez Chocolade GmbH & Co. KG strengthens the Cooperativa Agroextrativista do Mapiá e Médio Purus, a group of wild cocoa farmers living along the Purus River in Brazil, through capacity development, organizational advice, and communication improvement. Some 300 families living in about 65 villages along 1,000 kilometres of Rio Purus coastline were involved in the development partnership. The impoverished pickers and their families are improving their incomes: monthly average per capita income in the region around the Purus rose from 23.65 reais (€10) in 2004 to 111.56 reais (€48) in 2008.


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Key Information

LocationLatin America and Caribbean , Nicaragua
  • Start Date 2007
  • End Date 2010
  • ValueEUR 380 Thousand